25 Reasons Why ‘Dumb’ Rich People Succeed More Than ‘Smart’ Poor People

By Shannon
25 Reasons Why ‘Dumb’ Rich People Succeed More Than ‘Smart’ Poor People

Ever wonder by incompetent rich people get ahead in life above some of the most intelligent and level-headed people? You could have a high IQ, got better grades in school, and worked twice as hard, and yet the rich kid succeeds above and beyond anything you could ever do. This is not just in our imaginations. Children of the rich truly do succeed more often in life, regardless of their actual talent or level of competency. 

There was even a study published in the American Sociological Review that proved that people from working-class backgrounds earn 17% less than their rich counterparts even if they have the same job. What makes rich kids so special they continue to succeed, even if they’re far from the smartest in their class?

Overconfident people tend to come from rich families. Credit: Shutterstock

25. They Radiate Confidence

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people from high socio-economic classes are more likely to be overconfident. They give off an aura that they are very good at their job even if they are actually terrible at it. Even though humans are intelligent creatures who should be able to tell the difference between an overconfident buffoon and a truly talented person, we still have this innate desire to look up to people who are confident.

Confidence can help you get ahead in life. Credit: Shutterstock

Rich kids grow up feeling confident because their parents have taught them to feel great about themselves. Poor kids, on the other hand, are often made to feel less than perfect. They are trying to raise their confidence, rather than having an overabundance of it. Building confidence takes time for most people, but it is crucial if you want to succeed.