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24 Reasons Dan Bilzerian Is A Complete Fraud

TristaDecember 16, 2020
Credit: @danbilzerian Instagram

4. Bilzerian Brought Machine Gun To School 

That isn’t the usual show and tell that schools expect. Yet, it was something Bilzerian felt very proud to be showing off. He ended up taking his father’s M16 machine gun with him to school. He said that he was showing everyone at school because he was so proud of it. We can now see where he got his obsession with guns. The school showed absolutely no sympathy for the situation and authorities got involved as well. 

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Bilzerian was not only expelled from the school, but the family was asked to leave Utah. That was when Bilzerian decided to try out for the Navy Seals, which he wasn’t cut out for. Despite his father having fought in Vietnam, he was not a favorite of the officers. Then, an FBI raid took place, and the ex-corporate raider was thrown into jail.

Credit: @danbilzerian Instagram

3. A Reason For Concern 

Where has Bilzerian’s money gone? His father is estimated to have half a billion dollars stashed away somewhere in the Cook Islands, and Bilzerian has his own trust fund. Some people estimate that he had half a billion dollars. The family house was sold, and it ended up partly owned by a charity named after the cat the family owned. Where did the other family assets end up? They’re in the Cook Islands.

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Bilzerian still has trust funds in his name, and he even ended up using a third of one to bail his dad out of jail. That didn’t go down well at home, and his father wouldn’t talk to him for eight months, which is quite ridiculous considering Bilzerian tried to do something to help his father out.

Credit: @danbilzerian Instagram

2. A Publicist Could Do Wonders For Bilzerian

Bilzerian has recently replaced his publicist with a new one who seems to be trying their best to clean up his image. It might take a lot more than a new publicist to clean up the damage Bilzerian has done to his image over the years. He’s altered his Twitter bio slightly – dropping the profanity he refers to himself as. Bilzerian also made some charitable donations and has let everyone know about these efforts. 


He’s also been relatively quiet when it comes to press interviews, which certainly isn’t a regular thing for this man who loves any attention he can get. So, is he now on the path to redemption, or is he just trying to get himself back on his feet so he can carry on with the notorious lifestyle we have seen flashed all over his Instagram feed?

Credit: @danbilzerian Instagram

1. Content Not On Brand For Bilzerian

Bilzerian also has his own social media manager who has complained to him that the content and bad behavior wasn’t “brand-friendly” and could potentially deter some sponsors in the future. His social media manager isn’t happy about how he portrays himself online as it’s damaging to future sponsorships. Bilzerian leaked this text message exchange showing that he doesn’t take the advice seriously at all. 


He then posted a picture of himself on a yellow life raft making a grand entrance into a nightclub with a naked woman lying next to him. They say a picture says a thousand words, but to make sure we all got the point that the lude and crude Bilzerian isn’t going anywhere, he finished it off with a caption saying, “Good thing I’m rich, and I don’t give a f***.” Well, we’re not sure that you’ll be that rich for that much longer, Dan.