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People Who Were Dumb Enough To Get Fired On Social Media

Monica August 4, 2023

Social media is both one of the best and worst parts of modern society. Not only can we keep track of current events online, but we can keep in touch with friends across the world. We share photos, videos, and simple life updates that keep our friends and family in the loop.

But there aren’t only good things on social media, unfortunately. People indeed share a bit too much on social media, and your well-meaning (or perhaps just foolish) posts can backfire. That’s exactly what happened to these people, who were dumb enough to share social media posts online that got them fired. Next time, think before you post.

The Guardian

LGBTQ Discrimination

Head CrossFit trainer Russell Berger was fired after supposedly expressing discrimination against the LGBTQ community. In a Tweet, Berger claimed that celebrating “pride” was a sin and that they were right to cancel the CrossFit affiliate gym in Indiana. That Tweet led to widespread controversy and CrossFit admitted that his comments were insensitive. Some agreed with CrossFit taking a stand, while others complained about the support. Either way, one Tweet led to a whole mess of issues on social media (via Daily Fitness Tip).

ABC News

Poking Fun At AIDS

Former PR executive Justine Sacco for InterActive Corp was fired over a Tweet. The Tweet said, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” This ridiculous Tweet was insensitive. She couldn’t delete it because she was midflight and admitted she was ashamed of her hurtful words. And even though she tried to delete it, the damage was already done. Did she not realize how offensive that was to people around the world with HIV and AIDS? (via Daily Fitness Tip).


It Was Just A Glitch

When one disheartened customer complained about a “pay to win” feature on a video game, an employee explained it was a glitch, which was the truth. But money and profits prevailed, and their company kept the glitch and claimed it was an intentional update. But that unhappy customer plastered that employee’s name all over the internet. When it’s on the web, it’s already too late. That led to one angry company and one freshly fired employee. All he did was tell the truth, and it backfired. Surely, the company cannot fire him for being honest. Maybe it’s better off he works for a more honest company, anyway (via Reddit)

CBS News

No Rules On Holiday

When we’re on vacation, all of our professional behavior is thrown out the door. It only makes sense, considering how stressful it can be to constantly be on point. When teacher Andrea Payne went on vacation, she posted a photo of her holding a glass of wine and beer. She was fired because of it. Is she not allowed to enjoy a drink when she’s not at work? Some snobby parents complained and showed the principal. It’s ridiculous and a violation of her privacy, to say the least (via Daily Fitness Tip).


Inappropriate Delivery Driver

We understand people want to share their life on social media, but there is such a thing as sharing too much. This Reddit user watched their friend lose their job over an inappropriate Tweet while they were working. It’s understandable, considering the tweet implied he was receiving oral sex while he was supposed to be working a job that involved handling food. Come to think of it, it’s pretty disgusting, so let’s hope he learned his lesson (via Reddit).


Too Much Secret Information

When you work for a company, there’s usually some sort of agreement when it comes to personal informatioregardingto customers. When a famous actor came into Geek Squad, one of the employees posted his private information on social media. She even went so far as to post what sort of credit card he uses. She was fired for it, and rightfully so. That employee shouldn’t have access to such sensitive information if she’s going to tell the world about it (via Reddit).


Taking Advantage

We have sick leave for a reason, and we’re supposed to use it when we’re sick. Some people take advantage of it and may use it once or twice when they’re not sick, but that’s usually kept on the down low. This employee went so far as to publicly post how he was going to use up his sick leave and then quit. By 11 in the morning that same day, he had no more job (via Reddit).


Debatable Pictures

An employee at a daycare center was fired for posting inappropriate photos and videos of children on social media. The worker flipped off some of the kids with a caption, “I swear I love kids.” This caused outrage among parents, and rightfully so. She was promptly fired, and the school even investigated her. We understand feeling frustrated, but there’s no need to post about it on social media (via Daily Fitness Tip).


The Shield Of Fake IDs

Even though employees aren’t responsible for their customers, it is human nature to protect other humans. That’s what this employee did when he refused to serve an underage girl alcohol. He was well-versed in the world of fake IDs thanks to his previous job as a liquor store manager. When his boss told him to serve the girl anyway, he refused, wanting to abide by the law. That sounds pretty mature. The boss wasn’t happy with his response. When the employee went home, he posted about it on Facebook. The next day, he didn’t have a job because of the post and refused to cooperate with management (via Reddit).


How To Pass A Drug Test

It’s pretty easy to find people on social media nowadays. It doesn’t take much effort, all you have to know is their name and maybe even a few other details. When this potential employee was told he’d have to take a drug test, he went home and posted about it on social media. Wrong move. The employer found the Facebook post of him asking how to pass a drug test in 24 hours. He threw himself under the bus on that one. Maybe he should get his life together before trying to find a job (via Reddit).


Nacho Pee

A former Taco Bell employee wanted to achieve fame equivalent to the Burger King lettuce stomper, so he took a photo of himself peeing into a bowl of nachos. This resulted in a lot of public outrage thanks to the zero-tolerance policy. Even though the identity of the Nacho Peer was originally anonymous, they eventually found his identity thanks to social media (via Daily Fitness Tip).

ABC News

Spoiler Alert

No one likes spoilers, and good people usually warn others about spoilers. It’s called spoiler alert. But when Nicole Crowther posted a cryptic tweet that was a spoiler for the show Glee, she was fired. In her tweet, she revealed how Kurt would become prom queen. People raged against her tweet, and it caused a huge uproar that even resulted in death threats. All it took was one tweet and it completely ruined her life. She, like many others on this list, needs to think before they act (via Daily Fitness Tip).


Kill Off The Customers

Most of us get frustrated at customers throughout the day and probably have a few dark thoughts or two. When this employee posted on social media how they wanted to play Sims and kill off all the customers, they forgot one vital piece of information. They had a new coworker on Facebook, who saw the post. They didn’t have a job anymore, considering how much of a threat that was to the safety of everyone in the store (via Reddit).


The Racist Post

When Rochelle Latrice Robinson, an employee at the Chicago Zoo, shared a racist Facebook post, they fired her. She shared a photo with the caption “Wassup y’all? At work serving these rude ass white people.” For some reason, she thought it was a good idea to tag her employer. Because of the racist connotations within her post, it went viral and angered many zoo patrons, and rightly so. Her post alone went against everything the zoo promotes, which is equality. People go there to enjoy their day, no matter where they’re from or what race they are. They swiftly fired her and condemned the post. Next time, she needs to keep her anger to herself (via Daily Fitness Tip).


The Ignorant Employee

For someone who just earned a philosophy degree, you’d think they were a little bit more enlightened about society. But this Reddit user shared their experience working alongside a recent philosophy graduate who felt the need to discuss if disabled people were “of as much value as pigs,” after a made-up post-apocalyptic event. He even went so far as to say they should be slaughtered. To top it all off, the dumb person used his company’s account to make such comments. Do people have no common sense? If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it (via Reddit).


Stolen Identity

It’s important to protect passwords and your identity. There’s a reason websites always suggest using a strong password because it’s easy for hackers to hack into accounts with simple passwords. This employee was hacked, and eventually fired because of their “offensive tweets.” It wasn’t them, but someone who had a similar name and was tweeting vulgar things. This story has a happy ending, and the employee sued his company for wrongful termination. It sounds like they didn’t trust him or look into the matter very hard (via Reddit).

Daily Fitness Tip

Keep Your Beliefs To Yourself

We all honor people who speak their opinion, but sometimes, there’s no need to say certain things out loud, especially when it’s offensive. When Damian Goddard posted a tweet saying he believed in the “traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage,” as opposed to gay marriage, it caused a heated debate with his followers. In the meantime, he was fired by Sportsnet, considering his views went against the morals of the company. It’s always important to remember that what goes on the internet, stays on the internet (via Daily Fitness Tip).


Too Early

It’s incredibly rude and disrespectful to post information about someone’s death before their family members find out. It’s always a good idea to give time and space before publicly posting condolences to respect the person and the feelings of the family members. When there was a fatal shooting in this Reddit user’s area, eight hospital employees had the nerve to post the officer’s name on Facebook before his family members found out. They were fired, and rightly so (via Reddit).

Daily Fitness

The Ignorant Halloween Costume

Halloween is a wonderful time to express yourself and get creative. You can dress up as your favorite movie character, a fruit, or even a ghost. The best part about Halloween is dressing to stand out and receiving compliments. But when Alicia Ann Lynch decided to dress up as a Boston Marathon bombing victim, she received a termination notice. We’re not sure what was going on in her mind, but she even posted a photo of herself on social media in the costume. Obviously, people were offended, hurt, shocked, and ultimately, she lost her job. You simply don’t cross some lines (via Daily Fitness Tip).


Sneaking Around

There’s never a good excuse to drink and smoke during work, even if you have the most stressful job and need to relax. That’s why they call it the “after-work drink.” It’s one thing to do it and get away with it, but it’s another to deliberately post yourself doing the deed publicly on Facebook. This Reddit user’s co-worker deliberately used to post about his sneaky habits, and his boss fired him. And there’s no excuse, considering he was almost 30 years old (via Reddit).


The Storyteller

Writing a story takes a lot of skill, especially when it’s fiction. The gorier it is, the more emotion it evokes. Unfortunately, this Reddit user’s Facebook friend went into some gory detail about wanting to slit her boss’s throat. It was not fiction. She went so far as to post about it on social media. Five hours after her horrible words went public, the Feds showed up at her house. Let’s just say she never had that job again (via Reddit).


Called Out On Twitter

This boss had to deal with a serious Tweet. When his employee tweeted inappropriately about one of the customers, he had to fire him. For some reason, his employee thought it was a good idea to write the customer’s name and then slyly mention how it was a good name for adult videos. It turns out it wasn’t some random guy, either. He worked for the newspaper. Looks like he messed with the wrong employee (via Reddit).


Going Out For A Phone Call

We’re not in control of everything that happens. Sometimes, we need to take an important call during work. Usually, our bosses are lenient and will let us take the call. If we’re honest employees, that is. When this employee went out for a phone call, he posted on his Facebook status he was riding quads. When he was on a final warning, he told his boss he had to leave because, as a volunteer firefighter, he had to attend to a fire. Later that day, his wife posted a Facebook photo of him sitting in front of a kiddie pool. We’re not sure when Fire meant kiddie pool, but it’s pretty obvious this guy was lying. Not only did he get fired from his job, but the fire chief also let him go (via Reddit).

Hollywood Reporter

Don’t Be So Insensitive

Why do people use Twitter to talk about the most insensitive topics? Don’t they know it usually backfires? Once it’s on the internet forever, it’s there to stay. Gilbert Gottfried took to Twitter to make jokes about the Japan earthquake and tsunami. The company he worked for had to defend themselves and say his actions didn’t represent the company. When you have a public platform, it’s important to take care of what you post. It could easily backfire (via Daily Fitness Tip).

Daily fitness Tips

Carly Crunk Bear

When we think of teachers, we usually think of innocent, caring people. But that’s not Carly McKinney. She created a Twitter page and called it “Carly Crunk Bear,” filling it with suggestive posts and photos about smoking weed. Even though she tried to keep the page private, it backfired. The Cherry Creek School District investigated and dismissed her on the spot. Now, she’ll have plenty of time to get crunk (via Daily Fitness Tip).

NY Daily News

Too Much Chatter

There are some opinions you need to keep to yourself, as we’ve seen time and time again. Rashard Mendenhall was fired from the Steelers because of his inappropriate tweets and opinions about the death of Osama Bin Laden. He questioned why people were celebrating the death of another human. The Champion Apparel company cut ties with the athlete. It turns out that Mendenhall was simply asking an existential question, as he wasn’t on the side of the US or the side of Bin Laden. Mainly, he was exploring human ethics, which seems a lot more appropriate than people initially thought. The controversy his Tweets stirred up was unintended (via Daily Fitness Tip).


Wrong Account

When someone slides into your DMs, it’s pretty obvious they’re looking to get together. It’s up to you if you want to follow through or not. If you’re interested, you probably use their photos to suss their looks and personality. When this Reddit user’s friend had a much older weatherman slide into her DMs, she found it ridiculous he was trying to get with her. He only lost his job because he used the weather channel’s account instead of his private account, so his boss saw the messages. Next time, he needs to know which account he’s using (via Reddit).


Too Tired To Work

Working a double shift is exhausting. We expect to have breaks, considering working sixteen hours straight is mentally and physically impossible. When this employee was expected to work 16-hour shifts, three days in a row, they took to Facebook to write “I am so tired.” That’s extremely understandable and isn’t necessarily a secret. But when their boss read the status, they tried to suspend them. It’s beyond ridiculous, and this person is better off working for another company that doesn’t abuse their time (via Reddit).

Expert Market

Making Fun Of The Pizza Place

When we were a teen, we worked strange jobs here and there just to save a buck or two. That’s part of being a teenager. A Texas teenager posted a tweet making fun of a local pizza shop she was about to work for. It’s common for teenagers to complain, thanks to their raging hormones. While a majority of her friends found the tweet funny, her employer did not. He responded to the tweet and fired her over Facebook. She should make her tweets private next time. You never know who’s watching (via Daily Fitness Tip).


The Strict Lunch Break

Employees should be allowed to use their phones when they are on their lunch break. This Reddit user posted a Facebook status during their lunch break talking about the warm weather and how they couldn’t wait to enjoy it. Unfortunately, their boss didn’t think they should want to rush out of work and enjoy the weather. They were written up not only for expressing their desire to be outside but also because they were on Facebook during their lunch break. They’re better off with another job (via Reddit).