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20 Tips To Become A Millionaire From Nothing

Trista October 28, 2020

6. Use Your Nest Egg For Investing

The whole idea behind building up a nest egg is to invest the savings instead of continuing to save your whole life. To be precise, you’ll need to ‘save and invest’ and ‘invest and save’ simultaneously to stay competitive in the long-term. But in the short-term, you want to save to invest and eventually become a millionaire. Therefore, you should put away your savings in secured accounts.


Once you have deposited your savings in accounts, do not think of withdrawing from them. Just know those accounts are inaccessible for a prescribed period. You’ll be compelled to look for avenues to increase your income on your way to millionaire status.

Contrary to popular belief, investing is not as challenging or intimidating as it is made out to be. You can start by making contributions to your 401(b) or 401 (k) account offered by your employer. After that, you can consider opening a Roth IRA or an individual retirement account depending on your income or earnings.


5. Set Goals That You Can Achieve

Simply setting goals to slowly and steadily augment your earnings may not suffice if you want to be a millionaire. It helps to chalk out an effective plan or clearcut scheme to realize your goals. However, before you can start working on your project, it is far more crucial for you to figure out whether the goals are really achievable.


Setting down goals on a piece of paper is one thing but preparing yourself mentally to achieve them is a whole new ballgame. Remember nobody’s perfect, and hence you must carefully analyze your virtues and downsides before you get down to listing your goals. You must be confident that you’ll be successful in achieving plans to be a millionaire in the long run.

You’ll need to stay focused and gain a sound knowledge of the field you intend to specialize in and work with dedication. You cannot afford to lose sight of your ultimate goal to become a millionaire.


4. Work for Yourself

If you’re aiming to be a millionaire thanks to your day job, then you’ll be disheartened sooner or later. There, you have to function as per your employer’s wishes. That hard work contributes towards the company’s growth and development rather than your own.


Of course, many working professionals have become CEO of the organization where they worked for years. However, instances of employees advancing to take the CEO mantle are few and far between. So if you’re thinking of making a million by staying put, in all likelihood it might take a lifetime.

Remember that you’ll need to work for yourself to accomplish your dreams. If not, you’ll spend the entire life helping others achieve theirs.


3. Change The Way You Think About Money

All those who became immensely wealthy or successful by their efforts think that their attitude towards money had a significant bearing on their success. Every individual on the face of this earth has the potential to become rich. Unfortunately, only a few succeed in becoming millionaires. It’s how the successful and wealthy people think that sets them apart from the masses. Normal folks think that becoming inordinately wealthy is impossible. On the other hand, ambitious individuals firmly believe that they can earn millions.


Self-improvement is the best way to set yourself on the path to accomplishing your goals. The more you try to boost your knowledge and develop your personality, the greater your chances of attaining success. A good number of affluent and well-off individuals dedicate the better part of their working day reading books, studying an online program, participating in webinars, and so on. Aim for the sky to reach the treetops. Do not draw the line at making a million, but set your sets on becoming a multimillionaire. Once you become a millionaire, raise the bar by aspiring to become much more.

Individuals who struggled for years to become incredibly successful and well-to-do tend to be humble. You’ll rarely come across a self-employed billionaire or a millionaire who happens to be ostentatious and leads a flashy lifestyle. These individuals did not set out to become rich to display their wealth and prove that one can become successful through hard work.


2. Think About New Sources of Revenue

There’s another attribute that most of the millionaires all over the world have in common. If you study the lives of millionaires, you’ll find that the majority continually explore and exploit different income-generating sources. One author who took time to look at well-to-do lifestyles observed that 29% tapped more than five heads, 45% harnessed at least four starts, and 65% exploited nothing less than three references.


So if you’re sincerely looking forward to becoming a millionaire shortly, you can start exploring a side hustle. You can take up a freelancing position or a part-time job that’ll fetch you a supplemental income besides your monthly salary. However, make sure you don’t choose a side hustle randomly. Instead, opt for a side hustle that you’re incredibly passionate about. Find something that allows you to fulfill your creative urge.


1. Aim For These Side Hustle Options

Side hustles have one marked edge over regular part-time jobs. They offer the leeway of deciding how much you want to work and make. Significantly enough, a side hustle can not only serve as an effective way of making yourself debt-free, but also let you evaluate your entrepreneurial skills.


You can explore a wide range of side hustles, including but not limited to:

  • Freelance content writing
  • Tutoring online
  • Walking dogs
  • Babysitting
  • Making and promoting handicrafts
  • House cleaning
  • Catering
  • Survey taking
  • Mystery shopping
  • Social media influencer
  • Photography services

You can explore any of the above side hustles for making a little extra without giving up your full-time job.