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40 Wrong Number Texts That Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Monica April 11, 2022

24. Working On Christmas?

We’re all wondering where George is. Is he honest and actually at work? Is he cheating on his wife? Unfortunately, we’ll never have the right answer to these questions. The recipient of the wrong number text is on our side. We all want to beat George’s a** too (via Buzzfeed).


23. You Got This

We all feel sorry for Brandon, who apparently sent a wrong number text. He, like many other guys on this list, got the wrong number after meeting a beautiful woman. It’s funny that the OP was a dude with a girlfriend. At least he gives Brandon some decent advice (via Reddit).

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22. Buzz Lightyear

This guy and his friend don’t text very often, as he accidentally texted the wrong number. At first, they don’t realize they’re texting the wrong number about how much they have had to drink. The recipient keeps going with the joke. It turns out that he was texting the star of the “Toy Story” franchise Buzz Lightyear (via My Health Gazette).


21. Joe Mama

Somehow, this guy manages to text the wrong number, twice. What’s even funnier is that he thinks he texts his friend saying the wrong number guy was a smart a**, only to realize he messaged the same number, again. The OP’s response to “Joe Mama” is priceless. This man needs glasses (via Reddit).


20. Keep Me Informed

We want to hear everything too. Who is Jake and how did he manage to set his butthole on fire again? This Jake guy needs to learn a lesson or two if this isn’t the first time he set his butthole on fire. Hopefully, this wrong number recipient learned what happened to Jake (via Reddit).

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19. Sorry, Pedro

Pedro, like many other guys on this list, was given the wrong number. Most of us have been on one end of this situation before at least once or even multiple times. We can all feel sorry for Pedro. It took Pedro three hours to realize he received the wrong number at the club last night. At least this guy didn’t string him along (via My Health Gazette).


18. Dorothy

This is one of the best responses ever. Of all the names out there, it’s Dorothy. Of course, we all probably would have immediately thought of the Wizard of Oz and responded the same way. Maybe Dorothy was looking for the Wizard’s number instead (via Reddit).

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17. T-Rex

First of all, who says “raise the roof” anymore? ‘T-Rex’ is also a pretty awesome nickname. The response was comical, calling them a brontosaurus and explaining they wouldn’t be able to raise the roof with their tiny arms. These are the types of wrong number texts that make the accident worth it (via My Health Gazette).


16. The Concept Of Wrong Numbers

This person doesn’t know how wrong numbers work. Even though they’re texting the correct number, it’s still not the correct person they’re trying to reach. Hopefully, this person understood how wrong numbers work, otherwise, they’re going to be confused for the rest of their life (via Reddit).


15. Stop Wasting MY Time

Why do people who text the wrong number blame the person for wasting their time? They’re actually the ones wasting someone else’s time. The recipient of the wrong number was as clear as day, and at least tried to tell the person they had the wrong number. They didn’t seem very receptive to their kindness (via Me Me).


14. Let’s Make A Deal Here

This is something out of a movie. Interestingly enough, you can still see the address given. We’ll never know if they have dead bodies hidden there. We would probably all want to make a joke out of the wrong number text, and this person did it in such a great way. Unfortunately, we’ll never get to see their response (via Reddit).

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13. Selfie Time

Next time you receive a wrong number text photo from a bunch of girls, make sure you text them a photo of the same pose back, just like these guys did. These women got a text from a group of soldiers, who were more than willing to respond. It was definitely worth the laugh (via My Health Gazette).


12. The Dog

This isn’t a text message you’d expect to receive ever really. This person was honest and admitted they forgot to let the dog out of the house. At least they don’t have to tell the original person since the dog didn’t end up sh*ting on the couch in the end (via Reddit).


11. Not You

This reaction was priceless as not only were they shocked, but they went so far as to respond in all caps that they were not the person they “kind of liked.” If this is how the person was texting, we can only imagine what their reaction was like in real life. Hopefully, this guy’s ego wasn’t shattered too much as he was only trying to respond in a pretty hilarious way (via Imgur).

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10. I Do Want To Party Though

This person is such a tease. We don’t know if it’s a guy or a girl but it shouldn’t matter that they don’t know each other. If they’re ready to party, they should invite them to party! Sometimes, friendships form out of the blue, and through random occurrences such as this one. This would be a pretty hilarious story to tell if the two did end up meeting each other. There was so much potential in this wrong number text (via My Health Gazette).


9. Send McDonald’s

This wrong number led to the recipient placing an order. We’re all probably wondering what their response was, and how long it took them to realize they had the wrong number. It’s not something you’d expect your friend to say if you were ordering them from McDonald’s. They might’ve even thought their friend was playing a joke at first (via Reddit).

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8. Corey?

Just like Dorothy’s wrong number text, this person also received a photo of Corey. That is, Cory from the old Disney show, “That’s So Raven.” Sending memes in response to a wrong number text is one of the best ways to make fun of the situation. Hopefully, this person ended up finding the real Corey (via My Health Gazette).


7. Stalemate

This escalated rather quickly. The recipient of the wrong number sounds like he was having a bad day. At least the person texting them seems relaxed. Unfortunately, we never found out the surprise (via Reddit).

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6. Standard Cat – Or Cable?

Our first question is how do you categorize a cable as standard? All cables come in different shapes and sizes, and all have different purposes. It doesn’t make any sense. The OP responded to this wrong number text wonderfully by saying “this is a standard cat,” pretty much proving our point about labeling a cable as standard. Before he disappeared for good, he laughed and responded “nice cat.” Great job, OP (via My Health Gazette).

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5. Brutal Wong Number Text

Receiving bad news via a text message is just horrible. It lacks compassion. At the very least, give someone a phone call, especially if it has to do with someone passing away. Luckily, this person wasn’t in shock when they received the wrong number text, because their father passed away over 20 years ago. If this text went to the wrong person, there could’ve been some serious repercussions (via My Health Gazette).


4. This Man Is Bringing Chili

This person is bringing chili. He made his point many times. The OP responded by telling them it was the wrong number, and then “ok.” Maybe he could’ve asked for an invite to the potluck so he could also bring chili (via Me Me).

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3. Better Still Go In To Work

This was a pretty mean joke. Melanie accidentally texted the wrong number, and now she’s going to get in trouble for not showing up to her shift if she doesn’t receive the message on time. At the very least, the OP could’ve played along with it for a few minutes and then told them they had the wrong number, instead of telling them 45 minutes before their shift. Melanie’s in for an awkward day at work the next time she goes in (via My Health Gazette).

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2. I Actually Want The Dog

This person wanted a dog. Honestly, we would all offer to take care of dogs for free, so can we blame them? They also have a point, no one needs seven dogs. We’ll never find out if they ended up getting a dog (via Bored Panda).

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1. Do I Look Like Jessica

This is one of the funniest ways to respond to a wrong number text. The first person didn’t know if it was Jessica, so they asked several times until they got an answer. According to the zoomed-in photo, it’s not Jessica. The mustache was all we needed to see, to know it wasn’t Jessica. It’s pretty passive-aggressive but hilarious at the same time (via My Health Gazette).