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40 Easy Ways To Cut Back On Spending

ShannonDecember 8, 2018
A lot of people go to the mall on the weekend simply because they are bored. Credit: Pixabay

3. Stop Using Shopping as a Form of Entertainment

So many people go shopping with their friends and family as something to do when they are bored, and they end up spending money simply because they are in a mall. When you go a store, you should have a goal in mind of why you want to be there in the first place.

For example, Target is one of those stores where they are constantly changing their interior design, which makes it new and exciting. They even have a place to sit down and have a cup of Starbucks coffee. It’s genuinely enjoyable to be there, because their brilliant marketers designed it to feel that way. But if you go in without any actual reason to be there, you are almost guaranteed to waste money, because they sell almost anything you could possibly want or need.

Make a sandwhich at home and bring it to work. Credit: Pixabay

2. Pack a Bag Lunch to School or Work

This sounds like a no-brainer, but making a sandwich at home costs just a few cents, and it will cost a few dollars at a shop. If you have a microwave at work, you can also bring leftovers from last night’s dinner in a glass container. Stick with easy meals you genuinely enjoy so that you are looking forward to your bag lunch, instead of feeling like it’s a burden or that you are somehow missing out on something. If you hate doing it, you won’t stick with the habit.

Lunch is usually cheaper than dinner. Credit: Pixabay

1. Meet Friends for Lunch Instead of Dinner

Generally speaking, dinner is way more expensive than lunch. Not only is the food lighter, but most restaurants have great prices on lunch specials, because they are trying to attract more people to come in earlier in the day. It also takes away the temptation to drink alcohol, since it’s before 5PM.