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Scandal Exposed: A-List Celebs Who Aired Their Dirty Laundry In Public

Darren November 20, 2023

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

First, let’s caveat this by saying that Lautner and Swift are good friends now. They broke up because they were in different places in their lives and couldn’t sustain a relationship. However, one aspect of their break-up infuriated the former Twilight star as he told Lea Michele.

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Michele mentioned in an interview that Swift wrote a song about him. ‘That’s what she does,” Lautner replied cuttingly as he showed his displeasure. It’s not the most dramatic exchange on this list but it’s interesting. Even the most amicable break-ups have dirty laundry (via Time).


Sophie Turner and Nick Jonas

This was one of the biggest celebrity breakups of 2023. Jonas filed for divorce as he cited irreconcilable differences from his wife of four years. He alleged that she liked to party more than he did and their lifestyles were too separate. Then he brought their children back to the U.S. against Turner’s will.


Turner sued her husband and accused him of kidnapping their children as they aired their dirty laundry. The Game of Thrones actress even began hanging out with Taylor Swift during the scandal. It was catnip for gossip columns because the couple played everything out in public (via Page Six).


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

When we think of celebrities who aired their dirty laundry in public, this is probably the most dramatic example by a wide margin. It involved a horrific situation where Heard accused Depp of violently abusing her throughout their marriage. The culmination was a dramatic public trial that saw them reveal the worst aspects of their relationship.

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Depp accused Heard of defecating on their bed before she went to Coachella. Meanwhile, Heard alleged that Depp penetrated her with a bottle and committed other heinous actions. Ultimately, a jury awarded Depp $10 million in damages and two million dollars to Heard (via Entertainment Weekly).