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Over 30 Incredible Photos Taken With Google Earth That Show Us Our Planet From An Unexpected Angle

HizkiailJune 27, 2021
Google Earth

The SS Ayrfield now has a new life after the vegetation has grown on the ship after he was left near a mangrove forest. It is a popular tourist spot.

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It was carrying 4,252 passengers and 32 were killed. 5 years after the accident, the wreckage was dismantled in the port of Genoa.

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The photo was quickly replaced by new photographs, but the sad reality is that living conditions in the country have not changed much.

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According to a comment on Imgur this site was the test area for the “greatest known nuclear detonation, the Tsar Bomba”.


No one knows how it was formed, but it is a bit mystical and disturbing at the same time. What do you think ?

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Can a Japanese friend confirm whether this kind of gathering is common in his country or not? A Facebook comment even suggested it was some kind of satanic cult.


The authorities had not been able to locate the car earlier because the water in the lake is very cloudy on the surface.

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The island city was abandoned after the coal mine dried up. If it means anything to you, it’s because it served as the filming location for the 23rd film in the James Bond saga: Skyfall .

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If you look closely, you notice the presence of a private airstrip. Did you know that many wealthy people own a bunker to survive a possible nuclear attack or a global pandemic?


Whether you believe in aliens or not, there is still a lot to explore in the oceans and the universe. So who knows?

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We all remember Pablo Escobar and his fortune of $ 30 billion when he died (the equivalent of $ 59 billion today!).

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This aircraft cemetery was established after World War II. It is the largest such site in the world.

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For the record, the force of the explosion that caused this crater, the Barringer Crater, is equivalent to 2.5 million tons of TNT, or about 150 times the power of the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima.


Castro was sentenced to life in prison, but he cowardly hanged himself with his sheets in his cell. His house was demolished and Google Earth blurred him on his site.

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These are deplorable living conditions, but most of us wouldn’t even know about it without Google Earth.

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The police gave this house a little visit after seeing this and finding out some really scary things. The whole lovely family was arrested.

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While most of these shots are really interesting, this one is really terrifying. We wonder what is going on here!

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It is still disturbing because the models are a little scary sometimes. You do not find ?

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It looks like a scene straight out of an American detective series. What do you think ?

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It is considered to be one of the largest shipwrecks visible from space with Google Earth.

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We hope everyone made it out safe and sound. Better to be late than hurt, or worse.

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FYI, the shape in the center measures over 30 centimeters and is W-shaped.

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The criticism was so virulent that the US Navy had to pay $ 600,000 to cover it up.

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They migrate every year in search of water because they need to take mud baths to keep their bodies from the heat.

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This logo is over 4000 square meters. They made it to celebrate 50 million web browser downloads.

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In fact, this forest is the result of all the efforts of a farmer named Pedro Martin Ureta who planted it entirely in memory of his wife.

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By the way, if you are looking for the coordinates of the lake, here they are: 41.303921, -81.901693. You’re welcome.

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The most elaborate feature of these mysterious structures and patterns is an intricate grid of straight lines that weave back and forth.

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David Kennedy of the University of Perth, Australia, believes the target is a grave.

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Either way, it’s pretty amazing. If you’re interested, know that the coordinates of this Lion King are: 51.848637, -0.55462.