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Fans Expose The Most Overrated and Underrated Actors In Hollywood

Darren November 14, 2023

Overrated – Barry Keoghan

Sometimes movie stars don’t understand why actors continue to get work. Keoghan is one of these because the Irish star is popping up in everything. However, many haters can’t stand him because of his uncanny appearance and his weird mannerisms. They also believe that he doesn’t possess any meaningful talent.

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One fan had a damning take about Keoghan and thinks he’s one of the most overrated actors ever. They questioned: “What does everyone see? The guy just mumbles in a weird accent and acts creepy in every movie.” Several people agreed because they didn’t understand where his hype came from.

Underrated – Jenna Ortega

Ortega is one of those actors who become victims of their success. People instantly dismiss them as overrated because of their incredible popularity. But this is an unfair perspective because she’s an outstanding talent. “She is absolutely amazing in everything I’ve seen her in!” this Ortega fan said. “Her acting is just pure, raw emotion!”

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The young actress showed her chops in season two of You. Then she won hearts with a charismatic turn as Wednesday Addams in the hit Netflix series Wednesday. That’s not an easy role to play but she made it her own with a brilliant performance. She’s got great talent and going from strength to strength.

Overrated – Gal Gadot

It’s amazing how Gadot has become one of Hollywood’s most polarizing figures. Yes, the internet can be a toxic cesspool but the resounding response to Gadot is that she’s wooden. One critic compared her to a ‘living, breathing perfume ad.’ The consensus is that her looks are carrying her through her career.

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“She’s the latest in a long line of Hollywood actors and actresses who were famous for looking really good on-screen,” this film fan critiqued. “It’s a marketable skill in the movie industry.” Nonetheless, nobody can say that the Wonder Woman star isn’t enjoying success.