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15 US Cities Where People Can Earn Six Figures & Still Be Broke

SimiJanuary 30, 2018
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1. Washington DC Metro:

This is the Washington Metropolitan area and includes part of Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia. It boasts some of the richest and most educated citizens in the entire United States. It is the 6th biggest Metropolitan in America and houses over 6 million people. The capital district of Washington D.C. was officially formed when the Residence Act was signed in July 1790. This district is under exclusive jurisdiction and thus does not actually form part of a state. Legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government are all based here. There are also 176 international embassies here along with countless historical monuments. In 2010, the Gross State Product of this district sat at $101.3 billion.

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Business service and professional jobs together make up the diverse economy in Washington. In the Washington Metropolitan area, the 2nd biggest city is Arlington which is found in Arlington County. On the bank of the Potomac River, Washington D.C is but across the way from Arlington.  This city has some of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Virginia. The economy is quite diverse, but there is a large portion of the workforce which is employed by the federal government.

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Alexandria is on the same side of the Potomac River as Washington D.C and is only 7 miles to the south of the home of the American Government. The government influence is quite strong in the workforce and economy of this independent city. A large amount of the employees works for the federal government and its related services, in the military or at private companies that are contracted by the federal government.

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Being such a highly educated region and also the home of the government of the United States, it is to be expected that many households earn above the 6-figure income bracket. But, along with this high earning potential comes an even higher cost of living. Using the same methods as previously used, any six-figure-earning household would need to spend 105% of their earnings on living expenses.