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Natural Beauty: Photos Of A-List Celebrities Without Makeup On

Darren September 19, 2023

We think that celebrities are perfect human beings and more beautiful than us. But the reality is that they’re human too and have many flaws. The main difference is that they have buckets of money and teams of beauticians behind them. That’s why it’s fascinating to see some celebs without their makeup on.

So today we’ll look at A-list stars without makeup on for various reasons. Maybe some of them are making a statement and trying to be good role models for young girls. Meanwhile, others are doing regular activities like workouts or going grocery shopping and can’t be bothered. Check them out right here.


Zooey Deschanel

This 500 Days of Summer actress is a familiar face on the big and small screens. Directors often typecast her as a quirky, manic pixie dream girl. Fans love her signature look with dark bangs, rosy lips, and her trademark black liner. But what does she look like without makeup on?

AZ Central

Here we can see her joining the no-makeup movement after she shared a photo on social media. Deschanel has flawless skin and incredible bone structure despite her lack of contour or highlighter. It’s easy to envy her because she is a gorgeous woman and maybe she should go without make-up more often (via AZ Central).



Most people agree that Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. The songstress is a musical powerhouse and everything that she touches turns to gold. That’s why it’s almost unfair that she also looks stunning without makeup. Check out the photo below because it showcases her natural appearance.


The fresh-faced icon beams at the camera as she enjoys her vacation. There’s something special about seeing her without cosmetics because it’s an unusual sight. Most celebrities carefully maintain every inch of their appearance but she cut loose when she went to the beach (via Cosmopolitan).


Lady Gaga

Fashionistas agree that Lady Gaga is one of the greatest style icons of our time. Her dramatic costumes included that notorious meat dress as well as her immaculate red carpet choices. Meanwhile, she usually wears many cosmetics as she carefully maintains her appearance.

Lady Gaga/Instagram

But the Instagram picture above shows fans another side of the talented superstar. She decided to share a fresh-faced version of herself with the world. It’s nice to see her without makeup because it feels like she’s more human. Nonetheless, she remains a gorgeous woman (via Page Six).


Kim Kardashian

It’s extremely rare to see any of the Kardashians without makeup. They don’t want to damage their brand by appearing to be anything less than perfect in public. But sometimes a bare-faced look can be good for business. The image below came from one of Kardashian’s beauty routine guides.


She bared her skin to the world as she showed her followers how to achieve the ‘Kim look.’ This video achieved millions of likes on Instagram and her fans said that she was very brave. They think that she’s one of the most inspiring people on the planet and an amazing entrepreneur (via People).


Megan Fox

Fox was once viewed as one of the most physically perfect people on the planet. However, there’s no denying that she also uses plenty of cosmetics to achieve her looks. The photo above is a great example of her style as she favours an intense brow with heavy makeup.

Insyder Life

Some haters want her to be ugly without makeup but the opposite is true. We can see her swimming with dolphins in the second photo and she has never been more gorgeous. Fox is glowing in this photo without any concealer or other products as she proves her perfection (via Out Magazine).


Olivia Munn

Munn is a fascinating woman because she’s experienced a lot in her life already. This beautiful actress worked very hard to reach her current status as a Hollywood A-lister. She grew up in Oklahoma City with an abusive stepfather. But she never allowed her family problems to inhibit her dreams.

Daily Mail

The photo above shows Munn in real life without makeup in her car. She’s going about her daily business and showing that even celebrities don’t care about being perfect. There’s something very cute and playful about this photograph as it shows that she has a relaxed personality (via The Skincare Edit).

Northeast Now


There’s no denying that Zendaya is one of Hollywood’s hottest properties right now. She has massive roles in the Spiderman and Dune franchises as well as the hit TV show Euphoria. Zendaya is also a style icon and sets pulses racing with her stunning red carpet outfits.

Life & Style

But Zendaya also embraces being real and shares photos without makeup. Her fans adore her authenticity and the reality that she doesn’t dress up like a princess every day. We can see her in a casual outfit above with touseled hair and no enhancers. Nonetheless, the fresh-faced actress remains gorgeous (via Life & Style).


Emma Watson

Watson became a global superstar when she worked on the Harry Potter franchise for a decade. She starred as Hermione Granger in the hit series before some supporting appearances in indie movies. Meanwhile, the UN cultural ambassador is an outspoken women’s rights advocate.


She cares deeply about encouraging young women to be themselves and to receive equal opportunities. That’s why she maintains an authentic image and rarely wears makeup away from the red carpet. We can see what she looks like without makeup in the photo above (via Unilad).

New York Post

Scarlett Johansson

Johansson is one of the most recognizable female superstars on the planet today. The Black Widow actress has a bunch of incredible credits to her name. Meanwhile, most people agree that she’s one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses. She has a distinctive appearance but there’s no disputing her gorgeous appearance.

Styles At Life

Nonetheless, even Johansson occasionally goes without makeup. She believes that it’s important for people to love themselves which is easy to say when they look like her. Johansson is positively glowing in the picture above as she beams at the camera (via Styles At Life).


Taylor Swift

Is there a bigger superstar on the planet right now than Swift? Her legions of followers wouldn’t disagree because they adore her. Swift is one of the world’s most influential people with an incredible 269 million Instagram followers. That’s a staggering number of people.

Life & Style

There’s so much pressure on Swift to be perfect in every facet of her life. But sometimes she appears fresh-faced without makeup when she isn’t performing. One of her favorite hobbies is hiking because it takes her completely away from the realities of her existence (via Life & Style Magazine).


Olivia Rodrigo

Rodrigo is the voice of a generation and one of the most popular young pop stars working today. The half-Filpino star is very pretty with a charming personality. She has 34 million Instagram followers and is massively influential. But even Rodrigo goes without makeup sometimes.

Pop Sugar

The photo above came from her daily make-up routine. She posted a video online that shows her fans her daily skincare regime and what cosmetics she uses. This was very popular because it’s interesting to see what celebrities think is worthwhile in their battle to stay young (via Pop Sugar).

XO Nicole

Storm Reid

Euphoria has one of the most exciting young female casts out there today. Reid is experiencing a career explosion because she’s doing incredibly well right now. The young actress plays Zendaya’s sister in the series but now she’s a leading Hollywood A-Lister in big movies.


Reid says that she uses a nine-dollar foundation among other cosmetics so it’s affordable. But in the photo above we can see her before she applied her new face. Reid possesses remarkably clear skin despite favoring makeup. She’s a stunning young woman with a big smile (via Vogue).

Harper’s Bazaar

Priyanka Chopra

Chopra is an icon in her native India but she attracted global fame. The actress recently appeared in Citadel and also achieved recognition after she married Nick Jonas. She regularly features on lists of the world’s most beautiful women and it’s easy to see why.

Women’s Health

We may think that she doesn’t appear special without make-up but the opposite is true. Check out her clear-skinned image above because it’s amazing. This selfie shows that she’s winning at life and it’s not that someone can be so gorgeous. Chopra doesn’t need make-up but she likes how it changes her appearance (via Bollywood Life).


Alexa Demie

Demie is another young star who experienced massive attention since Euphoria’s success. She plays Maddy Perez in the hit teen drama and has one of the most distinct on-screen styles ever. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t dress the same way in real life because fans adore it.

Teen Vogue

Meanwhile, Demie looks unfairly beautiful without make-up. Check out the photo above because it shows the L.A. native beaming with clear skin. Amazingly, she suffered horrendous bullying during her school days. But now she’s laughing because she’s a massive success (via Teen Vogue).

Spin 1038

Margot Robbie

Fans agrees that Robbie is one of the world’s most beautiful women. But when she posted a picture without makeup it caused a Twitter storm. Some morons thought that she wasn’t attractive and described her as ‘mid’. @bizlet tweeted: “She is a hard 7. You used to find a Margot Robbie in every Blockbuster Video in 1995.”


This is one of the most outrageous things we’ve ever read. Her bone structure, clear skin, full lips, and dazzling eyes make her the full package. It’s not fair that somebody possesses all of these stunning features. These idiots would be lucky if she even spoke to them (via Newsweek).

Us Weekly

Alexandra Daddario

Some people think that Daddario’s only talent is her stunning appearance. The Italian-American star possesses gorgeous looks but beauty can be a curse. There’s no disputing her talent or range because she’s been in comedies like Baywatch as well as dramas like The White Lotus.

Alexandra Daddario/Instagram

Usually, Daddario favors a dramatic red lip that contrasts with her porcelain skin. She also wears dark eye shadow that emphasizes her amazing blue eyes. But Daddario doesn’t need cosmetics to be beautiful as the picture above shows. This is one of the best makeup-free selfies in the history of humanity (via Women’s Health).

The Root

Gabrielle Union

Union is 50 years old but somehow still looks amazing. The actress is enjoying a great career that spanned over two decades. But she’s still going strong and retains her youthful looks. She shows that there’s life after 40 for women in Hollywood and that we shouldn’t write them off.

Gabrielle Union/Instagram

The star posted the selfie above on her Instagram account as she showed that she’s happy with life right now. She beams out with amazingly clear, bright skin. We’ll check out her skincare regime because she’s doing something right. It’s not fair that someone can be so perfect without makeup (via Glamour).


Lana Del Rey

Del Rey is one of the most distinctive voices in the pop industry today. She brings her fans back to a different time with her classy tones and great lyrics. Meanwhile, she typically opts for a chic timeless look when she wears makeup. This corresponds with her songwriting and overall brand.


Sometimes she goes without makeup as we can see in the picture above. The melancholy beauty doesn’t need cosmetics to stun because she looks great. Some fans noted her sudden weight gain during the global health crisis but it’s unfair to comment on this because we don’t know the situation (via Us Weekly).


Gal Gadot

It’s difficult to separate some stars from their roles and Gadot is one of these. That’s because she starred as Wonder Woman and instantly became synonymous with the superhero. The Israeli actress has a mesmerizing beauty that ensures she captures attention when she walks into a room.


But she even dazzles when she doesn’t wear cosmetics as we can see above. Gadot smiles broadly in this photo and she is glowing. She also represented her country in the legendary Miss Universe pageant. Some models can’t act but Gadot has the charisma to fill a lead role (via Parade).

Hello! Magazine

Lily Collins

Some people loath Collins because they can’t stand Emily in Paris. But there’s no denying that the Netflix show turned her into a modern-style icon. She has pale skin, doe-like eyes, and gigantic eyebrows that lend her a beautiful appearance. Usually, she favors neutral cosmetics but sometimes opts for a bright red lip.

The List

However, she won the selfie game when she shared the picture above on social media. This perfect pout puts her clear skin on display. Her fans replied and told her that she was one of the most stunning and brave humans in existence. She knows exactly what she’s doing (via The List).

Vanity Fair

Emma Stone

The amazing thing about these two photos is that there isn’t a huge difference between them. Yes, Stone puts more effort into her appearance when she’s on the red carpet. But there’s a simplicity to her calm beauty that makes her very endearing. It also ensures that she’s gorgeous without makeup.

Heart Radio

She’s carrying a coffee and going about her daily business in the second photo. But somehow she manages to turn heads more than the average woman walking down the street. This is the difference between A-List celebrities like Stone and the rest of us mere mortals (via Heart Radio).

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Dakota Fanning

Yes, Elle indeed is the more famous of the Fanning sisters. But Dakota is enjoying a good career too with appearances in The Equalizer 3 and The Twilight series. Meanwhile, she joined the trend of A-List celebrities posing without make-up. Check out the results below.

Page Six

We don’t know why she bothers wearing cosmetics because she looks great without them. Her skincare regime is one of the best in the business because there’s barely a blemish on her face. Furthermore, her piercing blue eyes would hypnotize anyone (via Page Six).


Megan Thee Stallion

A glance at the photo above shows that Megan loves wearing cosmetics. But the reality is that she is beautiful without makeup as we can see below. However, it allows her to create a different persona and to show various aspects of herself when she’s on stage.

Good Morning America

But the shot above shows that she is a stunning woman. Megan has full lips and an amazing bone structure that gives her a classic beauty. She showed her followers that they could go bare-skinned without fearing everybody would judge them. It’s important for us all to feel comfortable in ourselves (via Good Morning America).


Jennifer Lawrence

There’s something incredibly wholesome about Lawrence in the photo below as she goes without makeup. It’s healthy to allow skin to breathe because make-up ironically clogs pores and increases the likelihood of blemishes. Lawrence has amazingly clear skin in this shot.

Women’s Health

The actress knows that everybody is looking at her whenever she’s out in public. Lawrence is one of the biggest box office stars on the planet and achieved amazing success including Oscar nominations. But she showed that she doesn’t need to wear a mask and change her appearance (via Women’s Health).


Angelina Jolie

Jolie has been on our screens for the past couple of decades. The actress was the face of multiple franchises and also did spectacular work with UNICEF. Almost everybody recognizes her because she’s so familiar. She possesses an unearthly beauty and cosmetics enhance it.

Be Young

But sometimes, the actress goes without makeup. She joined the bare skin trend on social media. Jolie wrote on Instagram: “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a regular person. So many girls look up to me. I want them to know that nature is beautiful (via Arab News).”


Ana De Armas

De Armas is enjoying a spectacular rise in Hollywood right now. Knives Out turned her into a recognizable name while she also appeared in Deep Water and No Time To Die. Most people in the beauty industry agree that she’s one of the most stunning actresses on the planet.

First Curiosity

But every A-Lister has a team of stylists and artists behind them. They don’t wear cosmetics 24-7 and sometimes they tie their greasy hair up because they’re too lazy to wash it. In the photo above, we see De Armas going about her day in an understated way without makeup (via First Curiosity).



Awkwafina is one of the leaders of a new group of Asian-American actresses including Ali Wong and Constance Wu. She broke onto our screens in Crazy Rich Asians but since then she has gone from strength to strength. There’s something very endearing about the Chinese-American star.


She had a successful rap career before she became a full-time actor. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t mind going without makeup sometimes and sharing her natural face with her legions of followers. Awkwafina enjoys wearing bold red lipstick when she’s promoting her brand (via InStyle).

The Irish Sun

Hailee Steinfeld

Like Olivia Rodrigo, Steinfeld also has Filipino heritage. The actress has a diverse filmography and arguably her voice is more familiar than her face right now. That’s because she lent it to the animated Netflix series Arcane as well as the Miles Morales Spiderman movies.


Nonetheless, she is a gorgeous person with and without make-up. We can see her shining brightly on the red carpet in the first photo. Meanwhile, the second picture is a softer selfie when she shows her pet dog. It’s a sweet image that makes her relatable to her many followers (via Allure).


Vanessa Hudgens

There’s something in the water in the Phillipines because Hudgens is another gorgeous half-Filipino star. The American actress made her name in High School Music and doesn’t need to do anything else with her life. She still pops up in different Netflix franchises but she’s not very active.

E! Online

However, she retains her massive popularity as her 51 million followers prove. Everybody recognizes her remarkable beauty but it’s important to remember it’s all-natural. Check out the second photo where Hudgens dazzles in her comfy clothes after the gym (via E! Online).

Metro UK

Anne Hathaway

Hathway is 40 years old but she has never been more beautiful. The star remains gorgeous as she enters the middle years of her life. She seems to spend half of her life on the red carpet and always pulls off incredible outfits. The picture above is an excellent example of the 2023 Met Gala.


But Hathaway doesn’t always wear makeup as she shows above. She gazes at the camera in a beautiful selfie that showcases her clear skin, full lips, and doe eyes. Hathaway is a fashion inspiration and led one of the most iconic movies about the industry, The Devil Wears Prada (via People).


Bella Hadid

Bella and Gigi Hadid are two of the most powerful supermodels in the world today. Legions of young men and women follow their every move on social media. They influence millions of girls with their beauty tips and cosmetic ranges. But sometimes they’ll go without makeup for a change.

Beauty Crew

Somehow Hadid still has perfect, flawless skin despite choosing not to wear cosmetics in the picture above. There’s no doubt that she spends more time on her skincare regime than ordinary people do. But that’s why she achieves these spectacular results (via Beauty Crew).

Glamour UK

Millie Bobby Brown

64 million people follow Brown on Instagram so she has a massive reach. The young actress grew up on the small screen in Stranger Things. Now she’s the face of multiple franchises and remains a beautiful, wholesome figure. Fans love her reliability as she showed in one video where she dealt with a pimple.


She showed that she has flaws too and that even the best skincare regime isn’t foolproof. Brown often goes without makeup as she advocates the importance of loving our natural selves. It’s amazing how mature she is because she is very young but she rarely puts a foot wrong (via Elle Australia).


Ariana Grande

Grande is up there with the most popular pop stars in the world. She has more Instagram followers than the U.S. has people and retains a massive global influence. Grande is also a fashion icon with her trademark high profile and her penchant for heavy makeup.

Nicki Swift

But even she sometimes goes without makeup. She joined the movement of barefaced A-Listers as we can see in the photo above. This made Grande uncomfortable and nervous but it made her feel proud to participate in it. It was also a good message for her fans because they do everything she does (via Nicki Swift).


Selena Gomez

Gomez is another young woman who grew up in front of an often-critical public eye. She enjoyed success on the Disney Channel before she began dating Justin Bieber. After they broke up she established an independent identity and has a hardcore fanbase. She also won plaudits for her outspoken battle with lupus.

Page Six

Gomez wears make-up when she wants to be glamorous on the red carpet. But it’s important to remember that we don’t see every moment of our favorite A-listers’ lives. They can’t be perfect all of the time because it’s too exhausting and too much pressure (via Page Six).


Lupita Nyong’o

It’s fair to say that Lupita is one of the most talented Hollywood actresses right now. She evolved from a supporting star to an industry leader and has an amazing on-screen presence. From 12 Years A Slave to Black Panther, the Kenyan star enjoyed spectacular box office and critical success.

Lupita Nyong’o/Instagram

Meanwhile, it’s impossible to overlook her staggering natural beauty. Yes, she wears cosmetics when she is on the red carpet but check out this gym selfie. She looks better as she sweats in her activewear than most people do in a ballgown. Lupita is a truly special person and the world is a better place with her (via IOL).