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15 Online Businesses To Start With $0 Money and Two Weeks of Free time

adminDecember 26, 2017

First of all, no need to stress over such a matter. Stress is just something that can prevent you from achieving your full potential in a time of need. Instead, use the pressure that surrounds you to harness all the creativity your mind is able to muster. Only then will you be able to traverse the mental block and proceed to earn some much-needed cash. Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways to do so, thanks to one cultural phenomenon – the internet.

Instead of scouring the town looking for manual labor, you can use your brain and your computer as a joint force to earn some much-needed cash. Having an online source of money to help solve your problems is a big advantage.

Whether it is paying off your debts or fines or scraping up finances for a trip – these means of getting thick pockets quick are the real deal. Every one of them, given the right effort and circumstances, can work to perfection. Before everything else, persistence is the building block of every success.

Whether it is luck, employing knowledge, combining luck and knowledge – these 15 ways of earning money fast will change much more than your bank account balance. You will feel more capable, gain some valuable knowledge and see your self-confidence rise through the roof. After all, you can use the initial funds as a basis for a future project. Every man has an entrepreneur within himself, now it’s time to find yours. Let’s go!

1. Online Betting

Now, watching sports is generally frowned upon and deemed as something not so useful in real life. This may just be true for the majority of the population. Oftentimes, people use Monday night football as a means to escape their chores or work obligations. But, a question should be posed right there – is that just a cry of boredom or a real love of sports. If you do indeed love watching sports, you can capitalize on it.

Online betting on games and players is the fastest way to earn a lot of money, seemingly without any limits. If you follow the NBA, why not try to guess how many points will the two teams score all together? How about predicting if Victor Oladipo will score more than 25 points the next game, considering his current form? All those fun facts and stats you know can be turned into a lot of money and fast. Of course, luck is a big factor here, but having a sufficient knowledge of sports is a big advantage.

In order to truly capitalize on the chance you have – aim at free bets. The catch is that many betting sites offer a substantial amount of money for free bets, just for first-timers. You can use that house money to earn yourself a profit that you can earn free money.

If you lose? No harm done, nobody will be able to deduct that money, as it was never yours in the first place. The best part about this is that you can make multiple accounts in order to maximize your chances of winning. Sports betting is much more than gambling, it can be a way to turn knowledge into money.

2. Filling out surveys

In recent years especially, we have a strange way of looking at work. Somehow, no matter the disadvantages, a full-time job is always seen as positive. However, this option might not be possible for people who already work another job or study at a university. If you need to make money in less than two weeks, looking for a full-time job is not an option. However, you can search for a viable alternative to squeeze into your schedule.

One popular option for students is – filling out online surveys! There are many sites which employ people part-time. Usually, the registration process is quite simple. You apply and connect your PayPal account to your account on that site. There, you start filling out online surveys. They usually contain only a few words, one paragraph at most. There are also some easy ones, like a multiple choice answer sheet or something similar.

If you have free time and a sufficient amount of persistence, this is a good job for you. In order to earn money, you have to be patient. Usually, the money will drip slow – at around 10 to 50 cents per survey. However, if you opt to do a lot of them each day, you may be able to have some money at the end of your decisive two-week period.

In order to accomplish this venture, you have to set out a plan and register an account on just about every survey site there is. If you’re in need of some holiday gifts, there are options for that too. Some sites don’t give just money, but rewards or vouchers for a certain purpose.

3. Get paid for searching the web

Web browsing is something that we do almost a hundred times per day, without even noticing. The internet has become an all-knowing database of knowledge and we are quick to exploit the advantages it gives us. In order to find out something new or to double check a piece information we already possess, we turn to the holy trio of search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing! However, in the use of these engines, hides another way to earn a profit when obtaining one is an urgent task.

There are certain sites with whom you can strike a deal. By downloading certain add-ons or trackers, you can actually earn money just by performing random Google searches. You do this every day many times, right? Of course, but then why shouldn’t you make a profit. One of the most significant sites in this area of internet marketing and profit -making is Qmee.com. Earning a dollar simply requires downloading an addon and clicking on the signified results.

Qmee.com actually sponsors some advertisers or websites, in turn for allowing them to spread their brand as much as possible. The highlighted results will show up in a different color, with a secret cash prize hiding behind it. This isn’t always a big some, mostly revolving around 10 cents or a little bit more. There are some sites which allow you to strike gold, at over $10 dollars on your first click.

Enabling this great way of money influx will only boost your bank account. It isn’t some outrageous amount of money. It’s still a good quantity, especially if you plan your two weeks like a pro.

4. Online market trading

You’ve probably watched the Wolf of Wall Street, right? There, you can see hundreds of stockbrokers as they go through their day. Back then, the stock trading world was a closed one. You had to get a substantial amount of papers and diplomas, along with some important connections, just in order to be able to enter the world of market trading. Many people, willing to earn some quick cash, were discouraged from entering the industry. That sort of mindset is a thing of the past nowadays, believe it or not.

The future of stock trading is no Wall Street, but online market trading platforms. Sites like eToro.com and Plus500.com are giving everyone a fair chance to invest their money. You can use free trial accounts, but you can also invest a small amount in order to get an unlimited, premium account. You will be able to buy shares just like the men in suits and also feel that same money in your hands. What’s the trick?

The trick, in this case, is the risk. If you’re fond of economy and finance, you may be able to navigate yourself through this world with ease. If not, you will still be able to traverse the initial block and expand your knowledge and feel for the game.

However, some sites offer both a signup bonus, plus an option to track the activity of the top traders. That way, you can simply mimic their moves and earn quite a bit of money. Online stock trading is a great way to capitalize on a boom of a company or to save yourself during the fall of one, too.

5. Review websites and test apps for cash

If you’re a PC or smartphone user, there is a high possibility that you encounter apps every single moment of your day. They better your gadget use and allow you to access all the cool features one might need to live an efficient and easy life. But, have you ever thought about how do these apps get approved? They don’t just get thrown on the App Store without any testing beforehand, right? Of course, they don’t and you can snatch a dollar or two in that industry. Let us explain.

Applications of any kind need to be tested before publishing them. Instead of hiring professionals to assess every bit of their functioning, many companies turn to the layman for help. It makes sense when you think about it. Not many apps are made for nitpicky programmers, but regular users. The only thing they require is ease of use. Thus, companies allow certain users to test the apps for them, in order to see how they perform.

This is done through sites like UserTesting.com. You simply sign up and take up applications that are in need of testing. In order to earn money, you have to perform a trial and a review of about 20-30 minutes. After the job is done and a thorough review is delivered, you will net around $10 via PayPal. This is an excellent way of earning some really good cash over the course of a few days.

Furthermore, you can make a functioning plan in order to take advantage of your free time and enable yourself to get a first-hand look at some cutting-edge apps, all while getting paid for it. Sounds good, right?

6. Trade cryptocurrency

When someone mentions the subject of money, you probably start thinking about paper notes, right? Sure, this is the way money has been for the past few centuries, with no apparent end in sight. But hold on for just a bit, what if there was a form of money that is decentralized? Let’s say that this money would be completely controlled by its users, not a governing bank that rules over the people with an iron fist, in an oligarchic system.

You’re in luck because you can earn money by doing business with that money. Even though this sounds and seems paradoxical, it’s a true paradigm of our world. Cryptocurrencies have taken over our economy. People use them to pay for stuff online, as more and more companies and retailers are offering payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. This is because money transfers this way are untraceable and cannot incriminate anyone. But where do you fit in in all of this?

Well, dear friend, you can take on the role of a Bitcoin miner. “Mining” is a slang word for using special hardware and software to be the link between people transferring Bitcoin from one to another. During these transactions, a small fee gets deposited in your “wallet”. Another good way of earning money using cryptocurrency is actually investing in different currencies and selling them when they blow up.

As it is with cryptocurrency, this is a risky business that just might allow you to experience a turnaround in less than two weeks. By keeping track of price bursts and rises, you will know exactly when to buy and when to sell. Selling at the right time could turn your life around.

7. Make studying notes and sell them

This method is specifically aimed at college students, giving them a way to turn knowledge into some quick cash. Earning money at this stage of your life may be tough, but it can give you an extra amount of motivation and a creativity boost, if you will. If you obtain some healthy and effective habits at this point in your life, you may very well consider yourself a lucky and accomplished man. Such habits and entrepreneurship last for an entire lifetime.

So, let’s say you’re a psychology student, in the third year of your studies. You’re fairly good at what you do and you have good marks, but you’re struggling for cash. Why not take all your old books and shorten them – create “zipped” versions for everything students need to know to pass an exam. Although this might seem a little outlandish, there is a plethora of ways from which you can approach this particular venture.

You can simply post your offer on a Facebook group and make deals to send people the encrypted text files only when they’re done sending you money to a PayPal account. Also, you can create two versions of these scripts – one for students who barely want to pass and another for those who want to get the maximum out of the subject. The other ones will, of course, be much more expensive than the first one.

There is always an exam period and there are always lazy individuals willing to pay for “zipped” knowledge. By typing out these papers, you will both earn some quick cash in two weeks, all while relearning what you knew before. You will both be a richer man and a better expert in your field.

8. Give online English lessons

English is a language that we all use in some form during the day. Most computer and smartphone-based operations are done in English. It’s the unique and incredibly effective lingua franca of this era, touching billions of lives and allowing us to communicate regardless of borders or continents. Knowing English is important and most of us think that there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t have at least good command of the English language. Well, this isn’t the case and there lies your potential profit.

Two-thirds of the world (maybe even more) don’t know not even A1 level English, but they seek ways to learn it. In an age where people don’t have time and when every second is valued, a growing trend is online English lessons. If you’re a native speaker or at least fluent in English, there is a load of cash waiting for you, without you being aware in the first place. For venturing into this area of business, the resources you need are pretty basic – a computer with a webcam and a microphone, alongside an internet connection.

You can search for top-rated English teaching sites. They are always looking for teachers because business is going crazy in this age of digitalization. You will most likely be asked to do an introductory video, alongside a test lesson. If you’re even barely good, getting a job will be a piece of cake.

You will either be paid per lesson or per hour, depending on the company you’re working for. The bottom-rated companies give anything starting from $10 per hour, whereas the better websites will pay you up to $40 per lesson! It’s a business worth exploring.

9. Claim your tax back

Have you ever worked part-time during the summer? How about a low-paid internship just to boost your CV? Every student has experienced this kind of labor and most have been forced to pay income tax due to the fact they were employed. But, there is a catch in this situation. There is a certain amount of income that is not to be taxed. Many people don’t know this and deem their taxation a pretty normal thing. As a result, many people don’t get as much money as they can. Have you ever thought about this?

In the taxation records, there are instances where you’ve been wrongly taxed, but you’ve never seen the money. Why is this? According to federal law, you have to be the one to pay attention to the amount of money you’re taxed for. If there are any regularities, you have to be the individual filing a request for a tax return. This can be a great way for you to earn some quick cash.

It may seem laughable at first, but there were instances of people getting a tax refund of over $50.000 dollars of wrongly taken money. This doesn’t have to be an eternity either, this money can be just from a 5-6 year period, believe it or not. If you file a request, you might be surprised to find that the state owes you a few hundred or thousand dollars.

It’d be stupid to expect a fortune to be left on your front porch, but getting back what you are owed can be a good financial resource in a time of need. The money will be yours the next day if you file a report in time.

10. Become an online content writer

Writing is a strange job. It just might be the only profession in the world in which everyone thinks they can do, but almost nobody can. If you have an overabundance of creativity, you might want to try honing your craft until you reach perfection. There is always content to be written and ideas to be expressed, which puts the writing profession amongst the ones that will never, ever die. You can make a profit out of it, from the comfort of your own home.

Sites like PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and others run amazing schemes. They allow clients to register an account in order to outsource for work. Upon posting an add, writers will get an opportunity to compete for a job that will be paid for. Therefore, these content writing sites both give companies a chance to discover young and talented writers, as well as giving unaffirmed writers a chance to shine and earn some money. And if you’re down for investing some time and trying the best you can, money will flow on the regular.

The advantage of content writing sites is just the sheer diversity of content to be written. You have magazine editors looking for someone to write a 150-word article about face masks in one instance. In another, you can see someone paying a few thousand dollars for a 150-page long book about capitalism.

There is something for everyone and people are paying good money for something you, in particular, might be good at. On the other hand, you can choose to practice areas of writing which you’re not so good at. This not only gives you experience and a bettering of your skills, but also a valuable addition to your CV.

11. Trading domain names

First of all, we want to clarify what a domain even is. In short words, it’s a virtual address at which you can find a website. By typing that particular domain out on your keyboard, you get an immediate window inside the sphere of services that you’re looking for. It’s the most sophisticated form of communication and information sharing. But what do domain names have to do with enlarging your wallet? The notion is pretty simple and people simply refuse to acknowledge it.

Domain names can be traded. Let’s convert this situation to an allergy, in order to understand how domain trading functions. Imagine that you have a piece of land at an excellent location. From that piece of land, you can be anywhere in town in just about five minutes. It’s the absolute best location. Now, all of a sudden, there is a rich guy that wants that land. He doesn’t want because of convenience, but only to prevent others from holding that prestige. Because of this, he is willing to pay 100 times the amount of money you’ve bought the property. You sell it and earn cash.

Like with physical locations, some website names are cool and attract a lot of customers. There isn’t a company in the world that wants a complex web address. In order to get the best one possible, companies are willing to buy the best ones just so they won’t have competition.

Here’s where you come in. You can register any domain you want for a small amount of money. Afterwards, you can shop it on domain exchange websites in order to gain a profit. It’s probably the fastest way of earning money online, out of all the possible ways.

12. Offer online tutoring

Everyone has something they’re good at. Even if it’s a medial skill by definition, there is at least one person in the world who doesn’t have that skill. There is also at least one person who doesn’t have that skill but is willing to pay good money to earn that knowledge or privilege. Although there are growing the debates about whether knowledge should be free, capitalizing on your brainpower is the best feeling in the world.

If you’re a college student, there is an infinite way of earning financial resource because of what you already know. Many middle schools and high school kids are struggling during their semesters, as well as a large number of college kids. Why not take the chance to help someone and earn a lot of money over a period of two weeks? There are numerous places where you can leave an ad that you’re offering lessons on certain subjects.

The most obvious and easiest group to target is young children. Everyone with a high school diploma can give lessons in English, literature, and algebra. Even lessons in such basic school subjects can net you earning of $20 per hour as a starting rate. This is a good way both to enrich young minds and help people, as well as earn some money on the side.

Of course, it’s great that you can earn hundreds of dollars over the course of two weeks, but you can also think ahead. If you gain some students to give Skype lessons to during finals, they can become your long-term customers. Like with every other good service, people tend to recommend a good tutor to their friends. Just like that, your business will grow and you’ll have an influx of money at any time.

13. Selling stock photos

Have you ever seen a photo of a random sidewalk on the cover of a magazine? How about a lush garden? Or even a snapshot of a rock concert on a website. These are all stock photos, photographs without a trademark or a sign that can be bought and used in any circumstance. They can literally be anything that is of use to a brand, company or anyone else. It’s a growing market that you can get in on fairly easily.

There are sites like Flickr, Fotolia, and itstockphoto, which specialize in selling such photographs. By uploading your snaps, you give yourself a chance of earning quite a lot of money. Every photo has to go through a rigorous check to see if it fits the description of a stock photo. If everything is okay, you are ready to tag your photos and help potential clients find them. By searching for a certain term, they will come one step closer to finding your photograph and purchasing it.

When you’re on a trip somewhere, take your camera or smartphone with you and try to snap some good stock photos of monuments and landmarks there. Tourist and travel websites live off of stock photos! On average, a stock photo is sold for $10. If you’re productive enough and willing to sacrifice a substantial amount of time, you will get handsomely paid.

This is a money-earning method that goes both ways – you expand your artistic skills and earn a lot in the process. If you have a good amount of quality photographs with no brands on them, consider uploading them and trying yourself out. Clients are quick to find the photos and buy them.

14. Sell your games or gaming accounts

A while ago, you had to buy a physical copy of a game on a CD in order to play it. Sure, it was simple even by today’s standards. You just had to put the CD into the corresponding drive and install the game. However, this created complications. If you lost the CD or damaged your PC, you would have to buy a new copy of the game and spend even more money. All this became a thing of the past when gaming engines arrived.

Engines like Steam and Origin allow you to buy games online and have them on your account forever. A tornado tore down your home and destroyed your computer? No problem, all you have to do is login to your Steam account and you can play just where you left off. The gaming cloud service is one of the best things to happen to the tech world. If you’re short on money, the answer to a quick payout may be lying within your Steam and Origin accounts.

Chances are you have 30+ games on your accounts, plus some amazing progress on them, right? Well, you should think to sell your account to someone else. There are people who don’t really have the nerves of playing games non-stop, so they literally buy other people’s accounts in order to have a better experience.

If you’ve been playing well at, let’s say, League of Legends, people are going to be willing to purchase your account for even a thousand or more dollars. Yes, in these cases, something you’ve been doing for fun your whole life could earn you an incredible amount of money in one single day!

15. Rent out a spare room or couch on Airbnb

Long gone are the days of going through the ads in the paper to search for an available apartment or room. Such a system made trips to another country a living hell. All that changed thanks to Airbnb, a revolutionary website that allows tourists to directly contact homeowners and see their apartments and rooms. Instead of staying at expensive hotels, people use their own homes as hostels, welcoming strangers at a reasonable price. And you can directly benefit from this!

All you have to do is make an account on Airbnb.com and post some good photos of your apartment/room/couch on the website, along with some information. There is an ongoing trend of low-cost traveling, with people looking to crash on couches for a night or two. What’s cheap for them can earn you quite a bit of money during the course of a few days. If you have a couch, you can welcome some cool foreigners and be the guide they deserve to have when coming to your homeland.

You can get at least $200 in one week, even if you don’t rent out the whole place or don’t rent out every day. However, this initial two-week financial boost can become something much more. By being a great host and allowing your guests to have a good time, you will get an awesome rating. And people love awesome rating! You will become more and more popular, with people wanting to stay at your place.

Airbnb doesn’t depend on holiday seasons and what not – everyone wants to travel all the time. By becoming a good and trusted host, you can literally live off of having a couch for a few months every year. Think about it.

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