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16 Negative Things Smart People Have Given Up to Be Successful

SimiJuly 11, 2018

14. Listening to Lies and Half-Truths

Most people know a lie when they hear one. But in recent decades, there has been a rise in spin. This is when a person dissembles the truth, then shades and adjusts it to support a certain point of view. Like that old propaganda, it contains some truth to make it credible. It makes the lies subtle and nuanced, so it is more difficult to ascertain the truth. In this environment, some cynicism is necessary.

Successful people must maintain a steady compass, moral or otherwise, in this hard-to-navigate environment. Successful people often must display their spin skills. More importantly, they must cut through the obfuscation to get to the truth of the matter. While they have advisers and PR people to help, this ultimately rests upon them. They must work to keep the practice of truth-telling alive in their organization.

Crucial to this skill is the ability ask the right questions because no one knows everything. Making sure there is the capacity within an organization to question things, rather than act as yes-men is crucial to the sustainability of the business. Recent examples of this failure include several businesses that practiced unethical accounting their auditing firms didn’t pick up until it caused public scrutiny.

This digital age also allows rumors and gossip to travel the world instantaneously. This dissemination means the slightest whisper of the wrong kind can severely impact stock prices or currency levels. Successful people need to know how to critically evaluate such news quickly and take the necessary steps. No one can completely audit the whole internet. Achievers evaluate all web-based research before they use or share it.

15. Worrying What People Think of You

Believing in oneself is an important prerequisite for success. Most achievers have higher standards and set higher goals than the norm. Indeed, successful people are the ones who re-set the standards by which we work and live our lives. Achievers are far too busy working and worrying about other things to ponder about what people think of them. They live in a world where results define their reality, not impressions.

People who worry about the opinions of others will do whatever it takes to make others like them. They often do what other people expect them to do. This is the exact opposite of how achievers behave. In fact, the more individual and original the achiever’s goal is, the more criticism will arise along the way. Achievers surround themselves with positivity, rather than negative influences.

Anyone who does something different is likely to elicit criticism from one person or another. Only the act of doing or saying nothing will protect you from criticism. Again, this is not how achievers behave. Achievers are comfortable with uncertainty and adversity – two things they encounter regularly in their endeavors. People who need the approval of others are not able to live with either of these.

If an achiever worries what others think of them, it could prevent them from taking risks. But risks are an inherent part of any new enterprise or project. Since projects don’t always succeed, there is no space to worry about the opinions of others. It will automatically stop the plan in its tracks. Successful people will seek advice from others, but consider it alongside their own opinions.

16. Choosing Easy Options

Becoming successful is an investment in time, effort, money and yourself. You will also encounter frustration and perhaps even a lost social life. You must commit yourself to an enterprise and that may take several attempts. It will probably many years before you succeed if you succeed. It requires dedication and discipline beyond what many people can muster.

There will also be stress along the way, as well as uncertainty. They will test your belief in yourself. You may have to forego the easy options like social events, being with friends and relaxing, among many other things. However, your life is richer when you enjoy these pastimes to a degree. And when you become successful, your responsibilities will increase, so your free time will decrease.

But, if you have an entrepreneurial personality, the challenges you face are what make life worthwhile. You will feel most like yourself when immersed in the challenges of your projects. Time will fly, and you will feel dynamic and re-energized. Difficulties will fade as quickly as the pain of an athlete starting their next match.

You will feel your experiences, good and bad, with the clarity people who try to numb the pain won’t. Whatever happens, success or failure, you will have memorable experiences and something to show for them. So, you can choose the easy options, or you can choose to challenge yourself to shoot for success.

These are the 16 negative things your smart friends have given up to be successful. Being an achiever is a challenge requiring a big effort on your part. You must be confident but genuine, too. Hopefully, these tips will help you meet any goals you set.