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20 Ways Successful People Use Tech Differently Than Poor People

ShannonFebruary 5, 2020
Successful people know how to walk away from the Internet. Credit: Kaboom Pics

6. Many Take Extended Internet Breaks

Sometimes, spending too much time on the Internet can be unhealthy. Extended amounts of time spent on social media has also been linked to increased depression. And if you need to be online for work, you’re connected all the time.

It’s okay to put your phone and computer down for a while. Credit: Kaboom Pics

Being online can be a lot of fun. But if you want to have a healthy work-life balance, it’s best to have times where you take a break from technology. This could start out slow, like having a rule that no one can check their phone during dinner time. Or take one day on a weekend to take a walk in nature without your phone.

Sometimes, the news can be terribly depressing. Credit: Kaboom Pics

5. They Don’t Obsess Over News

There is a fine line between staying informed and obsessing over current events. According to the survey taken by ResumeLab, poor people tended to spend more time per day online reading the news and are less happy as a result. Unfortunately, news stations purposely show terrible news and leave out the good things happening in the world. They are looking for a shock value because it keeps their ratings high. With modern technology, the news is all around us at any waking moment. You no longer need to tune in to the news at 9 pm to see it, because it’s all over our home pages, phones, and social media.

If you spend too much time absorbed in the news online, it can be unhealthy. Credit: Kaboom Pics

Successful people claimed that they don’t go out of their way to spend a significant amount of time reading the daily news. It’s possible to get the highlights from the most important news by scrolling through Twitter. Any more than that can be upsetting if it becomes a continuous part of your daily life. 

Apple products are more popular than Android. Credit: Shutterstock

4. They Choose Apple Over Android

There is an ongoing debate with Apple vs. Android. The major difference is that Android smartphones are typically more affordable than a new iPhone. While Android phones can be great, it can sometimes be frustrating when certain apps are only available on iOS. Apple also allows you to sync your products together, which can help increase your productivity.

Successful people tend to prefer iOS over Android. Credit: Kaboom Pics

So it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that highly successful people usually gravitate towards iPhones. Nearly 50% of them owned an iPhone, while the rest listed various types of devices. For the past few years, Apple watches and Air Pods were on everyone’s holiday wish list, so you might assume that rich people all ran out to buy them. But it turns out that only 17.2% of successful people reported having Apple watches, and 15% owned Air Pods.

Successful people love to watch YouTube. Credit: Shutterstock

3. They Watch a Lot of YouTube

According to the study by ResumeLabs, one of the websites viewed most frequently by successful people is YouTube. Anyone with a Smart TV can also access YouTube through an app, so it feels very similar to any other streaming service. Netflix has over 150 million subscribers, which is nearly half of all Americans. In comparison, YouTube has 5 billion views around the world every single day.

YouTube has all kinds of content. Credit: Shutterstock

YouTube is also home to content that would never exist on a mainstream platform. Nearly any question can be answered simply by searching for it. Whether it’s an instructional video on how to build something, product reviews, or educational content, YouTube is filled with information that helps improve your life. The other streaming services typically have fictional television series, sports, or reality TV. That type of content doesn’t necessarily help your life or help solve a problem. 

Many people will work both in notebooks and online. Credit: Kaboom Pics

2. Teamworking Apps

Many successful people who work in an office need to use teamwork apps like Trello, Slack, and Dropbox to connect with their co-workers. They are amazing for getting everyone on the same page for team assignments. On average, highly successful people spend an average of 30 minutes a day on Slack.

There are several teamwork apps that help get your job done. Credit: Kaboom Pics

Another interesting fact about teamwork apps is that successful women are more likely to gravitate towards using Microsoft Office, while successful men are more likely to use G-Suite. The benefit to using G-Suite is that you can share word documents and spreadsheets with your co-workers. It also saves automatically, so there’s no danger of forgetting to save and losing your work, as well as picking up where you left off on another device.

Podcasts can be a great way to learn new things. Credit: Kaboom Pics

1. Podcasts 

Podcasts are an amazing resource for educational information, comedy, and amazing stories. They are essentially listening to a really great conversation between two interesting people. There are podcasts for every subject imaginable, so there should be one for nearly every interest imaginable. Normally, a podcast is one to two hours long.

Many people listen to podcasts while working. Credit: Kaboom Pics

According to statistics, 53% of highly successful people listen to at least one podcast per day. Many people listen to them on their commute to work. They are also great to listen to when you’re cooking, cleaning, or doing anything that is typically just empty time getting things done. By listening to podcasts, you can multitask and use your mind while your body is doing something else.