Home Economics Organizations That Don’t Deserve The Bailouts They Receive

Organizations That Don’t Deserve The Bailouts They Receive

TristaMay 13, 2020
Bailouts may do more harm than good.

2. Enriching Large Companies/CEOs Is Bad For The Economy

These essential workers that support the entire economy so families can buy groceries have been working for low wages that haven’t been rising even to keep pace with inflation.

Meanwhile, CEO and upper-level management salaries have been going up. To come out of the crisis with a healthy economy, or one that is at least becoming healthy, we will need to appreciate the jobs that low-wage workers do and enact policies to benefit them and their families.

The entire economy needs a makeover.

1. People Not Having Sick Days Is A Bad Idea

While CEOs of major restaurant chains have been enriching themselves through a decade of low taxes and high profits, workers have been operating in an environment where they don’t even get paid sick leave. What does that mean when a deadly illness takes over the world?

It means that people who prepare your food cannot afford to stay home even if they feel ill, meaning that they stand a higher chance of spreading the disease, and can’t go to the doctor. So really, the current financial practices of the country have been contributing to the present crisis. Therefore, we can’t expect those same financial practices to bring us out of it.