20 Things To Never Say When Meeting A Millionaire

Some people try to name drop famous friends to impress others. Credit: Shutterstock

19. Name-Dropping Celebrities

One of the most cliche things people do when meeting a millionaire for the first time is to name-drop the richest person they know. Or they might mention the fact that they met a celebrity. Even if they don’t actually know the celebrity very well, they think that name-dropping will help get them to a higher social circle. The reality of the situation is that name-dropping is very obvious and is a huge turnoff. Even if you were friends with a celebrity, name-dropping still doesn’t work. This tells others that you’re riding their coattails. 

Some people desperately want the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Credit: Shutterstock

Real rich people don’t get worked up about celebrities. They might not actually want to be famous because they want to maintain their privacy. Basically, if you are very successful and confident in your own abilities, you want your own name to shine instead of bragging about knowing someone who’s famous.