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20 Psychological Tips & Tricks To Make Life Easier

TristaJuly 31, 2018
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2. Make Wednesday Fun

While Mondays likely have the worst reputation, thanks in part to songs like “Manic Monday” and Office Space’s “case of the Mondays,” it isn’t the only challenging day of the week. Wednesday, or hump day, is another challenge since you have already been working for a couple of days and still have a couple left before the weekend’s relaxation. Wednesday can be a real burn-out day, and Wednesday night, in particular, can feel like a chore since you’re still so far from the weekend. If you find yourself feeling down on Wednesdays, try planning something fun for your Wednesdays to make hump day a day to look forward to.

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Maybe you’ll decide to treat yourself to a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks breakfast on the way to work on Wednesday. Perhaps a date night with your spouse sounds in order, or a craft and wine night with your friends. A nice, hot bath with a good book might be perfect for some. Whatever the routine, as long as you make sure you always have something fun and relaxing penciled in for Wednesdays, it can make sure your week seems much shorter and more enjoyable. Having a little something to look forward to mid-week can provide much motivation to fight those mid-week blues.

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1. Decode Your Friend’s Body Language

It is a question people often ask themselves: Do they like me, or are they just being nice? You may spend hours mulling over this question with your friends. You may also consult every piece of literature, take quizzes and devour all the how-to guides out there. However, it’s not that complicated. If your friends or co-workers like you, it will be obvious. Why waste your emotions on people who were just not that into you? If you are like most people, you want signs to be sure one way or the other. Body language may be your best bet for figuring this out.

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There are no golden rules on these things, but body language may provide a few answers to someone’s emotional state. When you’re talking to someone, and they cross their arms or legs, they are shutting you off or even feeling defensive. They are not in an open frame of mind and possibly don’t like you. If a person adopts an open, relaxed and welcoming pose, they are receptive to you and probably like you. Hopefully, these 20 psychological tips and tricks to make your life easier will help. Try one a day for a month and see if your life has changed for the better.