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29 Ways To Make Ends Meet While Unemployed

Trista September 4, 2020
If you have a new car or even an older one, you can use your vehicle to make some extra money while underemployed. Shutterstock

2. Rent Out Your Car

Turo and GetAround are two platforms that connect people who have a car that they aren’t currently using with people who need a vehicle on a short-term basis. It’s an Airbnb for cars, where the going rate is typically much cheaper than what you would pay at a rental outlet. Users who rent out their vehicles on one of these platforms can make $10,000 a year.

But don’t make the mistake that many Airbnb users made when they bought properties only to rent out. When the 2020 crisis hit and people immediately stopped traveling, people who owned these properties suddenly started defaulting on their mortgages. So don’t buy a car just because you think you can make money renting it out. You may pay a heavy price in the long run.

Medical studies can benefit everyone, including your wallet. Shutterstock

1. Participate in Medical Studies

While this may sound like signing up to be Dr. Frankenstein’s test subject, the reality is less horrifying. If you live near a major hospital and a medical school, the odds are that there is much research that needs people to participate. Some medical studies may involve a blood draw and a questionnaire.

Others may include spending our hour or two in an MRI machine. Plenty of medical studies are recruiting people with certain conditions, but they also need healthy participants to serve as a control group. You can make several hundred dollars in each research and know that you contribute to the necessary research and development in healthcare.