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Fans Expose The Most Overrated and Underrated Actors In Hollywood

Darren November 14, 2023

Overrated – Anya Taylor Joy

Taylor-Joy is having a moment right now and it seems like she’s in everything. She won acclaim for her role in The Queen’s Gambit as she made chess sexy. Then she stepped up into the movie world with big roles in The Northman and The Menu. However, some people still hate her and think she’s overrated.


“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills seeing people praise her all the time,” one movie fan said. “She was so wooden in the Menu, she barely emotes. She’s pretty and unique-looking so I guess everyone just likes seeing that.” There’s no denying that her unique beauty helps her get roles but are these criticisms too harsh?

Underrated – Paul Dano

Dano is one of those actors who quietly pops up in different movies and steals scenes. Many people find him unsettling because of his blank stare and the reality that he has a unique face. He won acclaim for his role as the Riddler in The Batman. But he was also brilliant in Prisoners and There Will Be Blood.

L.A. Times

This Redditor described him as “a fantastic actor but his name is never really brought up in mainstream media. I don’t know why, is it ’cause he doesn’t look like your typical leading man?” Some film fans love to hate him because of his strange appearance. He’s no Brad Pitt but that’s why he’s so good.

Overrated – Tom Hanks

This may seem like a travesty but some folks believe that Hanks is overrated. It’s amazing how many people criticized him online. One said that he “Plays “Tom Hanks” in every film, and hasn’t given a great performance since Captain Phillips. Had a great run from Big through Cast Away but has been coasting since.”

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Hanks had a brilliant stretch in the 1990s with back-to-back wins for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. However, some critics accuse him of appearing in ‘Oscar-bait’ movies and failing to diversify his acting style. They think that he always plays the same type of person. It’s harsh but maybe they have a point.

Underrated – John Goodman

Goodman is one of Hollywood’s most enduring character actors but many people forget about him. He’s had a long, dynamic, and exciting career with some iconic performances. Who’ll forget his role in The Big Lebowski while he lent his voice to many great children’s movies like Monsters Inc.?


Another Redditor agreed and defended Goodman. They wrote: “He has produced decades of incredible work, and has never received an Academy Award nomination. What’s odd is that the movies where he’s in a supporting role tend to be much better than those where he’s the main star.”

Overrated – John David Washington

Many people think that Washington is an example of Hollywood nepotism at its worst. John is the son of legendary icon Denzel Washington, one of the most charismatic actors of his generation. But Washington Jr.’s critics think that he is as wooden as a coffin except with less charm.

L.A. Times

This film fan heavily criticized him and compared him to former co-star Robert Pattinson. They wrote: “He’s awful at acting and should not try anymore. He really is terrible. Pattinson outacted him by miles in Tenet.” Arguably, Black Klansman is Washington’s best performance but fans still view him as hit-and-miss.

Underrated – Willem Dafoe

It’s astounding that Dafoe has never won a Best Actor Oscar because he’s one of the best of his generation. He’s capable of being a terrifying psychopath like in the Spiderman series. But we’ve also seen him give quiet, nuanced performances in indie movies including The Florida Project.

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A Dafoe fan stated their case: “He’s never considered A-list but he kills it in every single role I’ve ever seen him in. And that voice!! Greatest actor of all time for me.” This is very fair because he has an amazing on-screen presence and elevates all his films. Check out his display in The Lighthouse because it is devastating.

Overrated – Dwayne Johnson

Nobody will pretend that Johnson is the second coming of Laurence Olivier. However, he is the biggest box office star of the modern era and the face of many franchises. But his popularity doesn’t change the fact that he is an overrated actor who does the same thing in every one of his films.

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One fan compared him to the legendary action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. They said: “Dwayne is fun in his roles but doesn’t hold a candle to Arnie in his prime – I can’t think of a single quotable line from his films.” This is a great point because we even remember lines from Schwarzenegger’s worst movies like Batman & Robin.

Underrated – Tim Roth

Roth is one of those actors who suffers a mid-career slump after a sensational start. He was one of the biggest stars of the nineties but now he’s a TV star. Roth worked with Quentin Tarantino in several movies and also earned an Oscar nomination for Rob Roy. But many people forget about the underrated star.


“Tim Roth has had plenty of work but is rarely considered as a heavyweight choice for leading roles,” one fan wrote. “The guy demands attention when he’s on screen.” These days he’s having a late renaissance in series such as She-Hulk and Tin Star but he’s no Hollywood leading man.

Overrated -Timothee Chalamet

Chalamet is enjoying an incredible career and many fans compare him to Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s won acclaim for everything from Call Me By Your Name to Dune. But this doesn’t mean that everybody agrees that he is a brilliant performer. Some people think that he’s an overrated talent.

The Jakarta Post

This person delivered a polarizing but intelligent critique of Chalemet’s talents. They wrote: “In every recent film I see him in I feel like I’m watching different variations of the same soft-spoken, introverted, almost daydreamy character – he never really goes outside a narrow range.”

Underrated – Robert Pattinson

Pattinson is the second Twilight star on this list but he’s an equally underrated actor. Some people will laugh at this but it’s true. Watch his recent performances in Good Time, High-Life, and The Lighthouse because he is outstanding. He’s come a long way from his days as a brooding vampire.


Another Internet user defended Pattinson’s acting credentials. They wrote: “Most probably know him from Twilight, Harry Potter, or Batman but honestly they do a disservice to him. He’s a versatile, sensational actor that when given great scripts always delivers.”

Overrated – Barry Keoghan

Sometimes movie stars don’t understand why actors continue to get work. Keoghan is one of these because the Irish star is popping up in everything. However, many haters can’t stand him because of his uncanny appearance and his weird mannerisms. They also believe that he doesn’t possess any meaningful talent.

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One fan had a damning take about Keoghan and thinks he’s one of the most overrated actors ever. They questioned: “What does everyone see? The guy just mumbles in a weird accent and acts creepy in every movie.” Several people agreed because they didn’t understand where his hype came from.

Underrated – Jenna Ortega

Ortega is one of those actors who become victims of their success. People instantly dismiss them as overrated because of their incredible popularity. But this is an unfair perspective because she’s an outstanding talent. “She is absolutely amazing in everything I’ve seen her in!” this Ortega fan said. “Her acting is just pure, raw emotion!”

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The young actress showed her chops in season two of You. Then she won hearts with a charismatic turn as Wednesday Addams in the hit Netflix series Wednesday. That’s not an easy role to play but she made it her own with a brilliant performance. She’s got great talent and going from strength to strength.

Overrated – Gal Gadot

It’s amazing how Gadot has become one of Hollywood’s most polarizing figures. Yes, the internet can be a toxic cesspool but the resounding response to Gadot is that she’s wooden. One critic compared her to a ‘living, breathing perfume ad.’ The consensus is that her looks are carrying her through her career.

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“She’s the latest in a long line of Hollywood actors and actresses who were famous for looking really good on-screen,” this film fan critiqued. “It’s a marketable skill in the movie industry.” Nonetheless, nobody can say that the Wonder Woman star isn’t enjoying success.