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Arrangement Agony: Photos That Will Make Your OCD Go Wild

Monica February 29, 2024

Some people can’t stand the sight of something uneven, like floor tiles or knitted blankets. Most of the time, we can walk away from situations that make our OCD go wild.

But when it’s something permanent that you see every day, you might freak out. We curated a list of photos that will probably give you some level of discomfort and highly trigger your OCD. Check them out below.


Uneven Cookies

Whoever made these cookies cannot consider themselves a baker. While they look delicious, they didn’t do a good job of placing the chocolate kiss in the center of one of the cookies. It’s the black sheep equivalent of cookies and cannot be eaten (via Pinterest).


Sewing Gone Wrong

Somehow, this person managed to mess up the black line of their socks. They cannot undo this. Instead of having an even pair of matching socks, they now have two different socks. Hopefully, they’re wearing these in winter and with boots (via Pinterest).


The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Sure, it’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but that doesn’t mean the picture frame it is in needs to lean too. It would look much better if the tower was the only thing leaning. They didn’t need to overcompensate and tilt the frame. That’s going against the building’s original purpose (via Pinterest).


Extra Dog

This would have been a very pleasant photo if they switched the last two dogs. Why didn’t they keep the white and black pattern going? All it takes is a little switch and this would have been an ideal dog pattern situation. Too bad we can’t jump into the photo and switch the dog (via Pinterest).


You Had One Job

Whoever put these lights in the ceiling needs to be fired immediately. They don’t know how straight lines work, which is why this light is in the wrong ceiling tile. Now it just looks messed up. There’s no way people walking into that room can focus on work with this preposterous light job (via Pinterest).


Pills for OCD

This is just mean. Who would prescribe pills for OCD that look like this? It’s like they’re making fun of people with OCD. These pills are all facing in different directions, and there’s no coherent direction the pills are facing. At the very least, they could have made them all face the same direction and made everyone’s lives that much easier (via Pinterest).


Worst Chandelier Ever

Even though that ceiling design is beautiful on its own, the entire situation is an utter disaster. How did they manage to misplace the chandelier? They have a lot of space to work with and one chandelier to put in. They can’t expect people to focus on their meal with this horrible situation hovering above their heads (via Worldemand).


How Do You Pee?

There’s no way this toilet is operable. How can they expect someone to pee into a toilet bowl with a seat that’s shifted to the side? Not only is it uncomfortable to sit on it but it’s also unsanitary. The toilet bowl had one purpose, and now it’s ruined. Whoever sits on this toilet seat is going to have a horrible experience (via Pinterest).


The Wrong Toilet Seat

We have yet another photo of an inoperable toilet seat. We’re not sure what’s worse, a toilet seat that’s shifted to the side, or a piece that’s too small. Did they get the measurements wrong? Surely, it can’t be that hard to get the correct measurements for a toilet seat. Let’s hope these toilets aren’t a part of the same bathroom (via Pinterest).


The Inedible Ice Cream

How is this person supposed to eat this ice cream? It looks like the entire ice cream is going to melt onto one side of their hand. They have to eat it only from the left side, which takes out the fun part of eating ice cream. There’s no saying how this ice cream froze to one side of the stick but the person who made it needs to get fired (via Pinterest).


Mildly Infuriating

Did this person have their eyes closed when they used this hole punch? They were so close but they completely ruined the paper. They’re going to need to print it all out again and start over. There’s no way this is going to stay inside their binder. They’ll have a loose piece of paper flopping around every time they pick their binder up (via Pinterest).


Inedible Pudding

Just like the ice cream, how is this person supposed to eat this pudding if the wrapper is in the way? They either ripped it off wrong or the person who glued it on completely misjudged the plastic underneath. Either way, there’s no satisfying way to eat this pudding now (via Pinterest).


Out Of Order

There’s no saying why this person decided to eat one of the medicine pills from the top left of the packet instead of continuing the trend at the bottom of the packet. Now, it’s completely messed up. This is hair-pulling bad. Perhaps someone did this on purpose (via Pinterest).


Inoperable Calculator

This person had one job to correctly label numbers one through nine on a calculator. Somehow, they managed to put two nines underneath each other. There’s no proper way to use this calculator now unless someone consciously remembers that one nine means six while the other nine is correct (via Pinterest).


Teacher Needs Glasses

Either this teacher set the projector up like this on purpose or they need new glasses. There’s no way the students can learn when the projector is misaligned with the wall. Let’s hope someone stood up when the teacher wasn’t looking and fixed the projector themselves (via Worldemand).


Broken Paper

There’s nothing worse than reaching for paper and having it rip under your hands. That paper had one job, and that was to keep it together to make your hands dry. But this person got the short stick when they tried to rip off the paper and got nothing but soggy paper (via Pinterest).


Upside Down Chips

Why would someone rip the Fritos bag upside down? It’s so wrong. These corn chips should be eaten the correct way, which is from the top of the bag. There’s no way someone can enjoy a bag of chips by eating them from the bottom up, it just ruins everything (via Pinterest).

Humor Outcasts

Everything Is In The Right Place

Based on this photo, it looks like they arranged every sign in the right place. There’s no better spot for a sign that indicates an OCD level than to be out of place when compared to the rest of the signs. Surely, they couldn’t even it out so it’s all smooth. It’s like they’re poking fun at those suffering from OCD by making their lives more difficult (via Pinterest).


The Bad Slice

Even though cake tastes uniform throughout the entire thing, slicing it the wrong way ruins the experience. Now, it’s completely ruined. There’s no going back unless they ruin another piece or two to get them back on track (via Imgur).


Too Much Hair

Just looking at this picture makes our skin crawl. Even after being told, she didn’t bother to move her hair. That’s plain rude. People need to be more considerate of other people’s spaces, especially on public transportation like long-haul airplanes. She could have simply put her hair up and saved everyone the trouble (via Worldemand).


They Just Noticed

You’d think the first thing you’d notice before moving into a new space is something as obvious as misaligned walls and ceilings. Now, this person cannot unsee the monstrosity that is their permanent home. There’s nothing they can do to change this horrendous situation and they have to live with it for the rest of their time there (via Imgur).


One Wrong Piece

This person lost their focus at some point during the tile placement, resulting in complete misalignment of the tiles. It looks horrible. They’ll either have to start over completely or live with this horrendous tile placement for the rest of time. This person had one job and ruined it (via Imgur).



Whoever placed these tiles on the floor needs to be fired. Not only did they mess up one row of tiles but they messed up every single row of tiles. It’s dizzying just to look at, let alone walk on. At least that’s one way to make sure they never have guests at their home (via Imgur).


Burn Down the Park

Because this bench is facing the wrong way, it completely ruined the entire park. The only way to fix this issue is to burn down the entire park to get rid of this monstrosity. It’s visually unappealing and completely changes the vibe of the park. They can’t even expect anyone to comfortably sit on that bench. Maybe it’s the time-out bench (via Reddit).

Bored Panda

The Worst Crime Ever

Someone committed a horrible crime against Hubba Bubba tape. Instead of peeling it off like a normal person, they decided to bite into it and ruin the entire roll. Now, they can never unpeel this gum as it’s meant to be peeled. They’ll have to continue taking these massive, horrible bites into this gum to finish it (via Bored Panda).


Fix That Box

Someone has to volunteer to flip the box the correct way. There’s no way they can leave it like this. It ruins the aesthetics and makes it hard to look at. Let’s hope someone did this for any other reason than to trigger your OCD (via Imgur).


Would You Try?

According to this Reddit user, this was the “Toughest OCD decision of my life.” They had to decide if they were going to try to add enough gasoline to make it equal to one penny or leave it just as that. Paying for something that’s $39.99 is probably better than paying for something that’s $40.01. Either way, it’s a tough decision (via Reddit).

Bored Panda

The Odd One Out

Either someone wanted this tile to be different on purpose or they messed up badly. Perhaps they ran out of yellow tiles, or they wanted to mess with whoever’s bathroom it was and put one red tile on the floor. All they have to do is remove the tile and put in a new one. Hopefully, they do it before someone’s OCD gets too wild (via Bored Panda).


The Worst Garage

This is the epitome of an architectural blunder. Imagine arriving home and seeing this horrendous garage. Talk about a letdown. There’s no saying what these architects learned at school if they even went to school (via Worldemand).


The Most Annoying Light Switches Ever

We’re not sure how this works, but apparently, these light switches turn on different lights in the room. But the biggest question is why are the left and right switches together, and the center one on the very far left? They wanted to mess with whoever’s workspace this was and make their lives difficult (via Imgur).


Single Tile

This person had one job to make the floor look even. They added an extra tile that threw the entire thing off. Now, the floor looks messy and uneven. There’s no undoing that horrendous job and there’s no way he or she has a job after that (via Imgur).

Bored Panda

Sneaky Pepsi

It looks like this Pepsi bottle wanted to try out being Coca-Cola for the day. It managed to sneak into the other packages of Coca-Cola without anyone noticing. Or, someone placed it in there by mistake, though confusing Pepsi and Coca-Cola isn’t necessarily an easy mistake to make. The two bottles are different colors (via Bored Panda).

Bored Panda

Missing A Bush

Even though this is an easy fix, it’s still horrendous that someone forgot to add an extra bush here. There’s no worse feeling than looking at this picture and immediately looking straight at the missing piece. It makes the entire thing look uneven. There needs to be a serious intervention in this garden (via Bored Panda).


Friend’s Apartment

This person posted a photo of a cabinet at their friend’s house. It bothers them more than it bothers their friend. There’s nothing worse than living and cooking in a kitchen with uneven cabinets. It’s a mystery how this person leaves their cabinet like this, but apparently, they’re okay with it (via Imgur).



Consider peeling off a price tag only to find out you paid nearly twice as much as the original price. If only they had peeled the sticker off at the store. Even though people are cheated daily, it doesn’t make it any better (via Worldemand).


All Of The Lights

For some reason, someone thought it would be a funny joke to make one of the light switches in the opposite direction, even though it also means it’s on. There’s no way they can fix this. They have to live their life looking at the wrong light switch, only to accept the fact that it’s stubborn (via Imgur).


Plastic Packaging

Why is it that every time we rip the plastic off of the pens, it never rips correctly? We always get that purgatory layer that’s neither the back nor the pens. It’s like the creators of the pens want us to suffer (via Reddit).


Why Bite There?

This photo is captioned, “My wife is a monster.” She certainly is. Who in their right mind would bite the perfectly sliced Kit-Kat bars through the center? It’s purposefully sliced to give you that perfect piece without trying. She needs to be banned from ever eating a Kit-Kat again (via Imgur).


Hair Pulling Tiles

As this person captioned the photo, “My perfectionist gland exploded.” Yours probably did, too. This could have been a masterpiece of a table. Instead, it’s a poorly tiled table that’s misaligned and hard to look at. Your focus goes straight to the wrongly aligned tile without trying (via Imgur).


Five For Three

For some reason, the creators of this bathroom thought it was appropriate to add five paper towel holders for three sinks. They either expected an influx of people needing extra paper towels or they miscalculated the sink-to-paper towel holder measurements (via Imgur).

Bored Panda

Tricking A Perfectionist

There’s no better way to mess with a perfectionist than to flip a bottle of mustard over amongst hundreds of perfectly stacked mustard bottles. Once you see the flipped-over mustard bottle, you won’t be able to unsee it (via Bored Panda).


The Wrong Tile

How did this happen? Was the architect drunk when they placed the tiles into the ground? According to this Reddit user, “their perfectionist gland is going haywire.” There’s nothing worse than having a symmetrical street, only to have it completely ruined by one wrong tile placement (via Reddit).


What The Heck?

Either the owner of this wall wanted the woman to look like she was bending over on purpose, or someone messed up big time. There’s no saying that they mistakenly placed the tiles in the wrong direction. But now it looks like the woman is falling backward, forever. It’s dizzying to look at (via Imgur).


Fig Newton Failure

Many people love Fig Newtons. But whoever put these in the bag needs to be fired. They’re doing a disservice to those who want to enjoy perfectly aligned cookies by putting one in the wrong way. This person needs to throw the entire sleeve of cookies away (via Pinterest).