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How Much It Costs To Retire Abroad In These 33 Locales

TristaJanuary 13, 2020
Thousands of islands make up Indonesia and one of the cheapest places in the world to live. Shutterstock.

1. Indonesia

One of the most well-known islands of Indonesia is Bali, but there are thousands more. The scenery amazes people once they enter Indonesia as it’s made up of mountain tops, volcanoes, rice fields, and jungles. If you are visiting, you can stay in Indonesia for $5 a night.

To live in Indonesia, you only need a little more than $500 a month. Rent and utilities are about $300, and groceries will cost you a little over $100. There is so much to do that you will want to save at least $40 for your monthly entertainment and transportation is about $15. 


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