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30 Romantic Date Ideas That Are Free Or Cheap

Shannon October 4, 2018
Movies usually have one night a week that sells discounted tickets. Credit: Pexels

24. Discount Movie Night

AMC and United Artist both usually have discounted movie nights either on Tuesday or Wednesday nights. The prices range from $5 to $7 per person, which is half the price of a movie ticket on any other night. Popcorn is usually half-price too.

Discount apps like Groupon help you save money going out on dates. Credit: Pexels

25. Browse Discount Apps Like Groupon

Sometimes, you won’t know you want to go somewhere until you see it. Download the Groupon app and see what is going on in your local area. You can get discounts on tickets to events, meals, and experiences. Something may catch your eye, and you can book a last-minute date.

If you get “lost” on purpose, you will be surprised at just how many fun things there are in your local area. Credit: Pexels

26. Get Lost On Purpose

Nowadays, everyone has a GPS on their phone, so getting “lost” shouldn’t be a very big deal. There may be a part of town that you have been curious about, but you’ve never been there before. Or maybe there is an interesting town you never explored. If your partner is down for the adventure, just pick a direction and start driving until you find somewhere interesting to go. Just don’t forget to charge your phone, because you will probably need Google Maps to get home.

Cooking a meal together with your partner can be fun. Credit: Pexels

27. Cook Together

If one of you guys is good at cooking, it’s a huge bonus. It’s really romantic for one person to cook for the other. But it can also be a great bonding experience to cook together. Go on YouTube and search terms like “gourmet recipe for $5” or even “dollar store gourmet meals” to get some ideas on cooking a really delicious meal for cheap.

For intellectuals, attending public lectures can be fascinating. Credit: Pexels

28. Attend a Public Lecture

If you have a prestigious university where you live, check if they offer public lectures. These are usually free to attend, and they sometimes have amazing speakers that you have actually heard of before, but you never would have imagined you could hear them speak in real life. After the lecture is over, it gives you guys a lot to talk about together.

Dance clubs usually only cost $5 for the cover charge. Credit: Pexels

29. Go Dancing

If you and your partner want to have a lot of fun, and you live near a city, why not go to a trendy night club? Most clubs have a cover charge that are $5 or less, but you don’t have to buy expensive drinks at the bar if you can’t afford it. Pre-gaming beforehand can save a lot of money.

If you and your partner love to read, going to a small book store can be a lot of fun. Credit: Pexels

30. Find A Small Book Store

Companies like Barnes and Noble and Amazon have dominated the industry, but there are small independent bookstores that have survived. Sometimes, they are also a cafe, or they at least have a cute coffee shop nearby. You get to learn a lot about your partner’s taste in books, and maybe you can swap your favorite titles.