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Your Favorite ’90s Crushes: Where Are They Now?

Monica January 19, 2024

Back in the ’90s, most of us had a poster or two of our favorite actor, actress, or even boy band hanging on our walls. It seems like the ’90s had tons of beautiful actors, actresses, and musicians who had successful careers in show business.

But after a few decades have passed, do you wonder what happened to your favorite crushes? While many of them went on to star in more movies and television shows, others took a different route and became parents or started businesses. We tracked down your favorite 1990s heartthrobs here. Find out what these ’90s megastars are up to now right here.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Millions of girls fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and his beautiful face as he made a splash on the big screen in the ’90s. He received an Oscar nomination in 1993 for the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, which was a big part of the start of his fame. He starred in many subsequent films, becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest crushes.

Once he starred in Romeo and Juliet and Titanic, it was game over. Now that he has an extensive film career behind him, he’s recently starred in films such as The World of Wall Street and Catch Me If You Can. His newest film, Killers of the Flower Moon, is his next big debut as he approaches 50 (via People).


Andrea Barber

You probably recognize Andrea Barber from Full House, when she starred as neighbor Kimmy Gibbler for eight seasons. For some people, she was one of their biggest crushes during the ’90s. However, once the show ended, she decided to walk away from the spotlight and pursue a more normal life. She got a degree and had two kids, though she did return in 2016 for the sequel series Fuller House.

She said, “I got married, I had kids, I stayed home with those kids, I was a stay-at-home mom when they were babies. I wasn’t planning on returning to the business.” Sadly, she also went through a divorce and said, ” “[Divorce] is just a very ugly, ugly process that takes years to heal from that and to get to a point where you just aren’t angry anymore.” Her life trajectory was quite different from other celebrities (via The List).


Devon Sawa

In the mid-1990s, Devon Sawa was one of the biggest Hollywood crushes out there. He starred in the pre-teen film Little Giants, as well as Casper and Now and Then. You couldn’t look at a teen magazine without seeing his face on the front cover. As he grew older, he continued finding success and even had an appearance in Hawaii Five-O.

Unfortunately, this fame didn’t transfer as well from the US to his hometown in Canada. He said, “The teen magazines weren’t big in Canada. There was no internet,” and “crossover between what America was loving at the time and what Canada was loving was always a bit different. It was just my age, I think. I didn’t want to be the pretty boy or whatever they were calling me. I didn’t want to talk about my favorite food or where my first kiss was, you know? My most romantic song. These things weren’t interesting to me.” He then went on to spend nearly a decade in B movies and then acting in more Indie films (via Ranker).

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En Vogue

One of your ’90s crushes might have been the R&B group En Vogue, which consisted of Dawn Robinson, Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron, and Maxine Jones. They were hugely successful in the ’90s, but eventually split sometime in the 2000s after they faced numerous differences.

Now, 30 years later, they’re still making music. But it’s much different than it was in the ’90s. Ellis has become an avid crafter, and Bennett said, “Building my [life coaching] school and being there for the students that are a part of it is a major thing for me. I write books as well.” It looks like their careers have taken a much different turn into different pursuits, which is what happened to many ’90s stars (via Yahoo).


Arielle Kebbel

If you saw John Tucker Must Die back in 2006, then you’ll know Arielle Kebbel. She also starred in Fifty Shades Freed and 9-1-1. Recently, she signed with the Independent Artists Group.

They wrote, “IAG has been on a signing spree of late, having also brought in such in-demand actors as Scott Foley, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Sarah Shahi, along with writer-producers Patrick Massett & John Zinman (Gold, Friday Night Lights).” Who knows where her pursuits will take her now (via Deadline)?


Freddie Prinze Jr.

After appearing in tons of films in the late ’90s, Freddie Prinze Jr. developed a serious fan base, especially after I Know What You Did Last Summer. He then scored a roll in She’s All That. His million-dollar success made him one of the biggest crushes in Hollywood. Eventually, he started dating co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar, and they then had two children.

Nowadays, he typically does TV work. But the work hasn’t necessarily dried up for him. He said, “I mean, I’ve been offered a bunch of romantic comedies over the last 15 years. I was just never reading any of the scripts. I didn’t have any interest in doing it.” Other fans say he’s turned into a hot dad (via Esquire).

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Eliza Dushku

Once a fan-favorite Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dushku has changed her role in life and is now studying holistic psychology. She’s also fallen into the role of a mother and is starting a family, though it seems to go hand in hand with her previous vampire slaying role.

She’s donated money to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. In her statement, she said, “Our gift is about honoring, supporting, and inviting in everyone who might come to the clinic. We’re thrilled to support the committed professionals who treat addiction with a multidisciplinary approach using evidence-based sciences together with holistic integration. These principles have benefited me in my recovery.” At least she’s using her fame and fortune for something that helps other people now (via CBS News).


Barry Watson

You might remember Barry Watson from the hit WB series 7th Heaven. He was one of the biggest ’90s crushes out there, but after the sixth season, he stopped being a regular. He then starred with Katie Holmes in Teaching Mrs. Tingle until he was unfortunately diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. This is when he stopped acting for six months to undergo chemotherapy.

He had roles in movies like Boogeyman, Sorority Boys, and A Dog’s Way Home. Recently, he hasn’t announced any upcoming projects and is instead focusing on his career, family, and health (via Screen Rant).


Joshua Jackson

In the teen drama Dawson’s Creek, Jackson played a vital role as the side-kick best friend to the title role played by James Van Der Beek. Before that, he starred in The Mighty Ducks film series and the movie Cruel Intentions.

Recently, he starred in an adaptation of Fatal Attraction. In an interview, he jokingly said, “I don’t know what’s going on with me. I’m shooting a romance right now; I needed a love story after [Dr. Death’s] Christopher Duntsch and Fatal Attraction. I needed to hold hands and make goo-goo eyes at somebody.” He has a three-year-old daughter and admits how different it is playing a role as a dad. He said it “was way more impactful because I have a different frame of reference obviously for this now, being a dad.” Either way, he’s a stellar actor who does a great job in front of the cameras (Hollywood Reporter).


Neve Campbell

Back in the ’90s, a couple of the biggest hits were Party of Five and Scream. Even though Campbell starred in these roles, there was a good reason she dipped out. It all became too overwhelming and moved too fast for her.

She’s leaving plans open for a possible return to Scream 7, saying, “I know things are spinning at the moment, and I would imagine they are spinning at the top trying to figure out what they’re going to do. I would not be surprised to get a call.” Even though it was too much in her past, it doesn’t mean it’s too much now. She also admits the struggle of being a woman in the music industry, saying, “As a woman, I have had to work extremely hard in my career to establish my value, especially when it comes to Scream. I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise.” But now, things are turning around (via EW).



You may have listened to Usher daily in the ’90s. He took the world by storm back in 1997 with the release of his album My Way. He had a smooth, velvety voice with impressive dancing skills, especially for the ’90s, becoming a sensation. Eventually, he appeared in films of the ’90s, including Light It Up, The Faculty, and She’s All That. As time progressed, he released more hit albums like Confessions and Here I Stand. Since the ’90s, he’s sold 23.8 million albums and has earned numerous Grammys.

He performed at the I Heart Radio music awards, held a Peloton Artists Series, and welcomed in a fourth child into his life. His tiny desk concert also went viral (via The Things).


Tiffani Thiessen

In Saved by the Bell, Tiffani Thiessen played Kelly Kapowski. She quickly became one of the biggest crushes of the ’90s. Unfortunately, if you thought you somehow had a chance with her, you never will because she’s now married. She has two kids with Brady Smith, though she still made an appearance on the Saved by the Bell reboot of 2020.

And now, you can follow her on her Instagram taking ice baths with a huge smile plastered across her face. She’s health conscious, hence the reason for the icy cold dip shown above (via Instagram).


Brad Pitt

As one of the most attractive heartthrobs of the ’90s, Brad Pitt initially made his big debut as the sexy cowboy hitchhiker in Thelma & Louise. Eventually, his love scene with Geena Davis solidified his sexiness even more. With his appearances on Fight Club, 12 Monkeys, Seven, and Vampire, he would go on to be one of Hollywood’s most attractive actors. He also starred in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Ocean’s Eleven, and The Big Short. He married attractive stars Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

Recently, sources have seen Brad Pitt with Ines de Ramon, and for the past year or so, have speculated about their relationship. A source said, “They were super loving. Laughing and joking with everyone around them. They seemed to be having a good time.” Pitt seems to be happy and enjoying life as he ages (via People).


Lindsay Davenport

In the ’90s, Lindsay Davenport was one of the top tennis players out there. She won the Wimbledon Ladies Singles Championship back in 1999 and took home an Olympic Gold Medal in 1996. To say she was a stellar athlete is an understatement.

Nowadays, she’s still a tennis star but is also a mother of four and a coach. Brian Hainline, USTA Chairman of the Board and President said, “Lindsay has been the embodiment of a champion throughout her career, and few players have had as much success playing for their country as she has.” She’s kept up her impressive tennis skills throughout the years and continues to do so this very day (via Sports Keeda)

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James Van Der Beek

In the hit series Dawson’s Creek, James Van Der Beek stole the hearts of females around the world with his attractive face and impressive acting skills. He also appeared in The Rules of Attraction and Varsity Blues. He moved away from Los Angeles in 2020 and is now in Texas. He made this big move to help his family connect more to nature, where he does daily outdoor activities with his children.

He’s said, “Anything that I want to do for me, whether it’s any meditation or yoga or exercise, has to happen before the rest of the household wakes up.” That’s some impressive dedication for a father with six kids (via Business Insider).


John Stamos

You likely swooned over Stamos in Full House, who was arguably the hottest uncle in all of television. From 1987 to 1995, we watched Stamos interact with his family on one of the most famous shows in the world. Since then, he’s starred as Dr. Tony Gates on ER and has made appearances on Scream Queens, Grandfathered, and Glee.

After celebrating his 60th birthday and posting throwback photos on his Instagram he said, “Watching Mary-Kate and Ashley grow into the incredibly bright and remarkable women they are today has been one of the greatest joys of my life. If you had told me those blue-eyed babies I met on set nearly 40 years ago would still be in my life at 60 years old, I wouldn’t have believed you. I am blessed. Congratulations to Ashley and her husband, Louis, who welcomed their baby boy last week.” He also has a five-year-old son who he is very close with (via USA Today).


Vivica A. Fox

Between being a movie star and rocking stellar fashion trends, Vivica A. Fox was a hit in the ’90s. Somehow, she’s managed to keep her youthful complexion and is now in her 50s.

By the time she hit her 40s, she started having a major life reevaluation. She said, “It was in my late forties, or maybe just when I got to be about fifty, that I started looking at my relationships and asking myself if they are all reciprocal relationships.” Unfortunately, the biggest regret in her life was not becoming a mother (via The List).


Jessica Biel

Back in the ’90s, Biel made her way to fame with 7th Heaven. She even became a fashion icon. Even though she was famous several decades ago, we don’t hear about her anymore. To get past her looks, she started taking on smaller, more diverse roles.

In an interview in 2017, she said, “For a very long time, I wasn’t thought of as anyone with any credibility in the film world. Everybody is tramping through the swamp every day in this business. ‘I’m worth it, I’m credible — believe me, give me a shot!’ That’s the way I feel consistently.” Now, she’s been putting women’s health in the spotlight and is creating children’s health products (via Looper).


Johnny Depp

There’s no need for an explanation when it comes to Depp. He’s long been one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood because of his looks and his acting skills. He starred in Edward Scissorhands, Benny & Joon, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Pirates of the Caribbean. He probably has one of the most impressive acting histories out there. Even though he appeared in several films throughout the 2000s, he’s most well-known for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. He also starred in Corpse Birde, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland.

According to one source, Johnny Depp is doing well these days, despite the court case he recently went through. They said, “He enjoys working and touring again. He has managed to turn his life around. He is prioritizing his health and work. He was living a destructive life and people close to him were concerned. Everyone is excited about how he turned things around. He is much happier too.” That’s good news for Depp fans (via People).


Faith Hill

The year 1993 was a successful year for Faith Hill, who scored two number-one hits in a row. In the country scene, she was seen as a sweetheart and quickly stole the hearts of many fans around the world. Not only has her music career lasted, but her marriage, too. She married Tim McGraw after having known him for less than a year, and they’re still going strong.

Her husband Tim said, “We spend, gosh, 98 percent of our time together.” Three of their daughters have moved out of their house. “We were joking the other night as we were hanging out watching TV that it kinda feels like we’re kids with the parents gone now.” At least they have each other (via Distractify).


Will Smith

Back in the 1980s, Will Smith made his way to fame all thanks to his starring role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which ran from 1990 to 1996. He also starred in Bad Boys, Men in Black, and Wild, Wild West. He’s the only actor to gross over $100 million from eight consecutive films like I Am Legend and Suicide Squad. He’s admitted that fame has deeply humbled him.

He said, “Fame is a unique monster. I’ve had to be careful. You can’t get excited when everybody is saying good things about you. Because the more you take when people are saying good things about you, the more hurt you’re gonna be when people are saying bad things about you, right?” What I’ve experienced in my adversities of the last couple of years is I have to be clear about who I am and what I am attempting to do in the world. And I can’t wait for others to applaud me for staying focused on my mission. I have always wanted to put good into the world.” He’s certainly put a lot of good into the world with his acting (via Today).


Rachael Leigh Cook

As a popular teen actress in the ’90s, you probably wonder where Rachael Leigh Cook went. She currently does Hallmark movies with the occasional TV show appearance. She also returned in 2021 for a reboot of She’s All That.

In a recent interview, she admitted, “But, otherwise, I’ve never been drawn to stuff that’s especially dark or scary. So, in that sense, uplifting content has rung true for me, and has been something I moved towards,” hence her recent appearance in Rescuing Christmas (via NY Post).


The Backstreet Boys

If you’re like every other teenage girl back in the ’90s, you likely had a poster of The Backstreet Boys hanging on your wall. Members Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, and Kevin Richardson were the heartthrobs of the ’90s. Their fame lasted through the ’90s and even until 2015 when they released a documentary. In total, they’ve sold more than 100 million records. They finished their recent DNA tour in May 2023 in South Africa.

Many of the Backstreet Boys are married with kids now, living their lives with their families. Brian Littrell, a member of the Backstreet Boys, said, “It’s not easy to be a group, together, for this long. It’s not easy to be successful this long either. So it’s always been important for us to bond and make that connection through music.” Even though they’ve grown apart, they’ll always hold a special place in our hearts (via Mamamia).



Iconic boy band *NSYNC was just as popular as The Backstreet Boys, with a little bit of friendly competition. They were a successful pop band during the ’90s, selling over 70 million records until they broke up in 2002. Justin Timberlake, one of the band’s members, became one of the best-selling artists in the world. Other members like Chris Kirkpatrick went on to do voice work for kid’s shows, and JC Chasez was a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew.

They recently released a song called “Better Place,” stunning fans around the world who never expected them to create something together again (via Today).


Brittany and Cynthia Daniel

No one can forget Sweet Valley High and the two sisters who stole the hearts of fans around the world in the ’90s. Even though they were in the show together, they ended up going separate ways in life. Brittany is still acting, and Cynthia retired to become a photographer. The good news is that they do share an Instagram.

Fans reminisce about photos from their show, even saying, “Gorgeous photo of you both. I was a big fan of your show Sweet Valley High back in the 90s I’m grown up now, but I still sometimes watch the re-runs of the show on YouTube, I still love them, it takes me back to my childhood” and “The most Beautiful girls in the world. Perfect, diamonds on earth.” At least we can follow along on their current lives on social media (via Daily Mail).

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Staci Keanan

On the show, My Two Dads, Staci Keanan played the little girl. Eventually, she played Dana in Step by Step. But she stepped away from show business afterward, got married, went to law school, and became an attorney. It was a very different direction than she originally had.

She’s now persecuting crime as the Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, living a quiet life (via Ned Hardy).


Rider Strong

In the hit sitcom Boy Meets World, Rider Strong stole the hearts of thousands around the world. He began acting at the age of nine when he starred in Les Misérables in San Francisco. He then appeared in Cabin Fever. Currently, he is the voice for the animated show Star vs. Force of Evil.

He created a production company with his older brother eventually married his long-time girlfriend, and eventually became a father to a baby boy (via Looper).


Luke Perry

Perry became the ultimate heartthrob when he starred as Dylan McKay in Beverly Hills, 90210. He appeared from 1990 to 1995, and again from 1998 to 2000. In 1992, he also appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Fifth Element Now. Later on in life, he appeared in shows like Body of Proof, Will & Grace, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 2019 from a massive stroke at the age of 52 (via Luke Perry).


Michelle Kwan

If there’s anyone who’s accomplished something spectacular in life, it’s Michelle Kwan. This figure skater has earned two Olympic medals and was a common household name throughout the ’90s. She didn’t stop there, she also started working at the U.S. State Department and became a coordinator for Hilary Clinton.

Her sports career helped her grow as a person. During an interview, she said, ” I learned so many life lessons through sports. I think it helped build my confidence at a very early age. I don’t think confidence is something that one person has, and the other person doesn’t. I think you have to work hard at it and show up prepared.” To keep herself so successful, she recommends “Work hard. Play hard. Play is important. I like to work out no matter what. I do yoga. I do Pilates. And getting enough sleep is also important.” Live life like Michelle Kwan and you’re sure to be a success (via Shondaland).


Lacey Chabert

If you ever watched All My Children and Party of Five, then you’ll recognize Lacey Chabert. She didn’t give up her acting career either, she’s still working and acting. She even starred in Mean Girls. She went on to star in Baby Daddy and Ghost Whisperer.

Now, she works with Hallmark. She said, “I love working for Hallmark. They’ve been so good to me. I have friends there now. I’m proud of their movies and the message of their movies.” At least she’s happy with her career choice (via Entertainment).


Mark-Paul Gosselaar

He’s most notably known for playing Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell from 1989 to 1993. He was a blonde sensation that made many teens of the ’90s turn on their TV just to catch a glimpse of him in action. Nowadays, you’ll see him in Raising the Bar and NYPD Blue. He was also in Precious Cargo back in 2016.

Currently, he’s balancing a family of four as a married man. He’s even added a beard into the mix (via NBC).


Alyssa Milano

She made her way to fame back in the ’90s with a triple whammy of TV shows, like Melrose Place, Who’s the Boss, and Charmed. You might have even seen her on Grey’s Anatomy or Insatiable.

She’s now a mother who’s learning how to handle her debilitating anxiety issue. In an interview, she said, “The beauty of parenting is you get to be the person you needed at that time. So, I am a very empathetic and compassionate mom when it comes to stress and mental health, and that makes me happy. Reducing stress in my life has made room for more good moments, more joy, more happiness, more appreciation. Worry — this idea that we can control or manipulate the outcome of something — leads to so much stress. When you take out the what-ifs, you’re able to be in the moment and enjoy every moment as it comes.” After quite a stressful career, she’s finding calmness in her day-to-day life (via Variety).

Nicki Swift

Jared Leto

Leto has striking blue eyes and a mysterious air about him that many women swoon over. He was first seen in My So-Called Life and went on to act in Urban Legend, The Thin Red Line, and Prefontaine. He also co-founded a band called Thirty Seconds for Mars. Eventually, he was also seen in Requiem for a Dream, Suicide Squad, and The Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Leto has said, “I’ve spent a career immersively and it’s quite an opportunity.” He’s most notably known for his immersive approach to acting, where he will fully live the life of the character he’s portraying (via eOnline).


Amy Brenneman

Considering Amy Brenneman’s parents were both a lawyer and a judge, it’s not surprising that she made a career in crime dramas. She was seen in Judging Amy, NYPD Blue, and Heat.

She still has a youthful spirit and though she’s in her late 50’s, she still looks like she’s in her 30s. She’s managed to keep off the stress and keep her youthful complexion (via Freshers Live).

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Julia Stiles

If you were a fan of 10 Things I Hate About You back in 1999, then you’d recognize Julia Stiles. Her dance routine led many girls to replicate her exact moves in their bedroom. She became a mom in 2017, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing projects.

She’s now excited about the next phase of her career, and in an interview, said “I think audiences, producers, and directors included, develop crushes on actors (actresses in particular) and then lose interest and move on to the next one. There are a handful of actors who sustain interest because it’s exciting to watch them get better at what they do. I want to be one of those actors.” The next phase will bring new experiences in her acting career, so if you’re a fan, get ready for more (via The Things).