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Hilarious Starter Pack Memes That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Monica September 15, 2023

Why No One Compliments Your Appearance

If you’ve ever felt envious of the people around you, stop and take a look at yourself. Why is no one complimenting your appearance? Usually, it’s because of your haircut, your hundreds of pimples, dirty cargo shorts, or oddly shaped body type. This starter pack might hit a little too close to home for some of us. Maybe this is the sign we need to improve ourselves (via Reddit).


Easy As Riding A Bike

If you’re a cyclist in the USA, then this starter pack might have you laughing hysterically. There’s nothing worse than hopping on your bike, going into the street, and having to deal with the strange signs, winding roads, and screaming drivers and pedestrians who always have something negative to say about your impressive cycling skills. If you’re not the one screaming in fear, then it’s usually someone else who is (via Reddit).


Using The Bathroom At School

Going to the bathroom at school was one of the worst experiences anyone had to deal with. Not only did it constantly smell but there was usually at least one person in the bathroom, especially during the times when you needed it most. Privacy isn’t a thing, so we had to get used to doing number two with people around. Some of you might have lifted your feet so no one could identify you by your shoes. And the toilets always seemed to flush with too much power (via Reddit).

last week of summer vacation as a teen starter pack : r/starterpacks

The Final Days Of Summer

Summer seemed to move faster than any week at school ever did, which is why those final days before the first day of school were the toughest. They marked those last days of freedom, before spending the next nine months at a desk, listening to our teachers teach us things we’d never remember. You probably had a school countdown, and wanted the days and nights to feel like forever, so you didn’t prioritize sleep (via Reddit).


Apartment Life

Living in an apartment with your friends sounds like fun, but ultimately, it’s difficult. There always seems to be someone stomping on the ground above you throughout the day. There’s always someone blasting music or television in the room or apartment next to you, robbing you of sleep. And if none of that is happening, then there’s probably construction or dogs barking nonstop. Most of the time, we like the experience but decide to move on from an apartment to something better, like a house (via Reddit).

Ruin My Week

Where’s The Manager

Why does that one person who wants to speak to the manager always look like a Karen? Whether you’ve dealt with a Karen before, or are even a Karen deep down, chances are, you also dealt with a minivan, knee-length denim shorts, and kids that kick and scream. Best of all, they’re always the person to ruin your entire week by complaining or demanding something ridiculous (via Ruin My Week).

Dancing Cucumber

High School Photographer

Those budding high school photographers always seem to have the same style. They strive for black and white photos with a low angle, that seem to convey a moody feeling. These photos are usually of nothing special, like a gate in their high school backyard or a place that says “no photography” to show they’re truly bad to the bone. Someone needs to tell them to step out of the box and try something no one else has before (via The Dancing Cucumber).

Dancing Cucumber

Mom Has A Phone

Moms are the cutest. It seems like they can never grasp the concept of a phone or how to use it, especially without their glasses. It’s one of the most hilarious, yet time-consuming things in the world. Those of you with a mom who has a new phone can relate to this starter pack. We promise you, that if you get her that purple case with flowers, she’ll love it more than anything else in the world (via The Dancing Cucumber).

Dancing Cucumber

The Bearded Personality

People with beards indeed have big personalities. They have to sport a large amount of hair on their face and pull it off at the same time. Better yet, they have an incredible ability to grow their lengthy beard down to their shoulders and beyond. Maybe they’re even nesting a small animal inside (via The Dancing Cucumber).

Dancing Cucumber

Always On The Disney Channel

We know Disney can do much better than this. But it seems like their shows always follow the same theme. If they put in a little bit more creative effort, they’d have a show that’s much better than they are. There always seems to be a pretty girl who’s a loser, and a kid who has a high IQ but isn’t street smart. Why don’t they mix it up for a change? Either way, most of us are still obsessed with Disney and watch it as our guilty pleasure (via The Dancing Cucumber).

Dancing Cucumber

Not Truly A Big Deal

When we were kids, we thought things were bigger deals than they were. The Bermuda Triangle was probably your biggest fear, and anytime your parents suggested getting on an airplane and flying straight over the triangle, your stomach probably shrank. Quicksand meant ultimate death, and the Loch Ness monster was something that lurked underneath the clear waters of every lake. Truthfully, it’s a relief not to be a kid anymore, though we stress about bigger things now (via The Dancing Cucumber).