Top 20 Websites That Generate Money From Home

You can scope out the details for professional companies. Shutterstock.

18. Field Agent

Field Agent is located in Arkansas and utilizes consumers’ smartphones while they are in stores to assess packaged goods using photos, videos, and shopper insight. One of the tasks available to shoppers is simple: audit shelves for products for specific clients. Simply take pictures of shelf displays so companies can see how their products are being displayed; this may help companies to decide if they need to change their marketing schemes. You may also participate in research for clients, which not only looks at what is in the store but also looks at what people do at home with their products. 

All work is performed through an app that must be downloaded to your smartphone before work can begin. Simply search the application for locations near you and get to work. Jobs vary in payment, with most tasks earning agents between $3 and $8. This may seem meager, but most tasks only take individuals about 10 minutes to complete, which means you could earn upwards of $100 a day doing simple steps. Money appears within 48 hours of completing the job and is then be transferred to your personal account.