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20 Business Ventures for Domesticated People

SimiSeptember 13, 2018

The choice a parent makes to stay at home to raise the children is not the easiest decision to make. However, it gives you the unique opportunity to be a major part of your children’s daily lives. The stay-at-home parent is there for all the big moments, as well as for the small. You get to know their friends and be involved in their school lives.

Although it’s a priceless experience, for a lot of stay-at-home parents, this is not always enough. Parenting is the greatest job in the world, but people are not just parents. There are times when they want to do more with their lives. But once you have been out of the working world for a couple of years, it can seem like a daunting task to get back into it. And, perhaps your experience is a bit outdated or you just don’t know where to start.

Also, there is the time factor. While you may have more free time as the kids grow up, you do not necessarily have the time to work a fulltime job. There are, however, ventures a stay-at-home parent could go into without having to sacrifice time with their children.

These jobs also bring in some much-needed income into your family. No matter the circumstances of the main income earner, extra money can go a long way in maintaining the family and household.

1. Freelance Writing

Do you have a knack for writing? Have you always been the type of person who devours any and every piece of writing within reach? Do you have a considerable vocabulary as well as a distinctive style of getting your point across? If this is the case, you could possibly be suited to freelance or ghostwriting. The idea with these jobs is to write articles and blog posts for existing web-based companies.

These can be about absolutely anything. And, it all depends on your specific skill set. It can be hard to break into this field, so it is generally advised to start your own website ahead of time. Here you will post your writing, so that you can begin to build a digital resume.

However, with ghostwriting, you get no recognition. You write for another writer who then publishes your pieces under their name. If you are alright with this, then there is a wide world for you to explore. Lastly, this job is incredibly flexible and can be quite interesting as the topics change with the prevailing trends.

2. Gardening

Do you have a green thumb? Have you always been able to grow whatever you set your mind to regardless of the climate? When it comes to starting your own small business, the key is to look at the skills that you already possess. There is no point in acquiring new skills if you are already gifted with a couple of them. And when it comes to gardening, there are a couple of options that are available to you.

You could grow your own herbs and flowers and sell them for teas, soaps or potpourris, or you could teach people. Also, you could help others maintain their gardens and landscapes. If you already have a garden, just scale your business to the size of land that is available to you. If you are interested in teaching people, you could start holding seminars in your own backyard.

Because you are using your existing skills and premises, there is not a huge amount of cash necessary to get this business going. And, if you use the right advertising and marketing, you will soon make a name for yourself with people who are interested in learning.

3. Cleaning Homes

No one wants to live in a dirty or untidy home. Even if a person is not a neat freak, they still want their homes to be tidy and welcoming. But, while everyone wants to live in this kind of environment, not everyone is able to achieve this alone. Maybe they don’t have the time, or they simply don’t know how. Cleaning is not for everyone, after all.

These people don’t simply live in a dirty home. No, they hire people to clean their homes. So, this could be a wonderful business opportunity for you. But, you wouldn’t be cleaning all these homes yourself. Rather, you would be the middleman. The role being, to source reliable people who are looking for work and then link them up with those who are looking for house cleaning services.

However, there is also a level of maintenance required, including scheduling and extended working relationships. A person in this position would need considerable people skills, along with a knack for networking and organizing. You will also probably need to be quite skilled in conflict resolution if it were to pop up.

4. Medical Billing

The health care industry in America can be an incredibly daunting place. There are so many laws and players, it can be a stressful situation for those who shouldn’t be under that much stress. When there is so much chaos and uncertainty in a situation, a mediator could go a long way. In term of medical billing, this person is responsible for delivering bills and invoices.

Also, they serve as the middleman between healthcare organizations and insurance companies. Medical billers need the relevant qualifications. But you can easily obtain it online or from a local institution. Once attained, you would be able to market yourself as a consultant for medical billing.

There will be times when conflicts arise, so you will need to be adept at dealing with such things. Also, to gain insights in the field put in some hours at a doctor’s office. This will give you some hands-on experience on the whole billing procedure.

5. Selling Slightly Owned Clothing

The sitcoms in the 1990s and 2000s all joked about the middle child wearing hand-me-down clothing. The idea was, that if you had to wear second-hand clothing, then you are not financially liquid. And perhaps when the economy was stable, this statement had some validity. Whatever the case may be, this is not the story today.

In fact, buying second-hand clothing is becoming more and more popular. Not only is it a far more affordable option than heading to a store, you can also find some incredibly funky and interesting outfits. With this market expanding, a parent could get their foot in the door by starting their own online business.

The idea is to sell slightly used clothes for other people and then split the profit with them. Start-up costs are almost non-existent here which means that you could get your little business off the ground quickly. And with a little ingenuity and creativity, you could land yourself quite the lucrative venture.

6. College Application Consultant

When it comes time to apply for colleges, most families have no clue where to start. If there is an older sibling in the family, it might be less of a hit-and-miss scenario. But for most families, it is a daunting task with mountains of paperwork and flyers to traverse. And then there is the money issue since college is incredibly expensive.

In fact, it’s so expensive, most students take years to pay off their student loan debt. So, there is a need for people to research and come up with a financial plan to suit each family. Also, they need to have the relevant information regarding colleges, courses and how to apply for each institution.

A person who goes into this business needs a strong desire to help and work with people, both parents and prospective students alike. Also, this same person must possess considerable researching skills and a knowledge of financial planning.

7. Mobile Spa Operator

Spa days can be a glorious experience. They leave you relaxed and brimming with youth and vitality. However, there are a couple of issues. The first is that heading off for a whole day can be quite impossible. The second is that they are also quite expensive.

But, by opening a mobile spa, you could resolve both issues rather effortlessly. By offering a mobile service, people don’t need to leave their homes or offices to get a spa experience. You could offer massages, pedicures and manicures in the comfort of their own homes. This would be especially beneficial for people who work from home and the elderly who are not that mobile.

You could also charge less for your services that other spas because your expenses are less than brick and mortar spas. There is no need for rent, electricity or other operating costs. So, all you will need to spend money on is wages and supplies. However, to keep costs low, you should have some knowledge of bookkeeping and other rated finances.

8. Gift Basket Maker

A well-made gift basket can be a wonderful gift. It is the equivalent of receiving a surprise gift bag as a kid. There are just so many little things that you discover as you dig deeper. The problem is, not everyone knows how to make gift baskets. They have a great idea in their heads, but they are not sure how to bring it all together.

For some reason the smells don’t mix, the ribbons don’t sit right and everything just has that thrown together feeling. But, if you can make a gift basket to die for, you have a marketable skill. The great thing is, you can mark up your products according to your skill level and make quite a bit of money.

Also, there is a larger scope with this business because some companies and people will place large orders of baskets. So, the key to success as a gift basket maker is creativity and marketing.

9. Graphic Designer

This job requires a pre-existing qualification or at the least, some sort of noteworthy experience. Although you could do a part-time course and build up your experience, it could end up taking quite a bit of time. Also, it would cost you some money upfront, as well. However, if you have the experience or the qualification, why not use it?

Companies will always need pamphlets. People will always advertise their products by having others hand out their brochures. And you could be the person who designs these. The first step would be to make some connections. So, you need somebody who can recommend you to a company. And if you do a remarkable job, then future commissions will surely follow.

Working on projects like this can be wonderfully fulfilling for those who are gifted with a creative bone. Also, apart from advertising and marketing, the start-up costs are not considerable. So, it’s a feasible business venture for someone who has some free time on their hands.

10. Grant Writer

When a person or company wants a grant, they need to write a letter or proposal outlining why they need it, and how they will use the money. During the process of applying for a grant, these people may write dozens of these letters before they get a reply. But, if you have a knack for writing and are passionate about helping people, this is where you could come into the picture.

Working on a freelancing or consulting basis, you could start marketing yourself as a grant writer. The job entails seeking out grants and then working on the application process. However, a grant writer only gets paid once they have awarded the grant. But if you do this for a couple of organizations, the money could add up.

Remember, there is a delay between when you start working and when you get paid. So, this is not a job for people who need money quickly. But, once you successfully get a few grants, then slowly but surely, people will start hiring you.

11. Home Health Aid

A couple of decades ago, health care was affordable. However, that is not the case today. This is especially true for the elderly or sick people who can’t look after themselves. So, they require assistance to do a multitude of activities. But, there are a lucky few who can afford to live in assisted living homes. Still, there are also far too many of these people who are left to fend for themselves.

And these people could benefit greatly from the help of a person who doesn’t charge too much for their services. This is not a job a person could feasibly do alone. But, the real value in this business is being able to manage a couple of people who are willing to offer their services to these elderly or sickly people.

However, this job is wrapped up in a whole host of laws. So, you’ll need to learn all the laws that are in place in your community or state. However, if you can follow them, you’ll offer a valuable service to needy people.

12. Medical Spa Owner

This business is similar to the mobile spa, but there is a fair amount of regulations involved. Although the treatments are cosmetic in nature, they are also controversial in certain areas. So, before doing anything, you’ll need to consult with a lawyer. By doing this, you will be aware of the prevailing laws regarding the procedures.

Remember, you’ll need to know the do’s and don’ts to observe when signing contracts. However, when you have all the relevant knowledge, you’ll be ready to start your business. Also, there could be less mobility than a mobile spa as you could need a sterile facility to perform certain procedures. But this will all be covered in the meeting with a lawyer.

However, the services medical spas offer include laser hair removal, Botox and other cosmetic skin care services. But, you don’t need to offer all of them. Instead, you could have a singular specialized focus. And finally, the demand for such services could translate into a considerable income for you.

13. Music Entertainer

With the advent of tablets, smartphones and media players, children don’t interact with music as they have in the past. Added to this digital drain is the fact that when a school cuts their budget, they almost always ax the music department first. And while an appreciation for music will probably not get you into college, it is by no means useless.

In fact, many studies have proved that children who are exposed to classical music and instruments showed remarkable improvements in their overall concentration levels and academics. Music is useful, so they need to include it more in children’s lives. And if you are musically inclined, you could play a vital role in this initiative.

The idea would be to put together musical shows that are interactive, entertaining and educational. Your target would be schools and day-care centers. Initially, you might need to do a free show so that the school knows what you offer and how appropriate it is for the children. However, you need to love working with children to succeed in this position.

14. Document Shredder and Recycler

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the confidential documents that you give to the bank and other institutions? Clearly, they don’t have the space to store all these indefinitely. Also, they can’t simply throw them in the bin. In fact, not only would the customer complain, but it is against the law.

So, these companies are required to shred such documents. And now there are some who have invested in their own paper shredders. But, this is not an option for every company or person. So, you have the golden opportunity to invest in your own shredder. You could offer the service to companies of all sizes. And you will go to their premises on a regular basis and shred their documents.

But then you can offer the added service to take the shredded materials and deliver them to a recycling center. However, for a business like this to succeed, you need to sign long-term contracts and develop strong business relationships. Also, you’ll need to do a fair amount of research, so you are able to set your prices to be competitive in the existing market.

15. Website Consultant

People do almost everything online these days. So, it is basically impossible to get a business going without a webpage. In fact, almost every item on this list would require a website if it were to grow. And even as a website consultant, you would need a website to market your services.

But, who creates these websites? And better yet, who maintains them? This is the job of a website consultant. These people not only create the website, but they can also maintain the finished creation for years to come. So, they get a steady stream of income.

But to break into this market, there are a couple of skills you need to possess beforehand. For example, you should be experienced in banners, links, Search Engine Optimisation, graphics and copywriting. Also, a website consultant needs to be quite creative.

They need to be able to design, build and maintain web pages that are functional and attractive. As it stands, there is a massive demand for such skills. So, with the right marketing, a business like this is bound to succeed. However, it’s all in the webpage you create for yourself.

16. Wedding Planner

People will always get married. And these days, people are doing it when they have a fair amount of money in the bank. So, this means, if you are good at being a wedding planner, you could make quite a lot of money. However, people who go into wedding planning need to love weddings, as well as be aware of all the necessary work.

As a wedding planner, you’ll need to know what looks good. Also, you’ll need to find the best photographers, caterers and bakers in town. And, you’ll need to make strong connections with people regarding venues. So, the list is endless. Also, you’ll need to know how to manage people.

Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful for the bride and groom. A wedding planner needs to be prepared for breakdowns and have a contingency plan. Remember, this is not a job for the faint of heart or the unorganized. So, it is for a person who has a knack for detail and planning.

17. Personal Chef

Do you love to cook but you don’t have enough people to cook for each day? Or, maybe your family is more interested in burgers than haute cuisine. And are they are tired of listening to you go on about nutritional values and the importance of clean, healthy eating? The point is, there are people out there who would love to eat your food.

And, provided it is delicious, they will be quite willing to pay for it. So, this is the job of a professional chef. As a personal chef, you can decide just how much you want to work. You could offer all three meals or just a gourmet dinner. The job is flexible, so you can schedule it to fit your routine and lifestyle.

However, this job is not for people who simply enjoy cooking. To be a personal chef, you need to be a great cook well versed in nutrition. Your client’s kitchens may differ greatly, so a personal chef needs to be adaptable. Also, it is better to own a full set of equipment that is portable.

18. Animal Caregiver

The job of an animal caregiver involves looking after animals in exchange for money. So, it is certainly reserved for people who love animals and are not allergic to them. However, many people have pets that they adore, but they don’t have time to walk or play with them as much as they would like.

Also, there are people who can’t take their pets on holiday with them. So, they require someone to look after them while they are away. And if you love spending time with animals and looking after them, this is where you would be of great help.

You could start by offering your services to people you know. And, then work off that to build a larger client base. The beauty of this job is that you get paid for doing something you enjoy. Also, if your business starts to grow, you can expand by hiring like-minded individuals. These people could work with you to look after a host of different pets.

19. Sewing Business Owner

This is an opportunity for people who are creative. Specifically, you’ll need a special talent in the sewing department. So, if this is you, there are many options available in terms of a business venture. You could go into the business of custom-made curtains. And this would entail working with clients to pick both a fabric and design, as well as assembling the finished product.

And, if interior design is not your speed, there is always embroidery. People will always need articles with embroidered insignias and monograms. However, most don’t want to go to a store to purchase such things.

So, starting up a sewing business is relatively easy as your clients are all around you. Just tell your friends and family what you are offering and then ask them to tell all their friends about it. This is the nature of networking, and it could work wonders for a person who is trying to get a small business off the ground. Also, you can do all of the grunt work in your free time for a flexible schedule.

20. Soap Maker

People love unique, personalized products. Also, they enjoy having something that they have never seen before, as well as when people comment on them. Although it might sound like an odd idea to start making and selling soap, people love those kinds of things. So, they do buy them.

And, the best part about soap making is that it gives you an opportunity to be creative. Also, you have the opportunity to make a green product by sourcing the ingredients from your own backyard.

Some ingredients include herbs and flowers that all work together to produce a fresh product that is environmentally friendly. So, there is no need for a lab or harsh chemicals. Best yet, you can do everything safety in your kitchen. But the key is in the packaging. There is no use having a wonderful product if it is not attractive.

So, consult with a graphic designer, if necessary. The idea is to create a product that is unique and lovely. Also, it should be delicious to smell and look at, too. And it can work as a delightful gift.

Did you find any ideas on this list of the 20 business ventures for the stay-at-home parent? You can spend more time with your family and still make a little or even a lot of cash. But remember, the key is to plan and prepare yourself. That way, you’ll avoid any major pitfalls.