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25 Morning Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

TristaOctober 19, 2020

5. Get Enough Sleep

Waking up every day at seven does not help you or anyone else if you are up until two in the morning. Jeff Bezos prioritizes sleep so much that he does not even set the alarm, although he does hold his morning meetings by 10. And Warren Buffett makes a point of going to bed by 10:45. What time do you go to bed each night? If it is super late then you should try something new to get some shut-eye a bit earlier in the night.

When your body is tired from not sleeping seven to eight hours a night, your brain does not perform optimally. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you do your best work when you’re tired – you don’t. Make adequate, restful sleep an intentional part of your lifestyle. You might seem unpopular going to bed at 9 pm instead of midnight, but it will be that much easier to wake up in the morning and get your day started.

4. Organize The Junk

Many people think of minimalism as having as few possessions as possible. And many billionaires are minimalist in this way (though they may have more toys than the rest of us). Warren Buffett could easily afford to drive the most expensive custom-made car that money can buy and live in a 20-bedroom mansion, but he drives a $30 000 car and lives in a house he bought 40 years ago. 

Please keep in mind that junk doesn’t stop at material possessions; it goes double for poor relationships. Successful entrepreneurs get rid of the junk in their lives -excessive possessions, toxic relationships, and burdensome demands on their lives because these things weigh them down and keep them from becoming their best selves. Clean out the junk in your closet and under your bed, then clean out the rest of the junk in your life.

3. Learn To Unwind

True, successful entrepreneurship is grueling and involves long days, especially when you’re still building your brand. But the difference between running around all day, accomplishing one task after another, and productively working towards your goals is huge. Instead of spinning your wheels with the former, achieving the latter requires a change in mindset beyond extended workdays.

Although we live in a technological era, sometimes you need to tune out the digital world. It would be best if you took time every day to unwind and recharge. Unwinding may look like putting your phone away so you can have uninterrupted quality time with your loved ones. For Warren Buffett, it means spending the evening playing the ukulele. Whatever makes you feel recharged, do it to give your brain a break.

2. Be Intentional

What choices do you make every day, and how are those choices helping you improve yourself? How much time do you spend browsing social media instead of reading the news? Do you change your mind when it comes to your clothes (instead of deciding the night before)? Mark Zuckerberg wears a t-shirt every day to limit how many menial decisions he must make; this way, he is free to focus on bigger, more important ones. 

While Zuckerberg’s minimalist wardrobe philosophy may come across as extreme, it does say something meaningful about successful entrepreneurship. He doesn’t waste time worrying about his wardrobe. Rather, he uses that time to benefit from other valuable decisions. Be intentional about your choices, and be intentional about yourself. Consistently make choices that will help you become the best version of yourself you can be.

1. Develop A Strong Work Ethic

No, you don’t have to wake up and run out of bed, but you should have a focused day. Billionaires may be much more privileged than the rest of us, and they may have the courage to focus on improving themselves through consistent and robust morning routines. But don’t be deceived into thinking that they are lazy. Billionaires work extremely hard-both on themselves and on the brands they’ve built. 

Indra Nooyi, the president of PepsiCo, gets to work by seven in the morning and often works long hours. Mark Zuckerberg usually wakes up by eight, but he does pull an occasional all-nighter. What makes their long workdays different than those of most people? They are intensely focused on their goals and improving themselves. If you want to be like these major players, follow the previous tips for a successful morning.