20 Ways Coronavirus Has Already Impacted Global Economies

When you overreact to the coronavirus, you’ll find yourself becoming anxious and panicked, which never makes the situation worse. Pixabay.

19. Media Panic

People quickly started overreacting about the coronavirus because media outlets used their usual tricks of reaching to people’s emotions. They give numbers about how many people have passed away without giving the whole story. The media will use trigger words, such as “killer virus” to make people overreact. They also tell people that underreacting about the virus is harmful. If people aren’t panicking for the epidemic, they aren’t concerned enough. 

Of course, this isn’t what experts say. They believe that you don’t need to panic or stock up because of the coronavirus. Instead, experts say you need to pay attention to symptoms and head to the doctor as soon as possible. If there is an outbreak, let the doctors handle the situation because they’re prepared. They explain that panicking will always make the situation worse. In other words, do some research before you jump the gun about the coronavirus, especially when it comes to your finances.