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Red Carpet Flashback: See How 30+ Of Your Favorite Stars Evolved Over The Years

HizkiailJuly 22, 2021
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As a mother of four children, Beckham opts for simpler fashion choices that can be dressed up and down. She also said she loves being able to wear more comfortable options compared to what she wore when she was a Spice Girl.


Regardless of her hair color, Sofia has always been a fan of cinched silhouettes with v-cut necklines. While she often wore similar looks, she always knew what worked for her body to show off her natural curves.

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It is pretty predictable what she is going to wear next, but that doesn’t mean people are disappointed when she steps onto the red carpet.


We give her points for effort, but no one was thinking of her as a fashionista. For a while, she struggled with her looks and favored one-shoulder dresses. It was a while before Lawrence really got into the groove and figured out what looked good on her.

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The now 30-year-old has definitely figured out what kind of looks work for her. Lawrence also has a great stylist now, which helps her look perfect for every red carpet event.


2009 was a time when people would have about 50 bangles on their wrist, and you could hear them coming from a mile away. We bet people always knew when Lively was approaching because she was a huge fan of those bangles.


There has never been a look of hers that we didn’t like, and we can’t imagine Lively ever landing on a worst-dressed list. She always looks elegant even when she is wearing more daring things, and people are always excited to see what she will wear next.


This funky outfit was a fashion moment, and it showed off her toned abs. During this period, Stefani would wear Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano to show off her more feminine side.


This structured high-low gown showed off her toned legs while still looking appropriate for the event. Besides her outfits, she also decided to stick with her platinum blonde hair after dying it every color in the rainbow during the ’90s.


She always kept her outfits very simple, but they never looked boring. She has continued to get even more stylish throughout her career as the years go on, and she never seems to age. We would love to know what her secret is.

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We have never hated an outfit Aniston has worn, and we don’t think that will happen anytime in the future. She is always on-trend, and it’s refreshing to see her refined style when she steps onto the red carpet.


Around 2008, Gomez started to pick more sophisticated styles while still having fun with color and patterns. She soon became one of the hottest celebrities on the red carpet while trying different vibes and experimenting with edgy pieces.

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For the annual Hollywood Beauty Awards in 2020, Gomez wore this pale pink strapless minidress with platform heels, and she looks as beautiful as ever. We are also looking forward to seeing what she is wearing because we love to take inspiration from her style.

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Kunis always looks perfectly put together, even when she is running around with her kids and handsome husband, Ashton Kutcher. She has come a long way from her teen years, and she is another person to look to for outfit inspirations.


While we have nothing wrong with a ballerina-esque dress, the black and silver strappy pumps are throwing us off. It seems like she was having a bad style day here, but we are glad she recovered from this look.


While her style is simpler than usual, Knightly looks lovely in everything she wears. Throughout the years, she has changed so much since her peak popularity.

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The singer looked stunning in the blush pink dress with delicate beading. She was every bit a leading lady, and her style only got better over time.

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Beyonce is the ultimate glamazon, and she always serves all the diva attitude we are craving. Each year, we look forward to what she will wear for the biggest events like the Met Gala or the Grammys.


Since releasing her debut single “Pon de Replay,” Rihanna has made many musical twists and turns, but her fashion sense is always on point. She has definitely played more with her hairstyles, which haven’t always been our favorite, but they work for her.


Rihanna paired her dress with a matching clutch and topknot bun style that wowed everyone around her. One thing we know for sure is that the singer will never stop experimenting with her style and rocking every look she puts on.


For the 2007 Vanity Fair Oscar party, Hathaway wore this bow-adorned Valentino Gown that wasn’t quite right for her skin tone and didn’t do much for her body. While she looked beautiful, it would be some time before people looked to her as a fashionista.


The risky look is not one that many people could pull off, but Hathaway did it so effortlessly. She proved that you can never have too much animal print. Hathaway has come into her own and is always one to look for on the red carpet.


One thing we can say about Miley Cyrus is that there weren’t many early looks of her that we hated. However, she did go through the Disney phase, where she layered every tank top and t-shirt in her closet over leggings and a skirt, so her style needed some improvement.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Starting in 2016, we saw Miley rock some unforgettable fashions and better hairstyles. One of our favorite looks was this simple black suit she wore to the 2019 Grammys. It was a chef’s kiss in our fashion books and we hope she stays on the style streak.


While we can’t say she hit the mark on every look throughout the years, her style was never terrible. However, she did wear flats at many movie premieres, and they didn’t always go with her outfits.

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Even when she chopped her hair into a pixie cut to shed her Hermoine Granger look, we still loved her style. Is there anything Emma Watson doesn’t look good in? We can’t wait to see what she will wear next!