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How These 15 Billionaires Had To Fail To Succeed

LoraineNovember 27, 2017
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15. James Dyson and His Bag-less Vacuum Cleaners

James Dyson was not born a great inventor. He had no specific talents or gifts. Inventors that are familiar to us are considered grinders. People that simply didn’t quit, like Thomas Edison. Sir James Dyson is one of those people. Due to frustration of his own vacuum experience, he committed to creating a bag-less vacuum cleaner. He now sells his bag-less vacuum cleaners in over 50 countries around the world and it has made him a billionaire. Before he succeeded, he experienced a lot of failures.

One might even say he failed 5127 times. That’s how many prototypes he created in the name of the perfect vacuum cleaner. It took him 15 years to create a product he was willing to take to the market. His first vacuum made its debut in 1993. To create the vacuum based on Dyson’s patented principle which can only be described as a cyclone effect was the means in which to create a bag-less vacuum cleaner.

This is what Dyson had to say about his journey to success,
‘There are countless times an inventor can give up on an idea. By the time I made my 15th prototype, my third child was born. By 2,627, my wife and I were really counting our pennies. By 3,727, my wife was giving art lessons for some extra cash. These were tough times, but each failure brought me closer to solving the problem.’
Partially thanks to his supportive wife coupled with his unrelenting drive regardless of failures, Dyson was going to succeed. Today James Dyson has a net worth of $ 4.5 billion.

All of these highly successful billionaires were at points in their life where they failed. Each of them will tell you failure is a part of success. Without it, you will never know what you’re doing wrong. We are a goal-oriented species so it’s in our nature to just keep going until we get it right. Society may have taught us to play safe in life but without the courage to fail, none of the highly successful people on this list would have made it to where they are today.