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25 Sports Celebrities Who Redefined Athletic Endorsements

TristaNovember 17, 2020
Number one will always be Michael Jordan. Shutterstock

1. Michael Jordan 

The man whose name is ubiquitous with endorsements, Michael Jordan’s name is a brand in itself. The professional basketball player is the man behind Nike’s iconic Air Jordans. Before athletes were endorsing brands the way they are today, in 1991, Gatorade signed a deal with Michael Jordan worth $13.5 million, making him the only celebrity spokesman for the sports drink at the moment. This endorsement set the standard for just about every celebrity athlete endorsement to come.


He had already been featured by Hanes underwear since 1989. However, he remains an ambassador of the underwear company to this day. 

Even though MJ has never had much hair, in 1988, Ultra Star Hair Products signed MJ on to sing in a commercial. His hair was not the point. His celebrity with the Chicago Bulls was. There’s also been Upper Deck trading cards, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Chevrolet, and General Mills, with their Wheaties box featuring him.  No athlete will ever top MJ. Even those who bring in more dollars from celebrity endorsements will always have to thank him for setting the standard for athletes endorsing brands.