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Overconfident People Who Got Called Out for It Online

Hizkiail August 13, 2021

She’s just off by six 0’s

We’re not all math atheltes, and that’s okay. But if you can’t do the math, don’t do the math. If she got 3-plus million by dividing 21 million by 6.6 million, there’s something wrong here. Just because zeros may or may not be a natural number doesn’t mean you should disregard them in simple equations.

You can simplify the formula by removing as many zeros from 21 million by however many zeros there are in 6 million. Then, simply divide 21 by 6.6 and get the real number of penguins every person in Ireland would have to fight (theoretically). That’d be roughly 3.2 penguins each. The lesson here? Stay in school, kids.


Just so everyone knows, there is such a thing as a flu vaccine. Just because you don’t get your flu shots every year doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But to this person’s credit, the flu shot isn’t 100% foolproof. On average, it can save between 40 and 60% of people from falling ill during the flu season.

If you’re wondering why you need a flu shot every one or two seasons, it’s because the vaccine loses its potency over time, unlike the MMR vaccine which can last a lifetime. We’re just thankful that the OP is questioning the existence of a flu vaccine and not the efficacy of vaccines in general.

Teaching a fellow Brit a thing or two

To be frank with you guys, we have no idea what’s going on here. What exactly is the difference between a British person and an English person? For that matter, what about people who come from the UK? And what’s all this noise we hear about the British Isles?

Well, it turns out that these are very different things. The important thing to take away from this online beatdown is that Britain is not a country. It’s short for Great Britain, which is an island in the United Kingdom. We’re glad this guy could forgive us, but for a fellow Brit to not know is borderline treason.

Then what is it, bruh?

This guy would have a case if he were arguing that fish wasn’t meat, but he isn’t. For whatever reason, this YouTube commenter thinks that chicken isn’t meat (bruh). It’s the second-most popular kind of white meat in the country, after pork. If it’s not meat, then what is it, bruh? It sure as heck isn’t a plant!

The only time we heard of chicken not being meat is in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World when the vegan police takes away Ramona’s ex-boyfriend’s vegan-superpowers for violating vegan law twice. The second time, he questions whether chicken parmesan is vegan-friendly or not. FYI, it isn’t.

Quick maffs

Someone obviously skipped first-grade math class several weeks in a row. They claim that someone born in 2010 would be 18 years old in 2018. Obviously, they forgot to carry the two when they were subtracting 2010 from 2018. The real age would be eight years old. Believe us, we triple-checked with a calculator before posting this (unlike the original poster).

Most people would use a calculator or Excel to check their math – there’s no shame in that – but not this guy. In fact, they even showed their work. We wonder who this person’s math teacher was in elementary school and how she must be feeling right now. Hopefully, she never has to see this post.

You’re not just wrong, Armando

This guy can’t be serious. There’s no way he wouldn’t know that there are four time zones in the contiguous USA. These are Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern. Eastern Standard Time is ahead of everyone else, so you’d assume that they get new show releases sooner than the rest of us, right?

No, nobody thinks that except for Armando. If that were the case, then guys in New York could spoil the newest episodes of our favorite shows hours before those in California could watch it. Armando is sort of like that one lady who blamed Australia for not warning us about 9/11.

Oscar the Grouch: Am I a joke to you?

Does nobody know about Sesame Street anymore? There was a green, hairy beast that lived in garbage cans, not because he enjoyed it. He was homeless. That’s the sad truth. Seriously, the last time we watched Sesame Street was a million years ago, and we still remember Oscar the Grouch!

We just checked, and Oscar the Grouch is still living in a trash can somewhere on Sesame Street! That means there’s no excuse for WDSU not to know about him. However, if they’re claiming that a trashcan can be a home, then there are far fewer homeless people on the streets in the real world. Is that what you’re getting at, WDSU?

False advertisement

We don’t have any problem with people selling their second-hand goods on the social media marketplace. Even though the average seller won’t be a marketing expert, you’d expect them to at least be honest. However, that’s not always the case, as you can see from this guy trying to sell a baker-style tent that was used from the mid-1800s.

That’d be impressive if it were true. They said that the tent has polyester, which was invented in 1941. Unless the polyester canvas was a later addition (no description in the ad), then we’re going to assume that something doesn’t add up here, and this guy’s pants are on fire.

Nikola Musk

We’re all for supporting domestic manufacturers. We don’t have anything against foreign products, but if we can support domestic companies, why not? That’s why this guy hates Tesla with every fiber of his being. Why would you purchase a foreign-made car when you could pick up a Ford Taurus?

This guy needs to do his homework. Just because Elon Musk named his company after a Serbian inventor doesn’t mean the company is non-American. In fact, its headquarters are in Fremont, California. Does it get more American than that? We’re hoping that Three Year Letterman is a troll because this is his second mistake on this list.

When everyone is wrong

If you’re going to correct someone’s grammar, you better make sure that you’re right. Nobody likes being corrected, but everyone hates someone who corrects other people without getting their facts straight. This guy tried to convince the OP that Where have I been? was supposed to be Where has I been.

That doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t matter in which context or tense you use it. You always use have with I. Don’t ask us why, that’s just the way English grammar works. But what’s astonishing is that the guy trying to correct the original commenter is wrong and he doesn’t even know it.

Aren’t you the middleman, TJ?

Trader Joe’s, do you know what a middleman is? A middleman is a person or organization in the supply chain that stands between the producer and the end-user. For instance, you, Trader Joe’s, buy goods in bulk from the producer, then sell them to us, the market. Hence, you are the middleman here.

At best, you’re the only middleman in this supply chain. However, odds are that with a company as large as yours, there’s at least more link that stands between you and the producer. Taking everything into account, this advertisement is just silly. Not your best ad yer, TJ, but we won’t hold that against you.

Improper use of Mayday

At first, we thought we were looking at a military transcript, where one senior officer was correcting a junior officer in his use of Mayday. However, after closer inspection (i.e., looking at their usernames), it’s pretty safe to say that these guys are playing an online game.

It seems like mrlemflem corrected jellyiscool123797’s misuse of Mayday, telling him that militaries use it three times to avoid misunderstanding. While it may be true, who really cares? You’re playing a game, dude, lighten up. We know that your K/D ratio is at stake, but nobody cares if you’re technically correct. Guys like this make us stick to single-player campaigns.

America spans from Canada to Chile

Drake is from Canada – he’s not North-American! As a person who studied geography in the United States, I can assure you that the only country in North America is ours. Greenland, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Haiti don’t count. Since Drake was born in Toronto, he doesn’t belong to our portion of the Americas.

In case we didn’t make it clear enough, we’re joking. Canada is a part of North America. What other continent would it belong to? We’re not blaming anyone here – not this person and not the American school system. Geography is hard, and we’re not here to point any fingers. We’re just here to have a good laugh.

Your wrong

Guys, did you know that your is present tense and you’re is past tense? Yeah, we didn’t either, but we read it in the YouTube comments section, so it must be true. This person must be a professor of linguists if he’s speaking so confidently about tenses. We admit that he’s confident, but he’s completely wrong.

You can use you’re for past tense when combining you and were, but people rarely do. Also, your isn’t affected by tenses. ‘Your’ is used to express that something belongs to you. For instance, your grammar needs improvement. Sorry for explaining the obvious, but judging by this list – nothing is obvious.

Percentages are hard

According to WebMD, 31% of men and 65% of women wash their hands after using the bathroom. We’d love to see those numbers closer to 100%, but that’s for another discussion. However, if you add the two numbers together, you get 96%, meaning that we’re getting closer to the 100% mark we’re looking for, right?

Actually, it doesn’t work that way. The 31% refers to the proportion of men who were surveyed who wash their hands, and the 65% is for the proportion of women who were surveyed. You can’t just add percentages to each other whenever you want, LBTâ„¢ “good stuff.”

People need to chill on Reddit

If you get upset over gel pens, you’ve got too much time on your hands. This Reddit user was mad enough to stalk the OP for posting a picture on multiple subreddits, trying to call them out for using an impossible pen. Who’s heard of “color-changing” gel pens, anyway?

Well, these pens exist, and they’re not even that uncommon. This guy probably had no idea what they were saying and tried to call the OP out for spreading their lies. The sad thing was that this Reddit stalker was wrong but couldn’t admit it. If you truly believe in something that goes against fact, why change your opinion? The facts need to be changed!

An understandable mistake

The first time we heard that there was a country called Georgia was in elementary school, and it totally blew our minds. They stole the name of one of our states! That’s bound to become a source of confusion in the future! Well, the future is now.

This guy was complaining about how there were so many votes to come out of Georgia the state, by showing that fewer people lived in Georgia the country. We agree that this can confuse people, but a simple Google search can show you the correct figures from whichever Georgia you’re referring to.

Linen ≠ cotton

Um… Did someone check out this picture before giving the thumbs-up to print? Obviously not, otherwise they wouldn’t have used a picture of cotton plants to show that this cloth is 100% linen. We’ll be honest and admit that we didn’t know what a linen plant looked like until we saw this person’s post.

You can see in Google that linen and cotton plants look nothing alike. Also, couldn’t this person have gotten a picture of linen from the same place they got a picture of cotton? All you have to do is search linen plant on Google and voila! No cotton plant in sight!

We don’t need farmers

Why waste 92 million acres of US soil to grow corn and 83.8 million acres on soybean plants? We get all the corn and soybean we need from supermarkets! It’s not like farmers ship out their produce to manufacturers to convert the raw material into a useable product for consumers!

Oh, wait. Yes, it is! Without farmers, manufacturers couldn’t make the sugar-laden products we purchase from supermarkets and stuff into our gullets three times a day. Next, this person’s going to try and convince us that we don’t need cattle farms because we can eat steak at steakhouses.


If you’re going to spend your time on social media convincing people not to use the abbreviation St. Patty’s day, you need to find something else to do with your time. Even if you’re technically correct, who on Earth cares? It doesn’t matter if it’s spelled Patty or Paddy. Everyone pronounces it Paddy, anyway, so you win.

Being right and complaining about it on social media is one thing, but this guy was actually wrong. The name Patrick wasn’t anglicized. It comes from Latin, so St. Patty’s Day would be technically correct. Good job, dude. Not only did you raise an issue that nobody cares about, but you’re also wrong.

Stay in your lane, Ben

We’ll admit that Ben Shapiro is one smart fella, or at least he comes off as smart since he talks super-fast, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s always right. In fact, one might argue that he’s, dare we say it, quite wrong when he speaks about climate change. By the way, he’s totally against climate change. Not the concept, but the phrase.

And he’s equally mad at the phrase renewable energy. We’ll level with you guys and admit that we’re not going to look up the first law of thermodynamics. However, we will take the word of this so-called engineering thermodynamics teacher. One teaches the subject while the other probably knows nothing about the topic.

Dolphins aren’t mammals

Dolphins are fish, according to this person. We’re all just misinformed. Dolphins are mammals because they’re warm-blooded, nurse their offspring with milk, and have lungs to breathe oxygen from the air. By definition, dolphins are mammals. Just because they look like fish, swim with fish, and reside in the ocean doesn’t mean they are fish.

It disappoints us that we have to look back at our elementary education to find the answer. We learned this stuff in 3rd-grade science class, and it’s stuck with us ever since. Now, just because you found information that you don’t intuitively agree with doesn’t make it wrong. Also, Wikipedia is becoming a reputable source of information, due to the countless people who dedicate their time to proofread every article (consider donating to Wikipedia).

Wrong, wrong, and oh-so-wrong

The OP was pointing out the irony of people who enjoy Netflix, read books, and play video games are upset about government fund allocation to the arts. Then, we have someone who tries to point out that their disappointment is rational. He claimed that J.K. Rowling, Kevin Smith, and Steam didn’t need government funds to make it big.

Little did he know, each of his examples proved the complete opposite of his point. Someone else commented that J.K. Rowling received government assistance, Kevin Smith used FEMA support to fund Clerks, and that Steam is not a company but rather a piece of software. Those are three strikes – better luck next time.

Minecraft physics

This is just a meme, so we’re not going to try and figure out whether axes were invented in 6,000 BC or not. But that’s not the point of this post. The problem here is someone trying to show that one year before 6,000 BC is 5,999 BC. Because, you know, 6,000 minus one, right?

Wrong! Incidentally, that’s now how BC years work. BC years go up the farther back you travel. To put it stupidly, think of BC as negative years. One year before 6,000 BC, the year before axes were invented, would be 6,001 BC. Come on people, you’re better than that – think before you hit send.

Guess Mexico isn’t a part of America anymore

There’s no hope of trying to get through to someone who claims to be an expert of their culture because they were born into it. Will this person claim that they’re more educated about Mexico than someone who has a Ph.D. in Mexican History? Is there such a degree? For the sake of argument, let’s just say that there is.

Anyway, this person was completely against the idea that Aztecs were Native Americans because they came from Mexico. FYI, America includes every country from Canada all the way down to Chile. If there were an ancient civilization in, say, Argentina, they would also be Native Americans.