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Size Doesn’t Matter: Celeb Couples With Shocking Height Differences

Monica September 22, 2023

Height differences in couples are normal. It’s unlikely that you and your partner or spouse are the same height. But it doesn’t matter who is taller or shorter as long as you’re both happy. Someone has to play the role of big spoon and little spoon, after all.

Sometimes, however, couples have such a massive height difference that it can be shocking. Like everyone else, celebrities are also prone to these height differences. It’s just that these couples get a lot more publicity, so their height differences are more noticeable. We curated a list of celeb couples with shocking height differences that will make your jaw drop, so check them out right here.

Animated Times

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

There’s nearly a foot difference between these two A-list celebrities. Ben Affleck is about 6’3″, whereas Jennifer Lopez is 5’4″ tall. Many people were in disbelief when these two got together, though they became one of those couples that everyone loved. They even had a planned wedding never happened. However, in 2021, they got back together. Even though the two can barely stand and reach each other for a kiss, they don’t seem to mind. Lopez was always seen walking a step behind Affleck, and it’s not because they were fighting. Lopez said, “He’s taller, he’s got longer arms, so I walk a step behind to make up the difference, which I’m okay with.” That’s one way to deal with the height difference (via Marca).

Living MGZ

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson

These two lovebirds have nearly a foot of height difference between them. Johnson is 6’3″, whereas Simpson is 5 ‘3″. With a 12-inch height difference, that might make hugging and kissing standing a bit difficult. Because Eric Johnson is a football player, he’s quite tall as most athletes are. At least he has a better job of reaching those places Simpson can’t, and vice versa. In a way, the two balance each other out. Now, the two are expecting their third baby, so the height didn’t get in the way (Living MGZ).


Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead

These two celebs have a 10-inch height difference. Zellweger had a successful career in film, specifically as the star of Bridget Jones’s Diary, where she earned an Academy Award nomination. Despite the awards and her busy lifestyle, she still found love with Anstead. The two want to keep their relationship private. Ant said, “It’s something I’m not willing to talk too much about. It’s early in our relationship and I don’t want to put any pressure on that.” They can’t keep the height difference private. Ant is 6’2″ and Zellweger is 5’4″. They don’t seem to mind the gap (via People).

Economic Times

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

We’ve seen a 12-inch height difference on this list, but Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson beat that with a height difference of 13 inches. The two began dating at the end of 2021, though their relationship didn’t seem to end so well. But it wasn’t only because of their major height difference. As much as you might have loved watching the two on camera together, they were never meant to last forever (via TV Show Space).

Harpers Bazaar

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Scott Disick is 5’11” while Kourtney Kardashian is 5 feet even, meaning the two of them have a height difference of 11 inches. Here’s another example of a failed Kardashian relationship. At first, Kourtney didn’t like him, and said, “I just thought he was so annoying. He was four years younger, he lived in New York, and he didn’t have a job.” Despite that, the two later fell in love with each other, despite their good and bad moments and on-again, off-again tendencies. Who knows if it was their height differences that contributed to their failed relationship, but ultimately, it didn’t work out (via Harpers Bazaar).

Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams Bosh "Create & Cultivate 100 Launch Party 2020" Black Carpet in 4K

Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams

These two have a height difference of nearly two feet, the most we’ve seen thus far. Most of us that know basketball players have extreme height differences with their partners, and this just proves this. Despite this, they look beyond their differences and the two truly fall in love with each other. Chris Bosh is nearly 7 feet in height, while his partner is around 5 feet. This likely causes some disruptions here and there, but the two don’t seem to notice. At the very least, Adrienne is probably one of the best little spoons out there (via Daily Mail).


Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar

As we’ve seen time and time again, height doesn’t matter if you truly love someone. There’s nearly a foot of height difference between these two celebs, where Gellar is basically up to Prinze’s shoulder. Even though the two weren’t originally into getting married, Prinze said, “One day, I just knew we were gonna get married and I knew I was gonna propose. I didn’t know when or how. And so I did and fortunately, she was on the same page. My instincts were correct.” They recently celebrated 20 years of marriage, after falling for each other in 2000. Shockingly, the two met on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer, which was released in 1997 (via People).

Sports Keeda

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker

If you thought 12 or 13 inches of height difference was huge, let’s take a look at Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker. They have a height difference of 14 inches. Tucker is 6’3″ inches while Hudgens is 5’1″, making the two an odd pair. It seems that Hudgens might have a thing for incredibly tall men, as her previous boyfriend Austin was 11 inches taller than her. Hypothetically speaking, she’s climbing up the ladder (via Sports Keeda).


Ashley Benson and G-Eazy

Where G-Eazy measures 6’4″, Ashley Benson is only 5’3″, so there’s about 13 inches between the two. While it might make things more difficult, like whispering in one another’s ear, the two don’t seem to mind despite the questions if they’re together or not. They have an on-again, off-again relationship, so it’s hard to tell how serious they are. Let’s hope their differences don’t stem from their height, though we wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case (via Daily Mail).

Isla Fisher is 'grateful' to be in love with Sacha Baron Cohen
Page Six

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

Despite the one-foot difference between these two, they have a strong marriage and seem to truly love each other. Sacha Baron Cohen is 6’3″ and Isla Fisher is 5’3″. The two have been married since 2013 and are going strong. They’ve both successfully starred in features like When in Rome, Veronica Mars, and Hit and Run. They’re making those hard-to-reach kisses worth the wait (via Living MGZ).

Lad Bible

Hafþór Björnsson and Kelsey Henson

There’s a mountain range between these two celebs who seem to make their 19-inch height difference work. We’re not sure how that even works, but they have it down to a science. In 2018, Hafþór Björnsson was named the World’s Strongest Man and was placed high on the podium for eight consecutive years. He’s not only taller than his wife, but he’s also quite a bit bulkier. It’s impossible not to do a double, triple, or quadruple take when a photo of these two floats around the internet (via Lad Bible).

Blog Spot

Shakira and Gerard Pique

The unfortunate split of these two means we won’t see their 14-inch difference anymore. Gerard Pique is 6’4″s tall and Shakira is only 5’2″. These two seemed like the epitome of love, where they fell for each other straight away. They tied the knot in 2011 but ended it in 2022. Supposedly, Gerard fell into infidelity, which means no more cute endeavors between these two (via Height Celeb).


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

With a height difference of 14 inches, these two might seem like an oddly paired couple. But their love makes up for those 14 inches. The two met at a dinner party in 2007 and stuck it out ever since. They’re one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood. They’re about to celebrate the 10-year mark of love. Shepard even turned down a role in Parenthood for his partner, as he didn’t want to move too far away from her (via Yahoo).

Wonder Wall

Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris

These two country singers have an 11-inch height difference. Ryan Hurd stands at 6 feet, while Maren Morris is 5’1″. Even though the two are successful as individuals, they’ve also managed to have success together. Morris seems quite tiny next to Ryan’s tall, lanky frame, and while she can cover some distance with high heels, it doesn’t seem to ever be enough to make up that 11 inches. Where are those platform shoes (via Wonderwall)?


Deryck Whibley and Ariana Cooper

These two only have 6 inches between them. Even though that’s not as shocking as some of the other celebrity couples on this list, it’s still a lot. During hardship, Ariana Cooper was Deryck Whibley’s support system when he suffered organ failure because of substance abuse. Six inches is still noticeable and a considerable difference, especially when it’s the woman who is six inches taller than the man. In this case, Ariana is 6 feet tall, while Deryck is 5’6″. The two made it through those dark times and came out stronger than ever before. True love certainly comes in all shapes and sizes (via Magazine).


Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

This celebrity couple has an on-again, off-again tendency, but it’s not because of their nine-inch height difference. This is all because of their tumultuous relationship. We first heard of them because of the reality show Summer House, where they started as friends. They probably should have stayed just friends, but the two of them gave dating a shot. At the start of 2022, they claimed they have a solid relationship, and don’t seem to mind the huge height gap between each other. Just like everything else they’ve been through, they’ve also gotten over the height difference, though in 2023, the couple split when Lindsay called off their engagement (via Daily Mail).


Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

There’s a whopping 14-inch difference between this celebrity couple. They started with a strong relationship in 2005, but as the years went on, it fell apart. Even though their love lasted more than a decade, the two split in 2022. At the very least, it wasn’t due to their extreme height difference, which probably made things a bit more challenging. Jason was not only taller, but he also had a hulky, muscular body, making them an interesting pair to spot in public (via People).


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

These two celebs have an entire foot of height difference between them. Machine Gun Kelly stands at 6’4″ while Megan Fox is only 5’4″. The two haven’t had a private relationship in the slightest ever since they began dating in 2020. They’ve attracted a lot of attention for their strange and outlandish antics, which not only include their height difference but things like having conversations about drinking each other’s blood or Megan calling Machine Gun Kelly “Daddy” (via Vogue).


Gwen Stefani znd Blake Shelton

Even though Gwen Stefani is nowhere near short, her partner, Blake Shelton, is nearly a foot taller than her. He’s 6’5″ while Stefani is 5’6″. When the two went through a breakup at the same time, they ended up falling in love with each other. Everything happens for a reason, right? Their musical talent brings them together, and their height difference certainly doesn’t tear them apart (via Pink Villa).

Hello Magazine

Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon

These two fell in love when Toth was seeking talent. It comes as no surprise that he fell for Reese Witherspoon, even though she’s nearly a foot shorter than him. Toth is 6’1″ and Witherspoon is 5’1″. Despite this, the two fell in love over talent, not height. The two began dating in 2010, and the following year, they married each other. They’ve been each other’s support system. At the very least, Jim can get to those hard-to-reach places that Reese can’t. Unfortunately, the two filed for divorce in 2023 (via Hello Magazine).

The Sun

Nicolas Cage and Riko Shibata

We all know Cage from several movies and memes. But did you know he’s a whopping seven inches taller than his wife? It’s safe to say he hasn’t shied away from romance throughout the years, but let’s hope this one sticks around. They got married in 2021, and it seems to be going well. Even though they have their differences, including height, the two seem to work well together (via The Sun).

US Magazine

Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French

Since being one of Disney Channel’s biggest sweethearts, Tisdale has come a long way. She’s since gotten married to Christopher French, all thanks to his music and probably his height, which is a striking 13 inches more than hers. In an interview, Tisdale said, “I think from the moment that he and I met, I just knew it. I was like, ‘Ok this is the guy,’ and he knew the same thing. It doesn’t get any better. I just can’t explain it.” Love surpassed these differences, and the two seem to be really into each other (via US Magazine).

Hello Magazine

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

These two have one of the biggest height differences on this list, at 14 inches. Will Smith measures 6’2″ whereas Pinkett Smith measures 5 feet. Their love started when she was rejected from the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for being too short to play Will Smith’s girlfriend. Oh, the irony! When the two attend events together, people gawk at their height difference. But it doesn’t mean they’re any less in love it seems to strengthen their love, as they’ve been together for more than 25 years (via Hello Magazine).


Jane Lynch and Jennifer Cheyne

Jane Lynch is a natural actress. Decades ago, she fell straight into acting with shows like Hollywood Game Night and Glee. She’s taller than your average woman, at 6 feet, which is why she’s so much taller than Jennifer Cheyne, who’s 5’4″. Lynch recalls, “We live very peacefully. We have our own routines and separate spaces to retreat to within our home, but then we’ll have coffee together in the morning and meet for a meal.” The two tied the knot in 2021 and seem to have a thriving, beautiful relationship, even though they have to contend with their height differences (via People).


Lena Dunham and Luis Felber

This couple only has a height difference of 6 inches, which is on the lower side compared to other celebrities on this list. Felber is 5’9 inches, whereas Lena Dunham is 5’3″. The two don’t seem to mind and make it work. Len received a Golden Globe award with Girls, which Luis Felber knew nothing about when he met Lena. After their blind date, Luis fell in love and the two tied the knot. Now, they spend their time between London and their home in the East (via People).

Business Insider

LeBron James And Savannah Brinson

These two reportedly have a whopping 13-inch gap between them. James measures at 6’8″ and Savannah Brinson is 5’7″. It’s not surprising that a major basketball player is taller than his partner. At the very least, they don’t have the biggest height difference on this list, and the two seemingly make their relationship work. They have three beautiful children together and have been married since 2013 (via Basha Bears Basketball).


Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millipied

The film Black Swan wasn’t a success for Natalie Portman only because she won an Oscar for her performance, but also because she met Millipied, her now partner, who had helped choreograph her ballet moves. The two spent months working closely together, which ignited their love spark. The two are now married, despite their seven-inch height difference. It’s more noticeable when the two walk down the red carpet. Unfortunately, the two recently had some troubles in their marriage (via US Magazine).

ABC News

Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay

You might recognize Hargitay from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, where she made her big debut as Olivia Benson. That’s where she met Peter Hermann, her now partner. They love each other deeply and have several kids together despite their nine-inch height difference (via ABC News).