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40 Best Things That Cost $1 Or Less

Shannon November 17, 2018
It’s possible to invest in stocks for just $1. Credit: Pexels

34. Penny Stocks

If you are new to investing, and you don’t have a lot of money to spend, check out the options for buying penny stocks.

Banks are already using XRP around the world. Credit: Ripple.com

33. XRP

If you know how to buy cryptocurrency, one of the best digital assets you can buy today is XRP. At the moment, one XRP is just 47 cents.

Photos of friends and family are great. Credit: Pexels

32. Photo Prints

At Walmart, photo prints cost as little as 9 cents each, and the go up to several dollars apiece, depending on the size. Just bring in your SD card to the store, and they will have your prints done in about an hour.

Picture frames can add a lot of character to your home. Credit: IKEA

31. Picture Frames

Once you have your paper photo prints, it’s time to find a frame and display them in your home! IKEA sells their “FIKSBO” and “TOLSBY” picture frames for just $1 each, and dollar stores do, as well.

Amazon has thousands of $1 books. Credit: Pexels

30. An eBook on Amazon

Need something to read? There are tons of ebooks on Amazon for only a dollar. Even if you don’t have an e-reader, you can still download the Kindle app for free.

Nearly every corner store has lottery tickets. Credit: Pexels

29. A Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

Okay, spending money on scratch offs isn’t exactly wise, but if you win more than $1, it will totally feel worth it. The experience is also a lot of fun.

Feed your brain with some books. Credit: Pexels

28. A Used Book

Most thrift stores charge $1 for a book, and many Goodwill stores only charge 25 cents each, so you can get 4 books to read.

The Goodwill Outlet is glorious. Credit: DiscoverGoodwill.com

27. One Pound of Products at The Goodwill Outlet

Weigh-and-pay thrift stores like the Goodwill Outlet are huge warehouses that collect donations from stores in your local area. Everything at these stores are just $1 per pound. If you show up when they switch out to new items, you can score some seriously good stuff.

Mmmm, donuts. Credit: Pexels

26. A Donut

At most bakeries and Dunkin Donuts, a donut is just $1. Whether it’s for breakfast or a reward for your hard work, everyone loves a donut.

Used vinyl records and CD’s are usually just $1 Credit: Pexels

25. CD’s and Vinyl Records

At most thrift stores, CD’s and vinyl records are only a dollar. This is perfect if you have an older car that has a CD player but no AUX cord.

You can use stickers on just about anything. Credit: Pexels

24. Stickers

Stickers can help personalize your laptop, car, notebooks, and planners. They are available at Walmart, Target, and most craft stores.

Everyone could use a little notebook. Credit: Pexels

23. A Notebook

Nowadays, most people use their phones to type out reminders, but there is something cathartic about writing by hand. Whether it’s used as a journal, planner, or for to-do lists, notebooks really come in handy.

Coffee doesn’t always have to be gourmet. Credit: Pexels

22. A Cup of Coffee

Maybe you’re used to a $5 cup of coffee from Starbucks, but there are plenty of places out there that only charge $1 for a cup of joe.


Yankee Candle makes all of their scents in mini form. JGuana.com

21. Mini Candles

Burning a scented candle can make a house cozy and smell delicious. At Yankee Candle, you can get miniature candles for just $1, and most dollar stores have them as well.

Antique malls and co-ops have options in every price range. AppleAnnieAntiques.com

20. Antiques

There is a common misconception that all antiques are expensive. If you have an antique mall or co-op in your local area, it is seriously worth checking out. You would be surprised just how many things you can find for $1.

Turn your seeds into sapplings. Credit: Pexels

19. Packs of Seeds

If you want to try your luck at having a green thumb, check out Home Depot, where they sell packs of seeds for just 50 cents each. Amazon.com also sells 50 packs of assorted seeds for just $17, making it even cheaper per-pack.

Herbs and spices can add a lot of flavor to your cooking. Credit: Pexels

18. Herbs and Spices

If you aren’t already using herbs and spices in your cooking, you should really grab some! Most grocery stores have one-dollar brands, and Walmart has just about everything you could ever need.

Check your local area for yard sales in the spring and summer. Credit: DestinationMansfield

17. Yard Sale Items

At most yard sales, people are trying to clear out their house, and they aren’t picky about the asking prices on a lot of their goods. This means that it’s possible to score tons of unexpected things for just $1.

Newspapers hold a lot of value. Credit: Pexels

16. The Sunday Newspaper

Buying a paper newspaper might sound old school, but you can actually get a lot out of a newspaper. It helps to keep you up on local news, and if you buy on Sunday, you can get coupons that will save you on purchases for the rest of the week.

The travel section has almost anything you could ever want. Credit: TheKrazyCouponLady.com

15. Travel-Sized Products

Do you ever buy a full-sized product and realize that it expires before it all gets used up? The travel section of Walmart and Target have just about everything you need for just $1, so it’s worth checking out, even if you don’t plan to go on vacation any time soon.

Ear plugs help block out noise. Credit: Amazon.com

14. Ear Plugs

If you have a partner who snores, or if you plan on sleeping on an overnight flight, make sure to buy some ear plugs. They are usually available at most dollar stores.

Get a good night’s sleep with an eye mask. Credit: Pexels

13. Eye Mask

If you are planning to travel somewhere, or if you get a lot of light coming through your windows, an eye mask can help improve your quality of sleep by blacking our your vision.

Buy a gift for your dog or cat. Credit: Pexels

12. A Dog or Cat Toy

Instead of just buying things for yourself, why not treat your furry friend to a new toy? Most dollar stores sell pet toys, and even PetCo and PetSmart have $1 options.

Target has the best clearance section ever. Credit: TheMomCreative

11. The Clearance Section at Target

Target is always updating their inventory, and when a season is over, everything goes on clearance up to 90% off the original price. You can stock up on tops of useful items for $1 or less.

There are several brands that sell $1 nail polish. Credit: Pexels

10. Nail Polish

Some brands of nail polish, like Wet & Wild, are just $1 per bottle. This will help save you even more by skipping a manicure.

Even as an adult, you can still enjoy arcade games. Credit: Pexels

9. Arcade Games

Depending on where you go, arcade games can range from 25 cents to $1 per game. Whether it’s a claw machine, pinball, billiards, or a vintage video game, you can spend your dollar on a few minutes of fun. While it may not last very long, you can get in touch with your inner child.

Most decks of cards only cost $1. Credit: Pexels

8. A Deck of Cards

If you plan to invite your friends over for a beer, why not get ready with a deck of cards? You can play poker, mafia, and so much more. They are sold at Walmart and Target, and nearly every dollar store sells decks of cards, too.

Blue IKEA bags can be used for a lot of things. Credit: Ikea

7. IKEA Bags

Those blue IKEA bags near the cash registers are extremely useful and versatile. Made from durable tarpaulin, they can really take a beating. They’re great for moving into a new apartment, carrying clothes to the laundromat, and so much more.

Just about every type of liquor comes in miniature form. Credit: Bloomberg

6. Mini Liquor Bottles

If you really wish you could have a cocktail at the end of the day, but you don’t want to buy a whole bottle, mini shots are perfect. They also help with pre-gaming before going out with your friends.

Dryer sheets smell amazing. Credit: Downy.com

5. Dryer Sheets

Not everyone bothers to use fabric softener or dryer sheets, but once you do, you’ll never go back. They smell amazing, and they can also be used to stuff into stinky shoes and drawers to freshen up your home.

People love to get greeting cards. Credit: Pexels

4. Greeting Cards

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or if you want to wish someone to “Get Well Soon”, people appreciate a nice greeting card with a note inside. All dollar stores have a big greeting card section, but most drug stores and even Hallmark have a 99 cent card section.


Movies are only a dollar a day with Redbox. Credit: Digital Trends

3. Rent a Movie From Redbox

Redbox is only $1 a day to rent a movie. To make the process go faster, reserve your movie online ahead of time, and all you need to do is put your credit card in the machine, and it will know what your ordered. Just remember to return it within 24 hours!

“Bullseye’s Playground” at Target. Credit: Target

2. Dollar Spot Items At Target

When you walk through the door at Target, there are tons of amazing $1 to $3 items to match the current season. There are also snacks and educational items for children. When things go on clearance, you can snag some great deals at just a few cents.

Dollar Tree Balloons. Credit: ThriftyFrugalMom.com

1. A Balloon

Dollar Tree has balloons for just $1 each, and you can buy one for any occasion. Even adults love receiving balloons on their birthday, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, and so much more. Your friends will really appreciate the gesture.