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Craving Nostalgia: Iconic ’90s Snacks We’re Begging to Return

Monica March 14, 2024

Many of us can remember our favorite snacks from the ’90s when our summers were full of delicious, colorful treats. Unfortunately, by the time the 2000s rolled around, many of the snacks we loved in the ’90s were discontinued. But we’re not going to let them go forgotten.

The list below might bring back many nostalgic memories that will make you want to go back in time so you can taste some of these delicious treats again. For now, however, they’ll just have to live on in our memories, so relive them right here.


Flintstones Push-Up Pops

Because the Flintstones were so popular in the ’90s, people loved these push-up pops. The snack was simple with Flinstone characters on the icy treat. But by the early 2000s, they slowly left the market because the show was discontinued. A Reddit user share their memory with the push-up pops and write, “My favorite memory of these is that in the neighborhood of one of my babysitter’s, a really poor neighborhood in a trailer park, there used to be a Schwann delivery. This guy would make his deliveries and then give every kid playing outside one of these. There’d be at least 20 of us and this guy would pay out of pocket just to make our whole week. It was the first time I’d ever had a push pop and he showed me how to eat it. I’ll never forget his kindness or the way these tasted.” (via Reddit).


Life Savers Holes

Lifesavers are still around but they’re not nearly as popular as in the ’90s. You won’t see Life Savers Holes, either. Ironically, despite their name, they posed a choking hazard because of their shape and size. One Reddit user even admitted, “These were great! Forgot about them, and if you’re a food psychopath – very easy to inhale the entire bottle like drinking a shot.” They weren’t discontinued because people stopped buying them, but because they were dangerous (via Reddit).


Butterfingers BB’s

Whether you were a kid or an adult in the ’90s, Butterfinger BBs were simply delicious. In 1992, these candies debuted on the shelves of grocery stores, but they didn’t stick around much after 2006. Reddit users all agree they were great with popcorn. Another even said, “Butterfinger BB’s were the sh**! I love butterfingers but hate handling them! The bb’s were the perfect solution to this.” Another wrote, “When I was a kid, my Dad had this friend who’d come by like once a week, and he brought my sister and me each a bag of Butterfinger BBs every single time without fail.” (via Reddit).


Skippy Squeeze Stix

Back in the ’90s, Skippy Squeeze Stix was an easy, delicious way to eat peanut butter without creating a big mess. It was a simple solution and was very similar to Gogurt. Some people loved these squeeze sticks, and other people hated them. No one is sure why they suddenly disappeared, but it might be because of poor marketing or because they never caught on (via Reddit).


Nabisco Giggles

While some people loved Nabisco Giggles, others found them creepy. They were delicious cookies but had a huge smile on them. In a way, they were similar to Oreos with their creamy filling. Unfortunately, after the ’90s, we had to say goodbye to these treats. Users of Reddit say, “I found them creepy. Reminded me of the comedy and tragedy masks of theater.” They were delicious but unsettling (via Reddit).


Hi-C Ecto Cooler

The marketing team of Hi-C Ecto Cooler did a great job at releasing this product at the perfect time. This is right when the audience loved the Ghostbusters. They mimicked the ectoplasm appearance in the movie. It was originally released in 1989 but discontinued in 1997. Many fans wished it would come back. Reddit users even wrote, “I’ve come close to madness trying to find a replacement product that tastes right.. wasn’t aware a reboot was sold in 2016 but probably didn’t taste right.” (via Reddit).



This is one of the biggest nostalgic ’90s products on this list. They date back to the ’80s but peaked in popularity for a couple of decades. The marketing team did a great job at grabbing people’s attention, which came from bigger and brighter products. It came in a clear bottle so people could see inside. One time, they even made black bottles to conceal the color, so the flavor remained a mystery. One Reddit user wrote, “I remember them being so much better than the current Kool-Aid ones. I also remember the little tablets you could drop in them that changed the color of the juice.” Unfortunately, they didn’t last past 2001 (via Reddit).


Dannon Sprinkl’ins

People searched long and hard for these after they disappeared off the shelves. There’s no way you can ever go wrong when you put sprinkles in your yogurt, which is exactly what Dannon mastered. It only lasted a few years after its initial release in 1995. According to Reddit, “They were around for like 6 years. I remember going to our local market in like 2002 and they were all gone. I looked for these for years, but never found anything about it until I started searching for them again. The one with the sour sugar candy was AMAZING.” Unfortunately, you can’t find this delicious treat anymore (via Reddit).


PB Max

Back in the ’90s, there were real peanut butter snacks. PB Max candies were released around the world beginning in 1990. These treats were made from a cookie with peanut butter and chocolate filling. In only one year, the candy raked in $50 million in sales. But shortly after their release, they were taken off the shelves because of the Mars family’s distaste for peanut butter. The users of Reddit remember these delicious candies, and write, “So tasty. Dang Mars family hating peanut butter.” Hopefully, they’ll come back one day (via Reddit).


Pop-Tarts Crunch

It wasn’t breakfast in the ’90s if we didn’t have sugar. Many people turned their treats into breakfast and Pop-Tarts crunch was one of them. This product had two flavors, strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon, and was on the shelves from 1994 to 1995. Reddit still dreams about this cereal. They wrote, “I tried them. They were everything you dreamed they’d be, and more.” Most of them wish this cereal would pop up in stores again like they used to in the ’90s (via Reddit).


Oatmeal Swirlers

As one of the most nutritious breakfasts out there, it’s no surprise that oatmeal is a huge hit. It’s easy and pairs well with tons of different toppings. But adults are usually the ones munching away on oatmeal, which is why Oatmeal Swirlers did a great job at feeding kids oatmeal. They were popular in the ’90s, and every box had jelly paste.

It was full of sugar, and though they were a huge hit, they didn’t last very long. Users of Reddit are pining for this delicious snack, and saying, “The box, the jell pouch, I even remember the pencil mail-in thing on the back haha. Nostalgia overload.” People are obviously nostalgic for these delicious swirls (via Reddit).


Sprinkle Spangles

Even though they were a short-lived cereal, these were delicious. They came with star-shaped pieces and multi-colored sprinkles, which was every kid’s dream.They advertised themselves as “spangled every angle with sprinkles.” But despite their delicious flavor, they were far from nutritious or healthy. Even though they advertised having vitamins, their sugar content made them appalling. Some Reddit users pointed that out, saying, “OH MY GOD. I forgot all about these! What were the 8 essential vitamins? This was sugar on sugar on sugar.” They were cookies for breakfast, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right (via Reddit)?


Jell-O Salads

If you thought Jello-O was delicious, what about a Jello-O salad? That has to be healthy, right? Even though it’s nearly impossible to make it today, there was a time in the ’90s when you could go to the store and purchase a Jell-O salad. Unfortunately, just because it has the word salad in it, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It was a popular hit for a while until it was discontinued in the ’90s. Their slogan reads, “Don’t let a week go by without serving one!” Some Reddit users found the time of Jell-O Salads nonsensical, even admitting, “I recall reading once that these Jell-O salads and molds were originally introduced as a way to preserve leftovers.” If you want to relive these glory days, you can try remaking it yourself (via Reddit).


McDonald’s Arch Deluxe

The McDonald’s Arch Deluxe did well for a while, it didn’t stay past the ’90s. It was a hamburger that was an initial hit and failed to stay in popularity, despite the massive marketing attempts. But users of Reddit wish it would come back, admitting, “I know it was a dismal failure for them, but man I loved that burger. I wish it would make a comeback but I doubt it ever will.” (via Reddit).


Melody Pops

Not only could you eat Melody Pops, but you could use them as a whistle to create a melody too, hence their name. They were popular in the ’90s and for a decade or so after, though they were discontinued in 2015. The users of Reddit reminisce on the nostalgia from the ’90s candies, saying “Ate these things for twelve straight years. My dad worked at a music store and he brought these home every week. His boss loved us.” There’s a reason they did so well on the market – people loved them (via Reddit).


Fruit-Shaped Trix Cereal

Even though Trix Cereal still exists today, fruit-shaped Trix doesn’t exist anymore. The cereal came out in 1991, and though Trix cereal still exists, the fruit-shaped edition doesn’t exist anymore. In 2006, General Mills reevaluated its design and made it simpler. Some Reddit users loved it so much, they would eat them until they got a stomachache. One user wrote, “Looks so good! I’d always eat half the box and get a horrible stomach ache. So worth it tho.” If they were getting their fill of fruit-shaped Trix cereal, it was worth it (via Reddit).


Trix Swirls

People always want to push for healthier, more unique snacks for kids. One company that wanted to promote healthier snacks was Trix Swirls back in the ’90s. These yogurts came in two different colors, and even though the marketing team wanted a healthier product, they still had tons of sugar. Some Reddit users used to love the product, saying, “The schools in my area used to serve them for breakfast so even if you weren’t allowed/couldn’t afford to, if you had free lunch then you would get them beauties.” Other Reddit users couldn’t eat them, saying, “My dad refused to let us get them bc they had “too much sugar.” Unfortunately, they did (via Reddit).



As one of the many beverages that Coca-Cola unleashed over the years, Fruitopia was a huge hit in the ’90s. It was popular until 2003 when it was suddenly discontinued. It was a fruit-flavored drink that came in many flavors. Kids of the ’90s remember this drink very well. Some of their schools even had a vending machine with the drink. One Reddit user remembers, “We had a Fruitopia drink machine (dispenser?) in middle school!! This just brought back a lot of memories.” Too bad it was full of sugar and is now discontinued (via Reddit).


Shark Bites

As a favorite treat for a while, gummy snacks were a huge hit in the ’90s, including shark bites. They stood out from other gummy snacks thanks to their nautical-themed forms. They satisfied many people’s sweet tooth. Reddit users reminisce about the delicious gummies. One even wrote, “I want some of these now, and I had forgotten about them. But alas the years of the shark gummies are gone…” Unfortunately, the only way to enjoy these gummies is if you still have them lying around in a really old Halloween drawer (via Reddit).



This flavored water label came out in 1997, but unfortunately only lasted one year. The travel company Orbitz bought the name, so the water had to be discontinued. But what made this product unique was the various flavors, like gelatinous balls flowing in the glass. They caught people’s attention, while also tasting delicious. Some people hated the flavor while others loved it. A Reddit user said, “This is one of my strongest early memories. I brought in a bottle for show and tell. Distinctly remember that even though it was like 3rd grade haha.” It was an earlier version of bubble tea, even though it was made from gelatin instead of tapioca (via Reddit).


Magic Middles

This cookie had a delicious filling that unfortunately never made it past the ’90s. Unlike Oreos, where the delicious center is in between two cookies, the center was baked in between the two cookies. They were full of flavor, all of which were inside. You could have peanut butter filling or fudge-filling. Reddit users say, “I haven’t thought of these in ages. So delicious.” Many of them brought the fudge ones for their school snack (via Reddit).



As a creative era for Pepsi, Josta brought a new angle back in the ’90s. And even though it peaked in popularity, the 2000s kids may not have even known it existed. It was an energy drink introduced by a beverage company in the USA and lasted around four years. Some Reddit users kept the soda around for years, saying, “I packed a suitcase full of Josta and flew to the East Coast to share it with my friends who had never heard of it. Turns out that their 7/11 had it in stock. I kept a bottle for a few years after it was discontinued but eventually drank it.” Too bad the good times are over with (via Reddit).


Crystal Pepsi

Even though you can buy Crystal Pepsi in the shops nowadays, it’s not the same thing you could get back in the ’90s. There’s been quite a few changes in this clear soft drink. Originally, it was made clear to connect the clear color of the drink to good health. It was released in the early ’90s but only lasted a few years. It later returned but had caffeine. Not only did people like it for its taste, but many people liked it because it kept their teeth white. According to this Reddit user, “I liked it because it didn’t have the cola coloring that messes up white teeth.” Drinking a brown Pepsi is one way to mess up your teeth! (via Reddit).


Cheetos Paws

Even though you can still find Cheetos Paws around, it’s not as easy as most snacks on the shelves nowadays. These Cheetos were shaped like a paw, hence their name. It was all thanks to their mascot, Chester Cheetah. They were released in 1990 and discontinued in 1993. Reddit users loved them and reminisced about their delicious taste. One Reddit user claimed, “The original Cheetos Paws from the early 90s were so, so delicious. Super cheesy and the texture was magical. The revamp version available in stores today, not so much.” So even if you do find this snack in the shops, it’s likely not as delicious as it used to be (via Reddit).



Just like the chocolate Kinder Eggs, Wonderball was a delicious confectionary that had a chocolate exterior and a treat concealed inside. Unfortunately, it was tough for the kids to break into the chocolate to get the treat, so the candies were discontinued in 1997. They tried to make a comeback in 2000, only to leave again in 2007. According to this Reddit user, “Outlawed in the US because little kids kept choking on the toys. They’re only allowed if they have candy inside instead of toys now.” They posed a safety hazard to kids (via Reddit).


Doritos 3Ds

How could you honestly resist yourself from chowing down on that delicious treat? Back in the ’90s and 2000s, people couldn’t get enough of them. They had a unique shape, an air-filled center, and puffy size. One Reddit user said, “My favorite ever. I used to get one on my way home from school when my mom would stop at the store.” Other people thought they tasted better than regular Doritos and wrote, “I never understood why, but 3-D Doritos JUST. TASTED. BETTER. They were so vastly superior to regular Doritos that it was borderline hilarious. It had to be something with the chip-dust-air ratio. Who knows; the taste doesn’t lie.” They’re right, the Doritos taste never lies (via Reddit).


Baked Munch ‘Ems

If you wanted a delicious snack back in the ’90s, you might have opted for the Keebler Baked Munch ‘Ems. They had multiple flavors, like cheddar, sour cream, original, and ranch. After a while, there was more competition on the market and the chips were discontinued. Reddit shared a secret. The closest we’ll get to these snacks are “Ritz toasted chips – sour cream and onion is a close comparison.” At least it’s better than nothing (via Reddit).


P.B. Crisps

P.B. Crisps was a popular school snack during a time when peanut allergies weren’t a concern. Back in 1992, we saw P.B. Crisps on the shelves, but they didn’t survive much longer past 1994. Some Reddit users used to sneak these home from work, and said, “When I was a kid working in a grocery store, so many boxes of these “accidentally” got damaged so that we could snack on a bag or three every day.” That’s not a bad job trade-off (via Reddit).


Reggie! Bar

If you wanted to indulge in a sweet treat back in the ’90s, you may have grabbed this milk chocolate bar with nuts and caramel inside. It was popular in the ’80s and through the ’90s, though it doesn’t exist anymore. Part of the reason it was discontinued was because of Reggie, the baseball player on the front. One Reddit user pointed out, “Fun fact Reggie had a fight with a brewer one year and the brewers removed every Reggie bar for sale! I am not sure how long it lasted but I know when they played each other they were not for sale. It was the 80’s and my uncle played for the brewers at the time.” That was the end of the Reggie! Bar (via Reddit).


Jell-O 1-2-3

Back in the ’90s, Kraft was pretty popular, which is why Jell-O 1-2-3 was such a big hit. It came out decades before the ’90s and the product came in an all-inclusive pouch. The layers had Jell-O at the bottom, a middle layer of custard, and a foamy top, but it didn’t survive past 1996. It was a fun dessert to have around. Many Reddit users admit, “Who else checked the refrigerator every three minutes to watch the layers form?” Over time, you could watch the Jell-O layers form into something delicious until it was done. You could even add whipped cream to the top (via Reddit).


Bubble Beeper

Even though gum is gum, the Bubble Beeper made something different. They used fun, colorful packaging. But even though the gum was delicious, the candy fell out of popularity and the Bubble Beeper gum was discontinued after the ’90s. Reddit users remember the gum, and say, “Wow memory unlocked. Cool packaging and the gum was pretty good, too.” Even though it stood out from your normal gum, it wasn’t good enough to stick around past the ’90s (via Reddit).


Apple Newtons

If you’ve heard of Fig Newtons, then you’ve probably eaten Apple Newtons. This was the Apple flavor of the delicious snack. And even though it was a hit, it didn’t make it past the ’90s decade. Another flavor, the apple and cinnamon newton was released, though it wasn’t nearly as much of a hit. Some Reddit users admit they couldn’t handle their love for Fig Newtons and wrote, “I love Fig Newtons. I can eat a pack in one sitting. One of the reasons I don’t buy them anymore. Thanks, I’m craving them now.” One serving size is probably equal to an entire sleeve of Fig Newtons (via Reddit).


Oreo Big Stuff

Even though this product lasted on the shelf for seven years, it didn’t make it past the ’90s. Oreo is a huge hit with people around the world, and the Oreo Big Stuff was products sold individually rather than sold in boxes. These cookies were huge. But after low profits and worries over health, the product was discontinued. While some Reddit users loved the Oreo Big Stuff and used to devour one of them in one sitting, others couldn’t stand it. One Reddit user wrote, “One of my favorite past times is watching old commercial compilations or disconnected snacks on YouTube and this snack was shown. An Oreo cookie sandwich that you couldn’t dunk was an idea made by an adult who had a failed childhood.” If that’s the truth, then that’s pretty unfortunate (via Reddit).


Twix Cookies-n-Creme

What’s better than a Twix bar in a cookies-n-creme flavor? They released the chocolate fudge flavor at the same time, but it barely hit the charts when compared to the cookies-n-creme bars. They were released in 1990. The bars were covered in cream and milk chocolate to give it the cookies-n-creme flavor, a stark difference from the Twix bar with a caramel center. Many Reddit users were upset when the company stopped making them. One Reddit user wrote, “I loved those when I was a kid, then they stopped making them.” Too bad they’ll never make a comeback (via Reddit).


French Toast Crunch

For decades, people have turned to cereal as their go-to breakfast choice. Back in the ’90s, there were even more options than they have nowadays, and the French Toast Crunch cereal was one of them. It’s similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch but with a different flavor. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 2006, though it made a comeback in 2014. These little French toast bites were some Reddit user’s favorites, and they even admit, “I loved it growing up, and it was my all-time favorite cereal so I’m glad it’s back.” While other people disliked it, it was more or less a huge hit otherwise (via Reddit).


Soda-Licious Fruit Snacks

Back in the ’90s, Betty Crocker partnered with 7-Up to develop these delicious snacks that brought together soda and fruit flavors. Reddit users love the feeling of being a kid again. When this Reddit user saw a photo of the soda-licious fruit snacks, they wrote, “I remember having these packed for me for lunch on a school field trip. The little things that may seem insignificant, but one of the few things that evokes the feeling of being a kid long ago.” Hopefully, they’ll make a comeback one day (via Reddit).



Back in 1997, the drink Surge was released in America. It was originally released in Norway as “Urge” before making its way to the States. Unfortunately, when 2003 rolled around, it was discontinued, which left a lot of kids feeling disappointed. It made a comeback a few years ago, but it didn’t stick around for a very long time. One Reddit user reported, “Apparently, they’re only keeping it in fountains. That’s super disappointing because Fountain Surge doesn’t taste good (just tastes like watered-down Sprite).” If you want the real stuff, you might have to order it from Norway (via Reddit).