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20 Moves Young People Make To Avoid Agonizing Regrets

Simi July 5, 2018

15. Always Seek the Truth

There are few things in life more disappointing than realizing that you have been faithfully holding on to a lie. Regardless of the form or severity of the lie, it’s hard to learn the truth when you aren’t prepared for it. You base so much on the lie, when the rug gets pulled out from underneath your feet, you may feel betrayed. People are fragile creatures and trust is extremely important to everyone.

For this reason, it is important to ask the difficult, uncomfortable questions. At the time, you might not want to know the answer, but the truth will set you free. The truth is almost never an easy pill to swallow, but it beats the sucker punch of discovering it by accident.

When you ask for the truth, you are at least prepared for it to some degree. The blow might still hurt, but you will find you can deal with it much quicker. It like ripping off a band-aid. The initial sting is severe, but it only lasts for a second. There is a weighty burden to carry if you hold on to secrets and lies. So, being honest and always seeking the truth is one of the best moves to make in your 20s.

16. Meet Your Unmet Needs

You may not know it, but your bad habits are a symptom of an unmet need you might not be aware of. The sooner you figure out what that need is, the quicker you can start addressing those needs in a healthy way. If there is a single tip that trumps all the other moves to make in your 20s, then it is this: Bad habits steal from you and keep you back in many areas of your life.

It could be an addiction you are fighting or a time-thieving habit that keeps you procrastinating. In the end, you will go through life with a heavy weight attached to your ankle. There is hope, however. Bad habits are just symptoms of a void you need to fill. You can either choose to fill the void with a fruitless, bad habit or seek out a lasting, healthy alternative.

A bad habit is like junk food. The smell is amazing, and it is tasty, but junk food is poison to your body. The healthy alternative is like a gourmet meal. It smells good, tastes amazing and even the feel of it is exquisite. People all have certain needs and wants. So figuring out how to fulfill those needs in a healthy way will release you from the bonds of your next quick fix.

17. Skip on the Blame Game

Have you ever heard of the Johari window? It says every human has areas known to themselves but unknown to others. They also have areas known to others, but unknown to themselves. Then there are areas that everybody knows and areas that nobody knows. Blaming other people for things is often the result of being blind to one area. However, other people have a clear view of that area in your life.

To put it another way, what you love about other people is often what you love about yourself, and what you hate in others is often something that you can’t see in your own life. There is no easy way to slice this pie. It is hard to do some introspection and see where you are at fault. It is also tough to realize you might be the one to blame for something.

But often the thing you want to blame other people for is a part of yourself that you don’t want to acknowledge. However, if you can accept you aren’t perfect, you will be able to become the person you want to be. One of the top moves to make in your 20s starts by looking in the mirror.

18. Seek Your Purpose

Everyone seeks to fulfill some type of purpose. All of us have a burning desire to do something and to feel important in some way. But if you think your purpose is to have fun all the time, you have a rude awakening coming. One of the most satisfying moves to make in your 20s is to find your purpose.

Pleasure is not the thing that is going to pull you out of an unbearable or uncomfortable situation. It might make it a bit bearable for a while and take the edge off, but it is ultimately just a cushion for the fall. The purpose is the driving force that compels you to go forward in spite of pain or suffering.

This might sound a bit heavy, but to sugar coat it won’t help you either. Maybe you have already had your fair share of fruitless pleasures and found they don’t keep you satisfied for long. The purpose is what makes discomfort worth it. Seeking purpose rather than comfort gives you something to live for other than yourself.

Don’t confuse purpose with selfish ambition. As soon as you discover a purpose for your existence, you will find it aims outward and seeks to help others. If comfort is your first virtue, you will go at it alone and never know why you always dissatisfied with life.

19. Home is Where You Make It

Apart from trying to find purpose in life, most people yearn for a place to belong. Purpose and belonging go hand in hand and one will always complement the other. In your 20s, you may feel the urge to explore, see places and experience things. And that is a wonderful urge to have.

However, exploring should not be the only thing you chase after. If you have opportunities to explore, use them, but make sure you have a place you can call home. No matter how long you spend in another country, or how great a place may be, it will never take the place of home.

One of the smartest moves to make in your 20s is to decide where home is and build on it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your home country. The only thing that is important is that you find a place and make it home. What and where that looks like is up to you, but one thing is certain, there is no place like home.

There is nothing that can compare to the support and the love that you feel when you are home. No one understands and accepts you as the people back home. They are the ones who will carry and care for you when things look tough. Home isn’t necessarily a house you own, but it always has people who care for you.

20. Learn to Live in the Now

Too many people live in the fear of tomorrow and are debilitated by the things that are not even there. They tend to spend all their lives in preparation for the “what ifs” that may not ever arrive. Some people waste money and energy on an unknown future, so they tend to neglect the here and now. So, the final tip from this list of moves to make in your 20’s is learning how to be happy where you are at right now.

Learn to accept and live in the now and take every day as it comes. Don’t worry about tomorrow because you can’t predict the future. Instead, spend your energy on dealing with the present. There is nothing you can do to assure a certain outcome. Life happens and can wreck your plans in an instant.

Rather, practice being happy and content in the space where you are now. There is no relationship, job, amount of money or level of success that will make you happy if you don’t decide it is good for today. You cannot store up your happiness to use at the time of your choosing. So use it where it is, otherwise, you will never experience true happiness.

You have no guarantees of a tomorrow, never mind a healthy one. That doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind and not plan for the next day. It merely means you shouldn’t spend your present days in worry of the distant future.

These 20 moves to make in your 20s will help you pave a bright future for yourself. You may not own a crystal ball, but being mindful when you are starting out will take you far. So, pick one of these and apply it to your life each day.