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These 40 Stores and Restaurants Are Open on Labor Day 2019

ShannonSeptember 1, 2019

Labor Day weekend is basically the last time everyone has their last hurrah in the summer before the kids go back to school. Since it is a national holiday, plenty of businesses are closed, like the US Postal Service, banks, liquor stores, and even Costco. For some people, it’s just another weekend, and they need to get their errands done before the work week begins. Plenty of parents need to rush out to get the kids school supplies and new first-day outfits. Check out this list of 40 retail chains that are staying open this Labor Day so you don’t accidentally show up to a store that’s closed.

CVS Pharmacy will be open on Labor Day. Credit: Shutterstock

40. CVS

CVS Pharmacy gives more than just medication. They are basically a fully stocked convenience store. If you need anything from CVS, you should be happy to learn that it is open on Labor Day.

Rite Aid will be open on Labor Day. Credit: Shutterstock

39. Rite Aid

Just like CVS, another pharmacy chain, Rite Aid, has pretty much anything you could need when you are on a road trip or a trip to the beach. All locations are open on Labor Day.

Starbucks will remain open on Labor Day. Credit: Pexels

38. Starbucks

For anyone out there who needs to satisfy their serious Starbucks addiction, don’t worry. Both the drive-thru and inside of Starbucks stores will be open on Labor Day.

Credit: Shutterstock

37. Popeye’s Chicken

Maybe you have heard about Popeye’s new chicken sandwich, and it’s causing waves on social media. Yes, it’s delicious, but many locations are running out of chicken faster than they can accommodate the long lines. If you want to jump on the chicken sandwich bandwagon, you can show up to Popeye’s on Labor Day and try it for yourself.

Home Depot is in both the US and Canada. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

36. Home Depot

Labor Day weekend is a popular time for a lot of people to do their home improvement projects. Since it’s the end of the summer, the weather is finally cooling down, and you can get a lot more done compared to the peak of summer’s sweltering heat. So it only makes sense that Home Depot is taking advantage of the situation, and staying open on Labor Day.

Whole Foods is an upscale grocery store that is open on Labor Day. Credit: Pexels

35. Whole Foods

We all know that Whole Foods is not the cheapest place in the world to shop for groceries. But on a holiday like Labor Day, you just might be in the mood to splurge on some organic produce or vegan treats. Whole Foods is open on Labor Day during their normal business hours.

Trader Joe’s is open on Labor Day. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

34. Trader Joe’s

Need some last-minute groceries for your Labor Day barbecue? You should be happy to know that Trader Joe’s will be open during their normal business hours.

A 7-Eleven convenient store in Japan. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

33. 7-Eleven

If you get hungry on Labor Day and you really need a snack, you will be happy to know that all 7-Eleven convenience stores are open. If your nearby location is normally 24-hours, just double check to be sure if their hours have been reduced for the holiday.

Staples office supercenter. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

32. Staples

If you need to find some back-to-school supplies like pens, pencils, notebooks, and planners, you should be happy to know that Staples is open on Labor Day. They usually have some amazing sales, too, so be sure to check them out.

Walmart is open on Labor Day. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

31. Walmart

Walmart has pretty much anything you could ever need from supplies to go to the beach to food for your Labor Day party. Walmart will be open on Labor Day, but you may need to double-check your 24-hour locations to see if they close early for the holiday.

Petsmart is open on Labor Day. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Petsmart

Humans are not the only ones who might need some last-minute products. If you need to get something for your dogs and cats, you will be happy to learn that Petsmart is open on Labor Day. Just double-check to see if your nearby location has reduced their hours for the holiday.

H&M is a popular clothing company. Credit: Pexels

29. H&M

Going back-to-school shopping? High School and College students will love going to H&M for their affordable clothing. Lucky for them, they can still go to H&M on Labor Day, and it is likely to be jam-packed in your local shopping mall.

McDonald’s french fries are delicious, and you can get them on Labor Day. Credit: Pexels

28. McDonald’s

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that McDonald’s is still open on Labor Day. However, you may want to double-check with some of your 24-hour locations that may reduce their hours for the holiday.

Bulleye’s Playground is in the front of every Target. Credit: Shutterstock

27. Target

Whether you need some last-minute items for the beach, or you need to rush out to get school supplies for the kids, a lot of people are going to be hoping to go to Target. Thankfully, you will see that it’s open on Labor Day, and you can stay on schedule getting everything you need.

The flagship Wendy’s restaurant in Ohio. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

26. Wendy’s

You might get hungry after all of your shopping sprees on Labor Day. Wendy’s is open, so you can get your hamburgers, fries, and frosties. If you have not been to Wendy’s in a while, you may be surprised to see that the vast majority of the restaurants have had a face lift. Many of them now have fireplaces and upgraded seating areas, which makes it feel much more luxurious and cozy inside.

Burger King is a popular choice on weekends. Credit: Shutterstock

25. Burger King

Looking for your charbroiled burgers without needing to do your own barbecue? Then you will be happy to know that you can just go to Burger King on Labor Day.

Many Sears locations are shutting down, but it’s still open on Labor Day. Credit: Shutterstock

24. Sears

We all know that Sears has declared bankruptcy, and many of their locations no longer exist. However, there are a few select locations that are still open across the US in 2019. Before you go, check to make sure that your local store is still around. If so, they should be open for Labor day.

Kohl’s is a popular department store for back-to-school shopping. Credit: Shutterstock

23. Kohl’s

Kohl’s department store is a favorite among moms who want to exchange their Kohl’s Cash to get their kids clothes for school from brands like Nike and Adidas. Luckily, they are open on Labor Day, so it’s totally possible for parents to get some new outfits for their little ones.

T.J. Maxx is open on Labor Day. Credit: WikiMediaCommons

22. T.J. Maxx

If you are a college student or teacher looking to start a new school year on a good foot, you may want to shop for clothes at T.J. Maxx. They have clothes for women at great prices, and they just so happen to be open on Labor Day.

Carvel Ice Cream serves sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and more. Credit: Groupon.com

21. Carvel Ice Cream

There is almost nothing more satisfying than getting some ice cream after spending a long time out in the summer heat. You and your kids should both be happy to know that Carvel Ice Cream is open on Labor Day.

Grab some buttery popcorn and head over to the AMC. Credit: Pexels

20. AMC Theaters

If the warm weather is a bit too much for you to spend outdoors, you can always spend your day going to an air conditioned movie theater. AMC Theaters are open on Labor Day in all US locations.

Regal Cinema is open on Labor Day. Credit: Pexels

19. Regal Theaters

Just like AMC, Regal Theaters is also open on Labor Day. So, no matter which movie chain is in your local area, you should be able to watch the newest box office hits.

Credit: Pixabay

18. Jamba Juice

After partying all weekend, you might need to get something healthy to boost your immune system on Labor Day. Lucky for you, Jamba Juice is open. So you can get your smoothies or acai bowls.

Le Creuset is one of the many brands available at Williams Sonoma. Credit: WilliamsSonoma.com

17. Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma sells upscale kitchen items. It’s really only popular among professional chefs and amateurs who love cooking gourmet in their spare time. If you have recently moved in the summer, and you are looking for a new appliance or kitchen item, you might really want to get something at Williams Sonoma on Labor Day. Guess what? It’s open! Now you can cook to your heart’s content.

West Elm sells upscale furniture. Credit: WestElm.com

16. West Elm

New leases for apartment typically end in the summer, so you just might be one of the many people who are looking to furnish a new house or apartment in August and September. Never fear, because West Elm will be open on Labor Day, and they even have great sales to celebrate the holiday.

Going to the beach is a popular passtime on Labor Day. Credit: Pixabay

15. The Beach

One of the most popular things to do on Labor Day is go to the beach. After all, it is the last weekend where many people can actually spend time enjoying the hot summer weather. Just remember that your local area may charge for beach tags.

Amtrak train stations will be open on Labor Day. Credit: Amtrak.com

14. Amtrak 

If you are looking to travel on Labor Day, you won’t have to worry about catching a train. Amtrak is open and running on the holiday, so you can get to your friends and family at the end of the long weekend.


The Gap is open on Labor Day. Credit: AdWeek.com

13. The Gap

The Gap sells a lot of basics that are perfect for the new school year. Some locations even offer items for school uniforms. Lucky for you, The Gap will be open on Labor Day, so it’s possible to get last-minute items for your kids.

J. Crew has some upscale clothes for college kids who want to look fashionable. Credit: Shutterstock

12. J. Crew

If you are a teacher who is looking to find some back-to-school outfits, or a fashion conscious college student, you will be happy to know that J. Crew and the J. Crew outlet locations will be open on Labor Day.

Shopping malls are as popular place to go on holidays. Credit: Pixabay

11. Shopping Malls

If you are looking to get out of the house and go on a shopping spree, you’re in luck. Most shopping mall locations across the United States will be open on Labor Day. In fact, many of the stores will have Labor Day sales.

Nordstrom is an upscale department store. Credit: Shutterstock

10. Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack

If you are looking to get clothes, accessories, and home goods that are a bit more fashionable than what you can get at other places, don’t worry. Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack are both open on Labor Day.

The warehouse of IKEA. Credit: Pixabay

9. Ikea

The beginning of September is always a popular time for college students to move into their dorms and apartments. If you waited until the very last minute to get your furniture, don’t worry. Ikea will be open on Labor Day.

Applebee’s is open on Labor Day. Credit: Shutterstock

8. Applebee’s

After a long day of back-to-school shopping, you might want to sit down for a really good meal with some cocktails. Lucky for you, Applebee’s will be open on Labor Day.

Wawa is popular on the east coast of the US. Credit: Mashable.com

7. Wawa

If you grew up on the east coast, you have probably gone to Wawa at least once in your life. The store is famous for being open 24/7 to get gas, snacks, and great sandwiches. Lucky for you, Labor Day is no exception. You will still be able to get your Wawa fix.

American Eagle Outfitters are located in most shopping malls. Credit: UpgradePoints.com

6. American Eagle Outfitters

If you are back-to-school shopping with your kids, they most likely will want to go to American Eagle Outfitters. Lucky for you, all locations are going to be open on Labor Day, and many of them may even have good sales to match. If you want to save even more money, check out your local American Eagle Outlets.

One of the traditional kid’s ice cream sundaes. Credit: Friendly’s Restaurant

5. Friendly’s

Since the kids will be out of school on Labor Day, you may want to take them out for a meal. One of the best family restaurants is Friendly’s. Get some great food and ice cream at affordable prices.

Credit: Chick-Fil-A

4. Chick-Fil-A

If you can’t get ahold of the new Popeye’s sandwich, you could always drive to Chick-Fil-A. However, if you’re a fan of Chick-Fil-A, you already know that they are always closed on Sundays. So there is at least one day on your Labor Day weekend where you won’t be able to go there.

Outdoor concerts are common on public holidays. Credit: Pixabay

3. Local Concerts and Festivals

Many cities and towns decide to have a Labor Day celebration. Unlike Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, there is never usually a parade. But your local area might have a free outdoor concert, carnival, or other family-friendly events. Check out your local Parks and Recreation webpage for more details. Or, drive to the nearest city, and they are likely to have some fun events lined up.

Dunkin Donuts makes sugary, delicious treats. Credit: Pixabay

2. Dunkin’ Donuts

If you are looking for coffee and donuts on Labor Day, don’t worry. You can still get them at Dunkin Donuts. Buying a dozen donuts just might be a great treat to give your family on the special day.

Denny’s chocolate banana pancake breakfast. Credit: Dennys.com

1. Denny’s

Denny’s restaurants are famously known for being a diner that is open 24/7 in most locations. If you and your family are looking for a place to get some delicious breakfast at affordable prices, you can count on Denny’s to be open on Labor Day.