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Hilarious Tweets From Swifties Who Don’t Understand Football

Darren February 2, 2024

Whether you love or hate her, there’s no denying that Taylor Swift has taken over the NFL. No one realized that when Swift started dating Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce it would attract an entirely new demographic to football. Swifties don’t understand the sport and it’s led to hilarious tweets about the league.

Let’s look at their attempts to process what they’re watching and relate it to their world. This comes with a slight warning because some of their opinions and questions will destroy the souls of diehard NFL fans. Nonetheless, it’s worth seeing what this fanbase is saying about Swift and the NFL.

Try Hard

Some Swifties are struggling to adapt football’s rules and vocabulary into their personal lexicon. They’re encountering new words and guidelines they’ve never tried to process before. Check out the following exchange online as one Swiftie tried to figure out what a ‘down’ is. The answer is one of the dumbest things that we’ve ever read.


It doesn’t matter that a ‘down’ is possibly the most literal term in football. They made it even simpler by reducing it to the stupidest statement ever. Swifties have so much to answer for but we should give them some credit for trying to understand what they’re pretending to watch (via Twitter).

Super Villain

Many real NFL fans hate Taylor Swift now and resent the NFL for constantly showing her on the big screen. Comedian Jo Koy even joked about it at the Grammy’s in an ill-fated attempt at humor. There’s no denying that she’s public enemy number one, even if it’s not her fault.

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NBC News
One Taylor fan tweeted: “I’m just gonna need Taylor Swift to kneel during the national anthem at the #SuperBowl to become the greatest villain NFL fans have ever seen.” This would take things to the next level because their minds would explode. Maybe she needs to marry Travis Kelce and make him retire to seal the deal.

Cruel Summer

Swifties are constantly trying to relate the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs to their world. They want to understand what they’re watching and that’s why there are so many tweets like the one below. These lead to threads where they’re comparing players and teams to Swift’s albums.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 10.56.05

It’s fair to say that Swift and Kelce’s relationship is straight out of ‘Love Story.’ But it’s all fun and games until they inevitably break up. Then she’ll write a song about him and that will humiliate him in the Chiefs’ locker room. Finally, the Swifties will pile on him online and make his life a misery. It’s going to happen.

Tears For Jason

Travis Kelce’s brother Jason is another of the NFL’s most popular players. However, the Eagles star decided that it was time to hang up his cleats after his team crashed out of the postseason in the opening round. It was a poignant moment for many fans because he gave his heart and soul to Philadelphia.

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Meanwhile, some Swifties even found the moment emotional as we can see above. The Kelce brothers have a close relationship and share a podcast. Some fans think that Taylor is with the wrong sibling and that Jason would be a better catch. The two Super Bowl winners are special human beings (via Twitter).

Mary’s Song

Here’s another example of Swifties relating their icon’s music to NFL moments and vocabulary. One realized that the Chiefs are unlikely to win the Super Bowl but it’s not impossible. A fan tweeted: “Ok like in Swiftie terms Chiefs winning is as likely as Taylor playing Mary’s song.”

Taylor Swift Net Worth 2022

This is accurate because the Niners enter the big game as favorites over Kelce’s team. However, there’s a good chance that they will achieve another Super Bowl victory because they have experience and talent. Patrick Mahomes is the Taylor Swift of the NFL world and this is his stadium tour.

New Rules

Swifties have one massive issue with their icon’s new association with football. They don’t understand the rules because it’s a complicated sport and it’s not simple to pick it up by watching it. However, one of their covens shared a quick explainer on Twitter and changed their lives forever.

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This is a good explanation and it shows that the Swift takeover is in full progress. They’re not going anywhere and it’s only a matter of time until NFL players are wearing sequins. Some of the players might enjoy this because they’re already wearing nail polish but it’s 2024 so anything goes.

Friendship Bracelets

It’s reached the stage where even the official NFL Twitter account is responding to Swifties online. In the following exchange, one Swiftie asked if trading shirts is like swapping friendship bracelets. This is a fair comparison but it’s also reasonable to say that NFL teams are nicer to each other than rival popstars.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 10.52.27

Yes, NFL players tackle each other and do horrific damage to each other’s bodies. But they know where they stand with each other and shake hands after the game. Rival pop fanbases take shots at each other online and have toxic vendettas against each other. They’re worlds apart because the latter is terrifying (via Twitter).

You’re Mistaken

Everybody knows that social media is all about algorithms and that’s what decides the advertisements we see. The Internet analyzes our search history and responds with ads relating to these. Many Swifties are receiving NFL and football-related posts because they keep searching for Travis Kelce.

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However, the reality is that they don’t care about the sport and they’re only interested in Swift’s relationship. This Swift fan tweeted: “I think my TikTok FYP is mistaken. I do not like football, I like Taylor Swift.” Thousands of Swifties are in this position right now because they’re breaking the Internet.

Fantasy Football

It’s fair to say that this is a demographic that the NFL never dreamed of conquering. But now Swifties are here to stay or at least until Kelce breaks their superstar’s heart. Here’s one of the funniest tweets we saw about their relationship with the league. It’s been a crash course but now they know everything they need.
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This meme comes from the Barbie movie and it’s a great reaction. However, many NFL fans are gate-keeping their beloved sport and don’t want this invasion to continue. They don’t realize they’re dealing with a greater power than anything they’ve ever encountered (via Twitter).

Taylor’s Stadiums

Here’s a Tweet that will instantly cause NFL fans to bristle in outrage. This Swiftie had the temerity to describe the NFL’s stadiums as Taylor Swift’s. Then she devastatingly disparaged the sport and received over 100 thousand likes on the platform. We give her credit because she knows how to rattle cages.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 11.05.03

The response was brilliant too because she’s not wrong. Swift’s current The Eras Tour is selling hundreds of thousands of tickets across the globe. She’s a global icon whereas many non-Americans would struggle to pick Patrick Mahomes out of a police line-up (via Twitter).

Pretend To Care

One of the funniest tweets about Swift’s relationship with Kelce expressed relief that he plays for a good team. They wrote: “Every day I’m thankful Taylor’s dating a really good player on a really good team. Could you imagine if we had to pretend to care about the Panthers? Or if she wasn’t dating a starter? We’d be bullying the poor coaches on Twitter to put him in.”

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This is an excellent point because it would be a very different story if he were a backup quarterback or a member of the Chicago Bears. Imagine an alternative universe where she was dating a lesser-known player in the NFL. It’s almost a tragedy that it’s not happening but only the best can be with the queen.

Girl Math

Some Swifties marveled that it took a successful woman to make them take an interest in football. They couldn’t care less about the sport before she began dating one of its most prominent players. It’s worth remembering that Kelce is the first athlete that she has openly dated because usually, she’s with artists.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 11.17.11

The exchange above shows what her fans think about men and the sport. So-called “real” NFL supporters are praying that she catches Kelce pulling a Eugene Robinson before the Super Bowl. This would be a magical way to end the season and they could hand her the Grammy for best song already (via Twitter).

Who’s Winning?

One of the funniest and cringeworthy aspects of the Swifie invasion is their attempt to process the sport. Let’s be fair for a moment and say that it can be tricky to understand some of the most intricate rules and plays. However, it’s not so challenging to figure out who is winning or losing.

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Look at the score on the TV screen and see which number is bigger. It’s so simple but this Swiftie wasn’t capable of realizing this. No wonder some NFL fans are desperate for her to depart the sport as quickly as possible. This is a wild time for football and the Kansas City Chiefs as a team (via Twitter).

Flawless Logic

Another Swiftie had incredible logic for why she opted to become an Eagles fan instead of joining the Kansas City bandwagon. They noted that Swift is from The City of Brotherly Love. That’s why they decided to join the Philly ranks. Rumor has it that Swift grew up as an Eagles supporter but always preferred hockey.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 10.58.28

The pop icon’s love for Philadelphia may last longer than her relationship with Kelce. Meanwhile, the fact that they have D’Andre Swift, one of the best running backs in the league, seals the deal. Kansas City’s true fans would love it if Swifties forgot about them and went Eastward instead.

Should I Care?

Many Swifties find themselves in a conundrum now because of their idol’s association with the NFL. They never had any interest in the sport before because it’s a completely different culture. That’s why so many football fans feel a sense of threat but they don’t need to worry because this is a phase.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 11.29.50

Meanwhile, not all of the Swifties are joining the NFL bandwagon. Some of them are struggling to find the motivation to pretend to care about this sport. They will follow the superstar’s relationship with Kelce but that’s as far as it will go. Maybe they’ll buy a jersey if they want to show their devotion (via Twitter).

10 Yards

The biggest problem that Swifties have with the Folklore singer’s new NFL beau is that they don’t understand football. Suddenly, they’re watching games but they don’t know what’s happening in front of them. That’s why one of them decided to make the helpful graphic below.

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Maybe they can do another one that tells us how many times Swift appears on the broadcast. This is one of the most obvious things in the sport but they don’t get it. People accuse NFL fans of gatekeeping but the floodgates are open now. A flock of Swifties is causing chaos with their crazy opinions and questions (via Twitter).

Their Moment

Nobody outside of the Kansas City fanbase wanted the Chiefs in another Super Bowl. That’s because they’ve won two of the past four and it’s boring when the same team dominates for multiple years. Many fans wanted the Lions to pull off a fairytale or Lamar Jackson to win the ring that finally defines his regular-season brilliance.


However, Swifties don’t understand this as we can see from the Tweet above. We apologize if this made anybody smash their head against their keyboard because it’s so dumb. The counter to this is that some dumb football fans are accusing the NFL of fixing the Super Bowl so that Swift can watch her team win (via Twitter).

Taylor’s Version

Some of the funniest Swift NFL Tweets are also very clever. One of Swift’s best marketing gimmicks is to rerelease her albums using the label ‘Taylor’s Version.’ The backstory is that she took control of her catalog after a fallout over ownership. Now she’s sharing the songs the way she wants her fans to hear them.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 11.15.29

It’s not about the money because that would be cynical and Swift is an angel. Nonetheless, the reference above to ‘Taylor’s Version’ is very smart and we appreciate it. It shows the impact of Swift on sporting culture over the past season and how she transcends the music world (via Twitter).

Swiftie GF

Most of these tweets are from Swifties themselves as they try to make sense of the sport. But spare a thought for the poor men who find themselves in the middle. They are NFL fans and care deeply about football. Now their girlfriends are entering their safe space and it’s causing them agony.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 10.53.36

They are trying to remain respectful without tearing their hair out. Football is a complicated sport so it’s not easy to explain it. Spare a thought for international Swifties who don’t have the sport in their countries and couldn’t care less before this. They’re in the trickiest position because the time difference could even stop them from watching games (via Twitter).

Kansas City Swifties

Swift is currently dealing with a barrage of abuse and sexism because she attends Travis Kelce’s games. However, one of her adoring Swifties had a brilliant reaction. The music fan said: “I think just to p*** off these misogynistic NFL fans, Taylor Swift should buy the Chiefs and change their name to the Swifties.”

Thomas Swift Kelce Game.jpg
The New Yorker

The singer has a massive net worth so she probably is one of the few who could afford to buy an NFL team. This is worth thinking about because it would send waves through the league. Remember, the overwhelming majority of owners are rich old white men so it would be incredible.

Suprise Song

Many Swifties are struggling to identify rival teams and even refer to them by color. That’s fine if the Chiefs are playing the Browns but nobody should call Baltimore ‘the Purples.’ Luckily, another Swiftie had a novel way to make life easier for the NFL’s newest demographic.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 10.40.14

They might struggle in some areas that are too small to warrant a Swift performance. Sorry Green Bay but it’s not happening. Barbieland is probably more real to the Swifties than deepest Wisconsin. They’re living in a fantasy world and Swift is their queen (via Twitter).

Rom Com Romance

Swifties can’t believe that their beloved pop princess is living a real-life fairytale. They’ve watched her date an endless stream of weedy, undeserving men. Now a red-blooded All-American athlete is sweeping her off her feet. It’s like a high school movie where the jock falls in love with the bookish, alt-girl.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 11.12.50

The reality is that Kelce did try to give her a friendship bracelet when he attended her concert at Arrowhead Stadium. However, she refused to see him because she was protecting her voice. Finally, they did meet and now it’s a love story worthy of one of her songs. Let’s hope the breakup is juicy enough for an album (via Twitter).

The Queen

Most NFL fans hate how broadcasters continuously change the focus to Swift when she attends games. Even Kelce admitted that the league is going overboard by focusing on their relationship. It’s not Swift’s fault because she didn’t ask for the attention but she’s getting it anyway.

202307x Swift 1407 Ap23198726852529 1600x900.jpg
Harvard Gazette

However, this is the only reason why her fans are watching games and the NFL understands this. They want to keep their new demographic engaged so they’ll keep doing it. One Swiftie left her feelings in no doubt on social media. She wrote: “I am not watching a football game. I am watching Taylor Swift watch a football game.”

International Superstar

Another Swiftie made an undeniable point about Swift’s fame compared to the NFL. She has legions of diehard fans across the globe on every continent. Meanwhile, she has 279 million Instagram followers while the NFL only has 29 million. Odell Beckham Jr. is the player with the most at 16.8 million.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 11.07.44

The reply to the original Tweet is somewhat off. The NFL is indeed very popular in Germany and they broadcast around the world. But it’s nowhere near as popular as soccer on a global scale. Even baseball is more widespread than America’s favorite concussion-inducing activity (via Twitter).

Sporting Endeavors

Let’s not pretend that most Swifties care about the NFL. They’re only on board for as long as Swift dates Kelce. Then they’re going to go back to bullying John Mayer on social media again. All will be right in the world when this bizarre ripple in the space-time continuum ends.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 11.14.16

The NFL is desperate to maintain their viewership but they don’t realise that they aren’t committed fans. They’re only watching because they want to see Swift’s reactions when Kelce scores or does something exciting. It’s wrong to say that they have any real interest in football’s intricacies (via Twitter).


Some NFL fans are hysterically accusing Swift of black magic and they’re trying to incite hate against her. But Swifties are lapping this up and throwing it back in their faces. Check out the Tweet below because it’s one of the craziest equations we’ve ever seen. Nonetheless, it’s brilliant in a very twisted way.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 At 11.24.06

We can safely say that the Kansas City Chiefs will be Super Bowl champions because Swift worked her magic. The sorceress has used her powers to deliver them the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Don’t listen to the Las Vegas bookmakers because they’re facing forces they don’t comprehend (via Twitter).