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40 Best Things That Cost $1 Or Less

Shannon November 17, 2018
Movies are only a dollar a day with Redbox. Credit: Digital Trends

3. Rent a Movie From Redbox

Redbox is only $1 a day to rent a movie. To make the process go faster, reserve your movie online ahead of time, and all you need to do is put your credit card in the machine, and it will know what your ordered. Just remember to return it within 24 hours!

“Bullseye’s Playground” at Target. Credit: Target

2. Dollar Spot Items At Target

When you walk through the door at Target, there are tons of amazing $1 to $3 items to match the current season. There are also snacks and educational items for children. When things go on clearance, you can snag some great deals at just a few cents.

Dollar Tree Balloons. Credit: ThriftyFrugalMom.com

1. A Balloon

Dollar Tree has balloons for just $1 each, and you can buy one for any occasion. Even adults love receiving balloons on their birthday, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, and so much more. Your friends will really appreciate the gesture.