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Notes On Restaurant Receipts That Will Make You Lose Your Appetite

Darren June 20, 2023

It’s an unfortunate truth these days, but everyone should check their restaurant receipts before they pay their bill. First of all, it’s important to check that everything is correct. But there’s yet another more insidious reason why it’s smart to give them a good look. Many people leave notes on their receipts that are often hilarious, confusing, and/or disturbing.

Today we’ll look at some of the wackiest notes written on restaurant receipts. Usually, customers write them but sometimes servers make bad choices as we see later in this list. These notes will make some readers lose their appetite because some of them are freaky. Nonetheless, they’re very entertaining, so check them out here.

Plaid Problem

Sometimes servers leave notes on the computer system when they’re managing multiple tables. However, this one made a massive mistake because they forgot to remove it. Either that, or they were dumb enough to think that their customer wouldn’t notice. Unfortunately, they did and this cost them dearly at a Peter Chang restaurant.


We can see that they seem to have a problem with plaid because they used it to identify the person. Maybe their customer wasn’t nice but there’s still no need to be rude on their receipt. Perhaps the most offensive part of this one is their spelling because they couldn’t even spell ‘plaid’ properly (via Eater.com).

Heart Of A Lion

This is one of the most confusing notes on this list because we’ve no idea why they decided to share this message. Sometimes people decide to write the first thing that enters their heads and that seems to be the case here. It’s not offensive but it is surreal and must have made their servers laugh.


They probably didn’t believe what they just read because it’s so out there. This is one of those messages that’s easy to overlook because it’s so unlikely. Meanwhile, kudos to the customer because he left the full 20 percent tip on the receipt. We’ve got to give him respect because he must be a good person (via Reddit).

Navy Spouse

This entitled person is one of the most ignorant people on this list. She decided that she deserved a discount at a sports bar because she is a Navy spouse. We thank her husband for his service but maybe he joined the navy to escape her clutches. This is one of the most ridiculous notes we’ve ever seen because she thinks she deserves extra special treatment.


Offensively, she wrote about ‘her deployment’ because she didn’t serve in the military. Yes, she deserves respect because it’s not easy to raise a family and manage a house while her spouse puts his life in danger. But her attitude stinks like old garbage and she needs to take a look in the mirror (via Distractify).

Penis Butter

Sometimes people leave awkward typos that make life uncomfortable for everybody. This is one of the notes that would put a customer off their appetite because of a horrible detail. Take a glance at it now because everything will become clear. That’s right, we’re talking about the Penis Butter Snickers.


Maybe they did this deliberately because they didn’t think the customer would notice. It could have been a dare or perhaps a colleague thought that it would be funny. This is one of those notes that could have given the person a laugh or caused serious offense if they were unlucky (via Reddit).

Obvious Advice

Here is one of the most obnoxious notes in the history of restaurant receipts. There’s nothing more annoying for servers than a customer who thinks they’re hilarious. This person decided to write an idiotic piece of advice in the additional tip section instead of leaving their server some cash.


Nobody appreciates this because they have tough lives and struggle to make ends meet. Even if customers hate the tipping system they should realize that the servers lose out. This moron doesn’t even match the full included 20 percent because they left them two cents short of the total (via The Guardian).

Mild Curries

Let’s start this off by saying we don’t think this server had bad intentions. It seems like they were doing their customers a favor but phrased it badly on the receipt. Sometimes servers leave notes to advise chefs about dietary restrictions. In this case, the Indian staff warned the cook not to make a curry too spicy.


We can imagine the customers thought that this note was funny. It was extremely blunt but it wasn’t intentionally offensive. To be honest, they’re probably correct too because usually Americans can’t the same level of spice. It won’t come as a surprise to learn that mild Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken are the most popular Indian curries in the U.S. (via Chef’s Pencil).

Refrigerator Haiku

This is another of the weirdest notes on this list because it’s very surreal. Somebody decided to share one of the worst haikus in history with their clientele. We’re not sure if they wanted to sample a poor haiku with their grouper, but that’s what they got. Unsolicited poetry is risky at the best of times.


They got one thing right because this haiku doesn’t make sense in any way. Some customers might enjoy this because they’ll think the restaurant workers are showing some personality. However, it would confuse others who wouldn’t get it. Let’s hope that the server isn’t moonlighting as a comic because they should stick to their day job (via Reddit).

Who Is That?

These days it’s less common for customers to sign receipts. They can do contactless payments and don’t need to worry about inserting their credit card. However, sometimes it’s necessary as we see from the one below. One restaurant patron decided to be creative when it came to writing their name.


We imagine that Sherri – possibly the most stereotypical server name in history – found this very strange. Why did they choose this particular combination of words? It’s one of the most juvenile things we’ve ever read but an adult wrote this. There are some strange people out there who leave these weird notes (via Toast).

Kim Jong-Who?

The first thing we should say about this receipt is that Korean food is excellent. From their barbecue to their bulgogi, it’s full of meaty goodness. But that’s not why this one made this list. One server came up with a very funny pun on this note. We can see their wit below as they wrote ‘Kim Jong-Un(happy).’


This is, of course, a reference to North Korea’s vile dictator. Maybe they were having a bad day and decided to express this with one of the wittiest notes ever. We imagine that this confused their customer for a moment but it probably made them laugh. After all, that’s why they hung onto the receipt when they left (via Reddit).

Nom Nom

We saw earlier how people sometimes go crazy when they sign receipts. This is less offensive than the previous notes and probably entertained the server. Somebody loves retro video games because they revived Pacman. Check out the image below and see how they showed their approval for a delicious meal.


Let’s hope that they left a decent tip after too because they didn’t include it on the bill. Nonetheless, this is one of the funniest notes on this list. We’d love to know what they ate that produced such an entertaining reaction. It must have been good because they felt the need to express themselves in a wacky way (via Top Five).

Creepy Compliments

There’s a time and a place to compliment somebody but it’s usually not on a restaurant receipt. But one server decided that this was the right thing to do with a series of weird notes. Look at the picture below because it’s quite disturbing. We don’t think that anybody would appreciate this because it’s not appropriate.


It’s unprofessional for restaurant staff to act this way because they could make their patrons feel strange. We also think they have their priorities wrong because they gave extra for their butt instead of their personality. This is one of the most direct notes ever but they weren’t exactly Casanova (via Mashed).

One Cent Difference

We don’t know why this person bothered to write one of the most pointless notes in history. They left a six-dollar tip on a 30-dollar bill but realized that they made a mistake when they wrote the total. Instead, of putting down $36.37, they originally wrote $36.36. Then they corrected their error with one of the dumbest notes ever.


Maybe that one cent made a massive difference to the server but we don’t think so. Nonetheless, they deserve credit for their honesty as they acknowledged their error. They could have just scribbled out the six and put a seven beside it. But they decided to take things a bit too far to prove they were a good person (via Bank Rate).

Faster Cooks

The only thing worse than leaving no tip is doing what the following customer did. They did one of the most offensive things we’ve ever seen by leaving a ludicrous two-cent tip. No that’s not a typo, they specifically left two cents because they weren’t happy with the service. Then they added one of the most petty notes in the history of the written word.


It’s not fair to dock the server’s tip because the cooks were slow. The regular restaurant staff can’t control what’s going on in the kitchen. Maybe the place was very busy or the food required special preparation. Then they added a ridiculous smiley face to add salt to their wounds. It’s disgraceful and we hope the staff spat on their meal (via Huff Post).

Black Guy

The following receipt came from a Steak ‘n’ Shake restaurant in St. Peters, Kensington. A server mistakenly decided that it was smart to describe their customer as ‘Black Guy.’ We can’t think of a single instance where it’s acceptable to refer to somebody by their race. Needless to say, it didn’t impress the customer who vowed never to return.



We imagine that the Steak ‘n’ Shake top brass didn’t appreciate their server bringing the chain into disrepute. This is a harsh lesson for them to learn but they made this problem for themselves. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that this isn’t appropriate in modern society (via Reddit).

“Yo Mama” Joke

Why do some people think that it’s appropriate to leave rude jokes as notes on restaurant receipts? It’s such a juvenile thing to do but that’s the way some folks think. Maybe restaurant staff think it’s funny because it breaks up their day but it’s weird behavior. Some people are so explicit and can’t hold themselves back.


This note came from 2014 but the joke is older than time. It may have been funny back then but it’s not that good now. There’s a time and a place for this type of humor but it’s probably not on a restaurant receipt. Let’s hope that it didn’t make the server feel uncomfortable because that wouldn’t have been nice (via River Front Times).

Bad Typo

Typos are part of modern life because we spend more time using keyboards and screens than pens. That’s why everybody has messy handwriting. Occasionally we make mistakes because we use predictive text or simply spell something wrong. We can only assume that’s what happened with this restaurant receipt.


Whore juice isn’t on the menu in many restaurants and we can’t imagine it being too popular. This is a niche item but the weirdest part isn’t the typo. No, it’s the fact that the customer didn’t even buy it so we don’t know why it’s there. This is one of the strangest receipt notes we’ve come across (via Relatively Interesting).

Thank You

Maybe we’re very immature but this is one of the funniest restaurant notes ever. The customer thanked their Pizza Hut server by leaving a short message and signing their name. So far there’s nothing wrong with this because it seems like a considerate thing to do. But a glance at the note shows why it’s on this list.


It’s worth remembering that ‘Dick’ is also short for ‘Richard’ so this may have been their name. These days it takes a lot of confidence to use this abbreviation because of the modern phallic connotation. Maybe they were trying to be funny and get people to talk about them. If that’s the case, they succeeded and we salute their hard work (via Thrillist).

Real Job

Anybody who ever worked in a restaurant knows that it’s one of the most thankless jobs ever. Servers work long hours for minimum wage and usually rely on tips to survive. Often, they stay late to clean up but don’t receive extra money for doing so. Then imagine a customer having the cheek to tell them to get a ‘real job.’


One garbage human being ran up a big bill and left a minuscule tip. Meanwhile, they added one of the worst notes in restaurant history because they told their server to find a real job. This is one of the rudest things ever and we hope they got food poisoning. Don’t be this person because it’s horrible to treat people this way (via CNet).


A booby is a type of seabird with bright blue feet. They’re famously dumb and that’s why it became a nickname for stupid people in the nineteenth century. It’s also a reference to a part of the female body but we’re not sure which one is relevant here. Check out the receipt below because it’s confusing.


Maybe this booby swapped its pescatarian diet for burgers. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of variety. However, it’s more likely that somebody thought that they were being funny when they left one of the most immature notes ever. At least try to have a little bit more originality because this is weak (via National Geographic).

Ninja Alert

Some restaurant notes are offensive but others are very funny. This one belongs in the latter category because the customer had a piece of wacky advice for their server. They told them to beware of ninjas in the parking lot. Everybody knows that this is a serious problem in the United States so we respect this.


There’s nothing worse than going into Chipotle to grab a burrito before returning to the vehicle. Suddenly, a ninja materializes out of the darkness, and that burrito lands on the floor. Beware of ninjas because they don’t discriminate when it comes to food. We don’t know what we’re talking about here at all (via Tokyo Creative).

Different Job

It’s easy to imagine this customer writing on the receipt below. They thought that they were being hilarious but the reality was that they wrote one of the dumbest and meanest notes ever. Once again, let’s remind everybody to respect servers because they have tough jobs. This person didn’t get the memo because they were horrible.


Most servers don’t do it because they love it. This isn’t always the case because some of them love their jobs. But others are grinding because they have bills to pay and families to support. Maybe they’re in college and are struggling with rent or their loan. None of us are in a position to judge anybody (via Sneaker Toast).

Lose Weight

This note came from Bimbo Cantina in Seattle. A server named Victoria Liss encountered one of the worst customers of her career. The man stiffed her out of a tip before leaving one of the most offensive notes she ever read. He advised her to lose weight as he added ignorance to being a cheapskate.


This note went viral after Liss posted it on Facebook. She couldn’t believe the man’s audacity but she received a lot of online support. Allegedly, the man also stole from the tip jar as he left the restaurant. Let’s hope that law enforcement caught up to him and taught him a harsh lesson (via Delish).

Stop Snitching

Allegedly the customers in this restaurant were under 21 years old. They tried to order some alcoholic beverages but their server refused and asked them to check their IDs. Then they tried to cajole the worker into letting them have a pass. But the server shook their head and refused because their job was at stake (via Mental Floss).


The would-be underage drinkers didn’t appreciate this and made their feelings known. They wrote one of the pettiest notes ever on the receipt when they wanted to pay their check. At least the server thought that it was funny and had a good story to tell after. Maybe it’s frustrating that they couldn’t drink but there’s nothing they can do about it.

Making Milk

Here’s one of the weirdest notes ever because we’ve no idea what it means. Somebody wrote “I don’t make milk yet” on the receipt for an unknown reason. It’s a strange point because the customer apparently drank milk but fortunately it doesn’t appear to be from a human being. That would be very odd and probably not what they expected.


The whole thing is confusing and it’s probably best not to think too much about it. Let’s dwell on that excellent breakfast because it seems like they had a great time. Hash browns and eggs, pancakes, and that offending glass of milk. If that was one person, they went to town and we appreciate that (via Colony Diner).

America First

We’ve dealt with most of the notes on this list in a lighthearted manner. However, one obnoxious customer left one of the rudest notes on this list. The only word we can use to describe it is racist because they were horrible. They had nothing bad to say about the service or food in this San Antonio restaurant but they had one criticism.


Imagine going into any business and saying “Thanks for the service but you’re Mexican so we won’t be back.” The restaurant will be thankful that they’re not returning because they don’t need to deal with that type of customer. There are many horrible folks in this world but this is beyond belief (via KSDK).

Not Appropriate

Many men think that they are nature’s gift to women but the reality is extremely different. Here’s a fine example because it shows what happens when somebody has too many drinks and decides to hit on a server. Everything was going well until this server handed him the receipt to pay his check.


Nobody thinks TGI Fridays is the most elegant establishment but that’s no way to treat anybody. The best-case scenario is that this was a group of drunk men who thought it was funny but didn’t mean it. But it’s more concerning if it was one person who was using this as his pickup line (via Click Z).

Nice Tan

Compliments are tricky at the best of times because people don’t always take them the right way. It also depends on how they deliver them and if the giver is being creepy. The receipt below shows what happens when somebody has an ulterior motive and writes something weird.


There’s a good chance that the server didn’t have a tan and that was their natural skin tone. Perhaps the customer could have found a better way to show their appreciation because this is a bit too strange. The most offensive thing about this though is their spelling because it’s garbage (via Bon Appetit).

Bold Request

We’ve just looked at a borderline offensive compliment that could go either way. But the following statement is so excessive that the server couldn’t have believed what they read. They were working in an Olive Garden when they received one of the most direct notes we’ve encountered.


Somehow we don’t think they called that number. We wonder if this tactic ever worked for them before but somehow we doubt it. Perhaps there’s a better chance that they’d succeed if they’re a woman. But judging from the state of that writing we don’t think that’s the case. There’s so much wrong with this (via Newsweek).

Fat Girls

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that referring to customers as ‘fat girls’ isn’t going to end well. One server made this horrific mistake when they handed a receipt to the people in question. They thought that they were being hilarious when they were behind the counter but they didn’t change it.


Allegedly, the smirking manager offered them a 25 percent discount before finally dropping to 50 percent. However, the offended diners refused this and went to their local news outlet instead. They say that there’s no such thing as bad press but this proves that’s not always the case (via Huff Post).

Boo You Fail

Sometimes we wonder why some people bother going out in public. Maybe we should require a special license that allows us to engage with normal people. Puppies require socialization before they mix with other dogs so maybe humans can learn from them. Ask this server who received one of the most irritating restaurant notes ever.


It’s not even a smart message. They don’t have any criticism about the service or the food. All they say is that the server ‘fails’ without providing any other details. Meanwhile, they don’t leave a tip because they’re horrible human beings. Unfortunately, these horrible people walk amongst us (via Awesome Inventions).