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These Funny and Awkward Marriage Proposals Could Go Either Way

HizkiailNovember 19, 2021

Why would anyone think it’s acceptable to propose like this? You’re setting yourself up for rejection. Also, the shower curtain proposal might not be the most innovative or creative idea out there. Why not try and do something bigger and more exciting than an ugly shower curtain? Are you expected to keep using it after?

The Return Of The Marriage Proposal Check Boxes

If the person proposed to changes their mind, can they wash the box they checked off? This proposal seems destined for failure. We wish we are wrong, but we think we’re right.

Yes, yes, yes. We might be the nostalgic type, but this proposal is so sweet. The couple must have bonded over Mario Bros, and honestly, that might be the best way to get to know someone. We love video games, but Mario Bros or Mario Kart is on a whole other level. If the wedding is going to be Mario themed, we want our invitation please, as soon as possible.

You Are Invited To Mario And Princess Peach's Wedding

Who would dare say no to this? This proposal hits all the boxes on our list. Lastly, there are rings for both of them! That makes it even more romantic.

We are not trying to be mean, but this proposal might be the laziest of them all. This dude clearly wanted to show off their lightsaber and that’s the end of it. He’s wearing a university sweater. He added the accompanying text on his computer. This looks more like a greeting card you send your grandma. Come on, if you love the person you going to propose to, then give them everything you got.

This Proposal Is More For Him Than For Lisa

His intentions are good, but we wouldn’t want to spend a lifetime with someone who did the bare minimum (and we’re being generous here). Dude, if you think Lisa is the one, then give her the universe, not this holiday card.

We never thought about trucks as symbols of love, but we guess this couple (or at least one of them) had that thought cross their mind. This guy wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Tanya, and he took his truck from work to do so. He then bought some paint and a blue tarp, and proceeded to ask the big question in an artsy matter. That must have taken some effort.

Nothing Says Ever Lasting Love Like A Truck

Look at this man’s smile. You see the confidence. He is ready to start a family. We hope she said yes, and that they are still together to this day.

If you watched the funny show called Jane The Virgin, this next proposer is no stranger to you. The actor Justin Baldoni, who played Rafael Solano on the show, came up with an over-the-top marriage proposal that literally made us cry. He took the time to learn choreography, music and edited the video, bringing everything together until he kneeled on one knee and asked his now-wife to marry him.

And Finally, Rafael Solano Has Found True Love

Rafael was part of a love triangle for the first three seasons of Jane The Virgin, but to us, it is clear that both Rafael and Justin are our top picks.