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These Messages Show The True Dark Side Of DoorDash

Darren October 9, 2023

For many people, it’s hard to imagine a world before DoorDash and UberEats. These famous delivery apps bring food to our door so we don’t have to leave our warm, comfortable homes. They also make life easier for restaurants, at least in some aspects. But these apps also have a dark side, as the following messages show.

So today we’re going to look at the dark side of DoorDash. We’ll see creepy and irresponsible DoorDashers stealing their customers’ food. Meanwhile, some customers also show the worst side of humanity because they treat the delivery drivers like garbage. Check out the true dark side of DoorDash here.


Let’s kick this list off with one of the weirdest exchanges we’ve seen. The lack of basic sentence structure here is very strange because it barely makes sense. We don’t blame the customers for their confusion because it’s wacky. The DoorDasher sent the messages that we can see below.


This is a surreal sequence but it seems like the DoorDasher consumed their customer’s order before sending this message. Maybe this was the end of their DoorDash career or they were simply starving. We can only imagine the look on the poor recipient’s face because this is a nightmare.


This is one of the funniest messages on this list because the sender stopped caring. He tried to write as politely as he could but then he couldn’t write it properly. We imagine that the recipient enjoyed this sequence of messages because it’s hilarious.


The delivery driver thought quickly on their feet because even when they couldn’t spell properly they had an explanation. Garfield the cat would be proud but he’d also feel sad because there was no lasagne. We hope the situation worked out (via Reddit).

No Tip

Some people don’t tip delivery drivers because they think that they’re already paying the restaurant too much money. This is a divisive subject but the following message exchange shows the dark side of DoorDash. One recipient mistakenly tipped a driver and chaos ensued.


Imagine threatening to sue a DoorDasher because they wouldn’t refund a tip. This is one of the most embarrassing things we’ve ever seen because it’s so disgusting. There’s no need for this behavior but that’s the way some people behave (via Reddit).

Troll Face

Some delivery drivers love to watch the world burn. This DoorDasher is a perfect example because he lives to ruin lives. Picture the scene: It’s a cold, wet Friday night and a steaming hot pizza is on the way. Or is it? Not if this DoorDasher has his way.


The troll’s face shows that they turned to the dark side and there won’t be any food tonight. This is a cruel thing to do but it’s also hilarious. But the worst part of this is that they can’t do anything about it except submit a new order. This is worse than a nightmare (via Reddit).

Why Roger?

Here’s another fine example of what happens when a DoorDasher joins the dark side. Roger decided that he wanted to ruin his customer’s life by playing an evil game. Imagine if everybody started doing this and if every delivery was a gamble.


We can almost feel the customer’s shock because it’s a crazy situation. Maybe Roger was joking and he did complete the order later. But it’s more fun to imagine that Roger is ruining lives by acting like the villain from No Country For Old Men (via Reddit).

Helicopter Landing

One dark side of DoorDash is that it’s a grind because drivers work long hours and deal with annoying people. This delivery driver lost patience and gave one of the most cutting and sarcastic responses ever. It even made the news but luckily the customer thought that it was funny.


A helicopter would be very useful because drivers would complete deliveries quickly. But it might not be the most fuel-efficient way to travel around. Maybe he was just having a bad day and didn’t think before he replied. We’re sure he didn’t do this again (via Mashable).

I Want You

We could do an entire thread of creepy messages that show the dark side of DoorDash. This is incredibly disturbing for women because the drivers have their phone numbers and addresses. It’s dangerous for the wrong people to have this sensitive information.


Nobody should be sending messages like the one above. Maybe they made a mistake and sent it to the wrong person. That’s the only way to justify this because it’s otherwise inexcusable. There are some awful people in this world as we can see (via Reddit).

You’re An Idiot

Usually, being rude to delivery drivers isn’t helpful because it makes life difficult for everybody. The following message exchange is a classic example of when it goes wrong. This DoorDasher handled the situation relatively well after the recipient told them to ‘learn to read.’


Maybe the DoorDasher made a mistake but they instantly won the moral high ground. We’re not going to feel sorry for the recipient after this because they seem like a horrible person. Remember to tip DoorDash drivers and to treat them with respect (via Reddit).

Complete Lies

This is another excellent example of DoorDash’s dark side. Here we have a delivery driver trying to trick their customer into leaving them a bigger tip. The recipient gave a detailed explanation of what happened. But it’s wild to imagine being in this situation.


We don’t know why they thought that the customer would accept this. Maybe they canceled the order but it’s safe to assume that DoorDash penalized them after this. It’s not smart for their business either because people won’t give them good ratings (via Reddit).

You Disgust Me

Food brings out people’s dark side as this DoorDash message exchange shows. One Karen couldn’t believe it when a delivery driver failed to bring their extra sauces. That’s why they reacted most condescendingly and offensively as they could.


Credit to the DoorDasher for maintaining their composure and dignity. In this situation, many people would have reacted angrily but Caroline opted for the moral high ground. Maybe Caroline could have checked the requests earlier but there’s no need to be so rude (via Reddit).

A Wonderful Time

Maybe this doesn’t show the dark side of DoorDash like some of the previous ones. But it does show the dangers of predictive text. One customer made an unfortunate mistake when they replied to their delivery driver with hilarious results.


At least it gave the DoorDasher a good laugh because it was hilarious. They also had a great reaction because they enjoyed the moment and didn’t reply rudely. We imagine that the recipient had a red face when they collected their order but it was too late (via Reddit).

Instant Burn

Everybody knows how frustrating it can be when an order is missing specific items or the restaurant ignores special requests. It’s a pain but there’s no need to take it out on the delivery driver. In the end, they carry what they receive and bring it to the customer.

Some E Cards

However, some customers don’t show DoorDashers any respect as we can see above. This delivery person had a brilliant reaction as they threw the lack of tip back in their face. It would be funny if the customer owned this and refused to back down (via Some E-cards).

Nom Nom Nom

Here’s another example of a DoorDasher messing with their customer’s head. The intended recipient began to lose patience because they didn’t get their order. They asked about it before the DoorDasher tweeted the following sequence of messages.


We don’t know if they ever received their order or if the delivery person consumed it gleefully. Maybe we shouldn’t hope that’s what happened but we’ve joined the dark side. Life might be simpler if people went to their favorite restaurants instead of using apps.

One Bite

There are several examples of DoorDashers teasing their customers on this list. But one delivery person took it to the next level by taking a massive bite out of a chicken tender. This evil DoorDasher joined the dark side and sent the image that we can see below.


The smiling emoji says everything here because this is next-level trolling. Meanwhile, the poor customer doesn’t know how to respond because it’s too much for them to process. It’s hilarious but awful in equal measure but it’s difficult not to enjoy it.

Use Google Maps

Who is right in this situation? The delivery driver asked the customer to clarify their address because they couldn’t see their house. But then the recipient responded sarcastically because they didn’t have any patience left. Check out the exchange below.


Maybe Google Maps didn’t work properly or their address isn’t clear. Sometimes it’s not easy but at least the driver was trying to be constructive. However, this shows the dark side of food delivery apps because people can be extremely obnoxious (via Reddit).

Open the Door

We’ve defended DoorDashers many times on this list. But sometimes they do incredibly stupid things and it’s impossible to justify their antics. They wrote: “My dasher took this pic and saw nothing wrong with leaving the drinks IN FRONT OF MY SCREEN DOOR…”


This is idiotic because it makes it impossible for the recipient to get their food without spilling it everywhere. Maybe the doordasher realized this and gleefully walked away. They turned to the dark side and didn’t care about customer service anymore.

No Contact Deliver

It’s safe to say that this person doesn’t want to make contact with any other human ever. This is one of the most intense lists of demands we’ve read. It’s also possible that they’d never speak this way to a person in real life. But it’s a different story when they write it on an app.


Maybe they’re vampires and they’re afraid to be near people when they’re hungry (via Reddit). But it’s more likely that they’re garbage human beings. There’s a nice way to say things to a DoorDasher but this isn’t it. This is a way to tempt their delivery person to spit in their food.

Manners Please!

The following message exchange shows the true dark side of DoorDash and other delivery apps. This isn’t any way to treat another person but this customer didn’t get the memo. Maybe their parents didn’t raise them properly or they were having a bad day.


Nonetheless, we respect the DoorDasher for their calm, measured response because they didn’t lash out. It would have been easy for them to send a similar reply but they held back. That’s probably a good thing because they don’t want to give fodder for a complaint (via Reddit).

Voice Text

We’ve already looked at what happens when predictive texts go wrong. But what happens when people mix up their voice text? Let’s look at this now because it can be hilarious. Sometimes the best thing is when things go wrong because the results are very funny.


At least the customer didn’t take this the wrong way because it could have been a problem. In the end, the DoorDasher masterfully solved the problem with this explanation. Nonetheless, let this be a warning to all delivery drivers (via Reddit).

Guardian Cat

Some people keep a guard dog outside their house to ward off potential burglarizers. But one person had another animal guarding their property. They keep a cat to protect their food deliveries. Check out the photo below because it shows the ferocious feline.


This cat looks like it has a dark side of its own and may be tempted to steal the order. However, nobody is going to mess with this kitty because that’s a stark warning. Remember, cats will eat their owners if they die because that’s the type of creature they are (via Reddit).

Inappropriate Words

Sometimes it’s difficult being a delivery driver because they have to deal with different issues. Maybe the restaurant doesn’t have their order ready or there’s heavy traffic. The worst is dealing with obnoxious customers but it never helps when the app is being stupid.


This message exchange shows that a DoorDasher almost had problems because the restaurant had a funny name. It would have been a travesty if this dumped them in hot water. Luckily, they resolved it very quickly but it was a very dumb moment (via Reddit).

Free Food

Unfortunately, some DoorDashers steal food and that’s exactly what happened in this situation. They pretended to complete their delivery and drove off into the sunset. But then their phone pinged and the previous customer messaged them. Check out the exchange below to see what happened next.


It seems that the DoorDasher lied about delivering the food but the “recipient” had evidence. We don’t know what they were hoping to achieve by doing this because it’s going to impact their rating. There are some weird people out there (via Reddit).

Rude AF

Autocorrect struck again in the most beautiful way possible. This couldn’t have been any better if they planned it. A DoorDasher innocently messaged their customer to inform them that food was on the way. But there was one massive problem as we can see below.

Bouncy Mustard

Luckily, the customer took this in good spirits and accepted the mistake. It’s an easy typo to do so it would be harsh to blame them for it. But it was ironic that it happened when someone was delivering food. It could have been worse (via Bouncy Mustard).

Try Hard

Some Doordashers try very hard to make their customers happy. They’re nice to the point of being annoying as they go above and beyond the call of duty. Check out this delivery person’s message below because they want to be professional.


Nonetheless, we imagine a part of them died inside after this response. The customer wanted their food and they didn’t have time for human contact. Maybe that’s a sad sign of the times we live in but that’s life. It’s funny but slightly dehumanizing (via Reddit).

Green Card

Many DoorDashers and UberEats drivers indeed come from immigrant backgrounds. But plenty of Americans are Uber and LYFT drivers or deliver food. There’s nothing wrong with this because everybody wants to make money. That’s why the following message exchange is unforgivable.


Racism is a dark side of delivery apps but this was even dumber than usual. DoorDashers should receive a free pass to spit in this type of customer’s food because it’s unfair to deal with this. Let’s hope that it was cold when they received it (via Reddit).