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30 Strange Stories Of People Who Were Wrongly Accused Of Cheating

Monica February 10, 2022

We all have relationship anxiety at one point or another. It can stem from abandonment issues, rejection, or the worst of all – being cheated on. Sometimes, these fears may come true and we have an inkling that our partner is cheating. But what happens when a significant other accuses you of cheating when you haven’t even glanced at another person? Redditors shared their experiences with their partners wrongly accusing them of cheating.

These stories range anywhere from strange to outlandish, like even counting the mileage on their partner’s cars to see if it added up. After reading these stories, you may just appreciate your partner a little bit more and may learn a thing or two that will save you from future heartache. Or you might recognize it as a sign to get out of your current partnership. Read on for some entertaining stories of people being wrongly accused of cheating.


30) Cheating In A Dream

We’ve all had dreams about our significant others cheating on us or meeting another person. Sometimes it seems we can’t escape our anxiety even in our sleep. According to this Reddit user, his partner accused him of cheating because she dreamt about it.

“She had a dream,” said sudorootadmin.

Most of us probably didn’t use our dreams as singular proof that our significant other was cheating, and instead, probably laughed it off as a nightmare. Even though dreams could technically symbolize our intuition, most of the time, it’s just our fears coming to light.


29) Facebook Friends

Many of us have lots of friends on Facebook whom we may have only briefly met. This Reddit user shared their experience of their partner accusing them of cheating because of a Facebook friend they had. Maybe this Reddit user wasn’t allowed to have any female Facebook friends, because that would seem suspicious. However, it turned out that this Reddit user’s partner was the one cheating, so it seems her accusation was, in fact, a projection of herself:

“Her “proof” was that I was friends with a woman in the same area on Facebook. I did volunteer work at the local hospital, I was friends with a lot of the hospital staff on Facebook. Her accusation came very shortly after my brother caught her on a date with another guy.” – via yankstraveler


28) He’s Cheating On You With You

Imagine accusing your partner of cheating when your voicemail proof was your partner talking to you. According to this person, he was accused of cheating when his partner heard a voicemail of him flirting with another girl. It turned out that that girl was, in fact, her. We wonder how she didn’t recognize her own voice and would all agree that we’d be a tiny bit embarrassed if we accused our partners by using that as proof.

“When my wife and I had 1st begun dating, I had a phone that had a bad habit of butt dialing. One day, she was acting very standoffish so I could tell something was up. I kept asking her, and finally, she got really upset and started grilling me about who that girl was that I was flirting with on the voicemail I left her when I butt-dialed her.

“I pulled up my call logs, and sure enough, I had accidentally called her the previous afternoon. While she and I were hanging out in the library. She was concerned that I was cheating on her with herself.” – via blindfire40


27) The Purple-Haired Lover

We rarely see people with dyed hair, let alone purple hair. It’s natural to connect with someone who has a similar, strange, quirky body accessory or design as you. Imagine seeing someone with the same rare tattoo as you, you’d probably be pretty excited! This purple-haired Reddit user explains how they met another person with purple hair and then proceeded to compliment them on it:

“I told the waiter I loved his hair. At the time I had purple hair and he also had purple hair. I was just happy to see another purple-haired person. He accused me of cheating with a purple-haired waiter.” – via celestial_mommy

This was enough proof for their significant other and they were accused of cheating. Complimenting another person doesn’t seem like enough proof to accuse someone of cheating, but according to this Reddit user, it was.


26) Cheating With Family Members

We all have contacts on our phones, and it’s normal to have names of the same and opposite sex in your phone. According to this Reddit user, his partner found it suspicious that he had several female family members’ contacts in his phone, which resulted in an unnecessary accusation. When we’re suspicious, it’s easy to believe that everything is a lie:

“She saw the names of my female family members in my contacts. She freaked out and angrily asked who my stepmother was, my stepsisters, my cousins, my auntie. It lasted about two minutes. She started to realize she was being an idiot, and I realized I didn’t like her anymore.” – via NOSRETTAP_RAPS

This Reddit user saw it as the last straw and decided he didn’t like his partner anymore, which was probably a good thing.


25) Online Support Group

This is one of the saddest reasons someone was wrongly accused. Imagine accusing your spouse of cheating, meanwhile, they’re seeking support from others because of a fatal diagnosis they received? We can all probably agree that our jaws dropped after reading this one. And it seemed the ex realized just how horrible they were, hence their disappearance:

“Apparently the online support group for my father’s brain tumor was a “chat room” for casual hookups. Dad had the tumor. Ex had the insane jealousy. Dad didn’t survive glioblastoma. Ex has long since been vamoosed.” (via doublestitch).


24) Who’s The Blonde?

Imagine dying your hair, forgetting, and then accusing your partner of cheating, solely because you found your own hair in their bed? It’s almost comical. It seems that this Reddit user’s partner jumped to conclusions pretty quickly. Maybe this Reddit user’s partner didn’t like her new hair color and just wanted to forget about it:

“She got mad because she found locks of blond hair on the bed. It was hers, she changed her color from reddish to blonde literally overnight and forgot.” – via Iperovic


23) Cheating In Sweatpants

Readers beware, wearing sweatpants may mean you’re cheating. We’re probably never going to look at sweatpants the same way, ever again. This Reddit user shared their experience of being wrongly accused of cheating, solely because they were wearing sweatpants that they had been dancing in:

“I went to Irish dance class, which I went to every single Thursday, then stopped to see him on the way home. I was wearing sweatpants, you know, to DANCE in, which was suspicious and meant I had been out cheating.” – via tuxedo_mirage


22) Wrong Pupil Size

According to this Reddit user, he was accused of cheating because his pupils didn’t dilate when his partner looked him in the eyes. This supposedly meant he didn’t love her:

“She said “Look at me” so I did, then she started bawling her eyes out saying I’m probably cheating on her because “your pupils dilate when you look at someone you love” Stage 7 crazy.” – via Burnsiealex

We can all probably agree that we have no control over the size of our pupils and probably all feel sorry for this Reddit user, whose pupils did not dilate enough for his partner’s liking. Hopefully, that relationship ended, and he found someone who doesn’t scrutinize the size of his pupils so specifically.


21) Secret Skype Chats

Imagine chatting to a family member from another country, only to be accused of cheating. That seems a bit harsh. It turns out that this Reddit user isn’t allowed to speak to their family members online. Maybe they’ll have to unfriend their partner next time, so they don’t see they’re online:

“They saw I was online on Skype. Thought I was talking to some side piece. I was talking to my cousin who lives in another country.” – via daughtersoflilith6


20) Two Minutes In Heaven

This Reddit user’s partner suspected him of cheating when he was two minutes late home from work. If he was cheating, that’s quite an impressive time. It seems that his partner was waiting for any sort of proof to accuse him of cheating, and didn’t even consider the fact that traffic exists:

“She knew that if I drove exactly the speed limit and hit every light that it would take me 12min to get home after work. The one time I showed up in 14min was all the proof she needed.” – via Skinnee11

Maybe he stopped at a shop to buy something on the way home. Or maybe he had a meeting that ended a couple of minutes late. There are numerous reasons why someone would be two minutes late home from work. Hopefully, this Reddit user got out of that relationship. Maybe in his next one, he’s allowed a two-minute delay without being accused of cheating.


19) Robot Girlfriend

It seems that this Reddit user’s partner considered any type of relationship as cheating, even if it’s with a robot. We’ve all probably said things we don’t mean in the past, but we’ve probably never been accused of cheating on our partner if we said something strange… to a robot. This Reddit user cracked a joke at a bot with a female picture, only to be accused of cheating on his partner with the bot:

“I responded to a Discord bot with a female picture. I said get f**ked to the bot. She saw the two bubble chat. Accused me of having a relationship with another woman and said if I used that language with other women it’s like cheating.” – via Alldemjimmies


18) Friendless Cheater

This Reddit user wasn’t allowed to have friends, because having friends equals cheating. Could you imagine hanging out with friends without your partner, only to be wrongly accused of cheating? This person lived it.

“Because I hung out with friends without her. We were LD. What am I supposed to do?? Not have friends???” – via ZampyZero

We can probably assume this Reddit user reconsidered his entire relationship after this accusation… or we can at least hope.


17) Two-Year-Old Dirty Pictures

Apparently, this Reddit user wasn’t allowed to have had a life before his current partner:

“I exchanged dirty pictures with a woman 2 years before I met my gf (at the time), while single.” – via LodgedSpade

His partner seemed to hold a lot of expectations towards him. How can you expect your partner to have been faithful to you… before you even met? Hopefully this sparked some sort of conversation and communication between the pair, and the girlfriend learned that her partner had a life before her.


16) Paying The Bills

We’ve all worked so much that all we wanted to do when we got home was sleep. This Reddit user shared their experience of being wrongly accused of cheating when they were working an absurd amount of hours to pay the bills and as a result, didn’t have any desire to sleep with their partner:

“Wasn’t sleeping with them as often so I MUST have been seeing someone else. Wasn’t sleeping with them due to me working an ungodly amount to pay the bills since they didn’t have a job at the time. That and I would work 6-7 12hr shifts in a row with a day break, and the last thing on my mind was exercise.” – via Plaguedoc717

It makes sense. This jobless Reddit user’s partner didn’t seem to acknowledge their hard work. Maybe it’s better the relationship ended in the long run.


15) ‘Bedroom Shots’ Files

What happens if you find a file called “Bedroom Shots” on your partner’s computer? All of us would be curious, and some of us would even open the file, especially if you had never taken any bedroom shots with your significant other. That alone would immediately raise suspicion, so could we blame this Reddit user for clicking on the file? It turns out that she had named the file herself and had completely forgotten about it. She then accused her spouse of cheating:

“Other way around, actually. I was the suspicious one. We were a middle-aged, long married couple. I was looking for something on his computer (not uncommon. He had a better computer for some things.). I ran into a file called “bedroom shots”. WTF!!! I KNEW he had not taken any bedroom shots of me! Opened the file (of course) and it was pictures of our bedroom, just the bedroom, that I had taken years earlier to use for a paint program that changes the colors of the walls. I had named the file myself when redecorating and forgot about it” – via aeraen

Luckily, it was probably something her and her partner laughed about. Sometimes, we’re our own biggest enemy.


14) Phone Off At Work

This Reddit user shared his experience of being accused of cheating while he was at work. His partner believed he was cheating because his phone was turned off. Even though she knew he wasn’t allowed to have his phone on, she believed it was because he was cheating, not because of the plethora of other reasons his phone could be switched off, such as being a responsible adult, being in a meeting, or focusing on work:

“My phone was off while I was at work. I work in an office where we are not allowed to have our phones out due to HIPAA and she knew this…” – via SenseiOnara


13) The Mysterious Saleswoman

Not only did this man’s partner look through his personal phonebook, but she misread his handwriting and wrongly accused him of cheating on someone named “Jill,” when, in fact, it was a man called Till. Interestingly enough, the couple split just before their wedding, which was probably a good thing, in the long run:

“I have poor handwriting; I was running a business and someone suggested I contact “Till” about some sales. And I wrote “Till” down in my phonebook (it was long ago when people used personal phonebooks). I come home months later to the question “Who’s Jill?” And I don’t know anyone named Jill; I am stumped. After a few rounds of who? huh? Why? My girlfriend shows me the entry in my handwriting. It takes me a while to place the name. I explain that it isn’t Jill but Till, a man. That was the end of it, but I never got over her looking through my personal phonebook for revealing entries. In the end, we split 2 weeks before we were to get married. Till never did buy anything from me.” – via bicycletourist

Unfortunately for this Reddit user, he never made a sale with Till, which would have been a decent tradeoff for Till unknowingly impacting his relationship. Instead, he was accused of cheating.


12) The Private Detective

Sometimes, we unconsciously look for reasons to be angry at our partner. It seemed that this Reddit user’s partner really wanted to accuse her of cheating, so much so that he hired a private detective to catch her in the act. That’s some next-level investigative skills that cross a lot of boundaries. Luckily, she had the insight to see that as a red flag and ended the relationship:

“My ex was incredibly distrustful. I was young and didn’t know any better. One day he confronted me saying he had proof I was cheating. I was incredibly bewildered as I am the faithful type and wouldn’t even look at another man. When I pushed for proof he admitted to having me followed by a private detective who had seen me get into a red mini. The mini belonged to a colleague who gave me a lift home from work one day. A female colleague. I ended the relationship there and then and chalk it up to a lucky escape.” – via blondeinsideandout

Maybe, if her partner had spoken to her about his suspicions, their relationship would have ended differently and he wouldn’t have accused her of cheating.


11) One Mile Cheater

Imagine if your partner not only kept track of your whereabouts, but measured your whereabouts per the mile and kept track of your every move? According to this Reddit user, the slightest discrepancy in mileage equated to cheating. She wasn’t allowed to have a life outside of her partner:

“The mileage on my car didn’t add up by like a mile or something – apparently he counted it before I went to work and when I got back from work. I literally went from his place to work and then came back to his place.” – via dontstopme_

What if she had gone to the grocery store? It seems a bit possessive. There are numerous reasons why her mileage wouldn’t add up perfectly, but apparently, her partner didn’t want to believe it. He went straight to the conclusion that she was cheating, which is pretty harsh.


10) Smiling Too Much

This Reddit user was, apparently, not allowed to smile. Or be happy. Or show any emotion that could potentially mean he was cheating:

“I came home smiling.” -via OldLevermonkey

Since when does smiling equate to cheating? It seemed their partner wanted any reason to accuse them of cheating, so the second they came home smiling, it was game over. More likely than not, he was happy to arrive home from work and see his girlfriend. Next time you get home from work smiling, you might want to think about how your partner will respond.


9) *69 Cheater

This Reddit user’s partner accused him of cheating by hitting the redial button on his phone back in the days before mobile phones. This didn’t seem like a strong enough reason to accuse someone of cheating:

“Because she hit *69 on my phone and a girl answered. Turned out to be her roommate, because the only person I ever called from my phone was my girlfriend. NOTE: In the olden days, before cell phones, you could hit *69 on a landline and it would redial the last number you called.” – via jephistopheles

We all probably wonder how the girlfriend didn’t recognize her own roommate’s voice on the phone. If only we knew what happened after the accusation. Hopefully, they laughed it off.


8) Cheat Before You’re Cheated On

According to this Reddit user, his partner didn’t want to be cheated on first. She decided to beat him to the finish line and cheat on him before he cheated on her:

“​​I had a girl cheat on me and she told me she did it because she thought I was gonna cheat on her so she did it first. Super hot girl thought the world of warcraft nerd was gonna cheat on her.” – via Lachigan

She may have (probabaly) made up this excuse after she cheated, just so she’d have an explanation for why she cheated. This is probably the lamest reason on this list, although it seems to be a better reason than accusing your partner of cheating because of a dream you had.


5) Secret Strawberry Panties

According to this Reddit user, he was accused of cheating when his partner found her own underwear in his drawer, underwear that she was also wearing at that time:

“She found a pair of women’s panties in my underwear drawer. The brand was “Strawberry”, embroidered strawberry on the waist, powder blue, size small. I told her they were hers and I had washed them. She wasn’t having it. I told her to show me the underwear she had on at that moment. “Strawberry”, embroidered strawberry on the waist, powder blue, size small. She still didn’t believe me.” – via patmcgroin

How much proof do you need that your partner isn’t cheating? It’s comical that she was wearing the exact same underwear, and still didn’t believe her partner. Hopefully, she came to her senses and realized she was being a bit too harsh on him.

Sweet & Spark

4) The Lost Necklace

We’ve all lost and eventually found jewelry and other accessories around our house. If you lost your necklace and found it in your partner’s bed, would you immediately accuse them of cheating? Probably not. This woman did, however:

“She found a necklace in my bed and I didn’t know how it got there. Turned out to be her necklace that she had lost and didn’t recognize in the dark.” – via mr4d

There are many reasons why a necklace could end up in your partner’s bed, and, as it turns out, it could be your own necklace. It seemed this Reddit user was wrongly accused of cheating by his own partner because of her own necklace she found in his bed.


3) Matching Tattoos

Next time you want to get a matching tattoo with someone special, make sure your partner doesn’t think you’re cheating. This Reddit user shared their funny story of being wrongly accused of cheating because they got a matching tattoo with someone who represented a mother to them:

“I got a similar tattoo with a women who has been like an aunt/mother to me… she’s older than my mom would be…” – via Joseph4040

Maybe this person’s partner thought the woman was a MILF. You’d think that, if he was cheating, he wouldn’t make it so blatantly obvious as getting a matching tattoo with them. If they were cheating, they’d hopefully be a bit more discreet.


2) iPhone Heart Icon

Modern day technology was the reason for this couple’s downfall. This Reddit user was accused of cheating because of an icon on their phone:

“He had an Android. I have an Apple. He saw the heart icon for the health features on my phone screen and assumed it was a dating app and accused me of cheating.” – via munsiemuns

Their relationship might not have had the best communication in the first place and her partner may not have been the most technologically advanced. If we weren’t familiar with Apple icons, we could understand her partner’s misunderstanding, but probably wouldn’t immediately assume it was a dating app. There are numerous other apps that could have a heart icon.


1) Telemarketer Spoof

If a telemarketer called you, the first thing you probably do is hang up. This Reddit user told us that his partner assumed he was cheating because he hung up on a telemarketer:

“A telemarketer spoofed a phone number in my area. Gf didn’t believe me when they called at 10pm and I hung up immediately . She called the number back and a girl answered. Next thing I know, I’m going through all of my call history on Verizon’s logs to show I wasn’t cheating.” – via bad5190

We’re all probably wondering how that awkward exchange went, after she called the telemarketer back. Next time a telemarketer calls you and your partner is standing next to you, you might want to reconsider immediately hanging up, especially if someone of the opposite sex is on the line. It might just equate to cheating.