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Movie Plot Holes And Mistakes We Simply Can’t Unsee

Asher May 24, 2022

Even some of the biggest, best, and most popular movies of all time contain mistakes and plot holes. From classics like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park to recent Marvel, DC, and James Bond offerings, films are littered with bad continuity, inconsistencies, logic leaps, impossible physics-defying action, and characters making baffling decisions. So fasten your seat belts and prepare for blast off as today, we’ll be diving into the worst plot holes and mistakes you won’t be able to unsee. We hope not to ruin your childhood!

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider features a gaping plot hole. The kind of hole screenwriters realize halfway through the writing process, but having already committed to the idea, they just shut their eyes and hope audiences don’t notice. Angelina Jolie’s character must stop the Illuminati from finding and using an artifact called The Triangle. If shadowy cabal uses it during a solar eclipse, they will bring devastation raining down on the planet.

Tomb Raider - Just Destroy The Danged Thang Already!

The Triangle only works when its two halves are united. Lara quickly finds the first half in Cambodia, then jets off to find the other half in Siberia before the Illuminati gets there. Can you see the flawed logic? If The Triangle only works when both halves are united, Lara could just have destroyed her half and stopped the Illumianti in time for tea. Admittedly, it would have made for a pretty short film, though.

James Cameron’s epic film Titanic, tells a cockamamie story about a boy called Jack being officially crowned the actual King of the World just because he can let wind ruffle his hair on a ship without falling over, some precious jewel or other, and a pencil sketch of Rose’s boobs. The important part is that the backdrop for all these inexplicable events takes place on the Titanic. Yada, yada, yada…

​Titanic - Room For One More?

Spoiler Alert: The Titanic is hit by an iceberg and sinks. Apart from the captain’s steering, the most glaring mistake comes when Jack sacrifices himself to save Rose. But if you have eyes, you’ll have noticed the makeshift raft Rose floats on is big enough to save them both. Our theory is Leo DiCaprio had really bad body odor from the steamy car-sex scene and Kate Winslet didn’t know how to tell him…

In Bruce Almighty, Jim Carrey’s titular character is a bit of a loser and bullied by work-colleague Evan. Until, that is, Bruce gains the power of God. But his new powers come with one caveat–he must not mess with people’s free will. Unable to resist, Bruce makes Evan say all manner of ridiculous things live on air as he delivers the news. You’d all do the same, right?

Bruce Almighty - Messing With Free Will?

But isn’t taking over control of someone’s mind the very definition of messing with their free will? Bruce’s new powers should have been taken away from him on the spot. Go back to your old pre-God life… do not pass go, do not collect $200.

What would you do if you found out your kid was magic? Send them to Hogwarts School for Wizards, right? But in Disney’s Frozen, when Elsa’s father discovered his daughter possessed magical powers that allow her to control and create ice and snow, he locked her away in her room to keep it a secret. As a result, Elsa had to figure out how to use her powers all on her own.

​Frozen - Hoping Else Would Discover Her Powers Unaided

Wouldn’t it have been better to let a mentor, like the Trolls, teach Elsa to control her powers? But no, dad locked her in her room. Gee, thanks Pops! Or should that be Popsicle? If you’re thinking of writing in to complain about that joke, just let it go. Let it go. Let it go—-ooooohhhhh!

A Quiet Place is one of the most tense horror movies of the last decade. After the earth is invaded by blind aliens who locate their prey by sound, the Abbott family communicates silently with their deaf daughter via sign language. Yet, in one scene, the father takes the son to a riverbank, where the sound of a waterfall hides their talking and shouting from the aliens. So, why don’t they just move from the farm to the riverbank?

​A Quiet Place - Listen Up, Aliens!

The Abbotts also travel silently by walking on trails of sand to dampen their footsteps. But how did they lay the trails of sand without the aliens hearing? Finally, if a plot hole makes a sound in a forest, but no one is around to hear it, is it still a plot hole?

When Pixar released Toy Story back in 1995, it was the world’s first full-length computer-generated movie. Now, they are a dime-a-dozen. The movie tells the tale of Andy and his vast collection of favorite toys–including Woody the Cowboy and Mr. Potato Head–who come alive when their owner isn’t looking. But the toys’ lives are thrown into chaos when Andy abandons them for his super new astronaut action figure called Buzz Lightyear.

​Toy Story - Why Does Buzz Lightyear Freeze?

Now, Buzz Lightyear believes he is a real-life Space Ranger. So, if Buzz believes he’s real, why does he freeze like all the other toys when a human enters the room? Didn’t think of that one, did you?

Guardians of the Galaxy films are some of Marvel’s most fun outings, but that’s not to say celestial-human hybrid, Star-Lord, a.k.a. Peter Quill, Gamorah, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, et al. aren’t guilty of movie no-no’s. For example, during one battle, Gamorah explains their enemy Ronan has locked himself in an impenetrable safe room. To allow the other Guardians access, she must destroy the safe room’s power source. So off she pops… Cue plot hole!

​Guardians Of The Galaxy - Gamorah Blows A Plot Hole!

However, after she’s turned off the power source, Gamorah simply shoots a hole–a physical hole, not a plot-hole–through the floor with a gun. She jumps through, et voila… she’s joined the rest of the gang in Ronin’s “impenetrable” safe room. So, why didn’t she do this in the first place?

The utterly brilliant Batman Begins uses what Alfred Hitchcock described as a “MacGuffin”–an object or device that exists only to move the plot forward. Ra’s Al Ghul delivers a hallucinogenic toxin into Gotham City’s water supply, but it only becomes weaponized when the water becomes vapor. So, he and The League of Shadows use a microwave emitter to vaporize the water supply and sit back and watch Gotham tear itself apart.

​Batman Begins - Poisonous Vapor

Of course, Batman saves the day, but there was one small hole in Ra’s Al Ghul’s dastardly plan. Water gets turned into vapor all the time, meaning every time someone took a hot shower, the hallucinogen would have been released.

Long story short, a baby from Krypton called Kal-El crash lands on earth. Our yellow sun makes him so strong, he can pick up a pick-up truck when he’s still wearing diapers. He steals his mom’s bedsheets from the washing line, fashions them into a cape, and flies to school. He doesn’t need to brush his teeth because he is indestructible. So how come in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, he sometimes appears with a beard and sometimes clean-shaven?

Man Of Steel - SuperBeard

Think about it. If Supes is indestructible and grows a beard, how on earth does he shave it off? Does he use special Kryptonite razor blades? If so, does he have a special deal with the manufacturer? Then why haven’t we seen him singing the jingle “Gillette… the best Superman can get”?

Staying with beards in DC movies, The Dark Knight Rises sees the entire GCPD searching for Bane in his underground lair. Firstly, why would every cop be sent down there? That’s just lazy writing. Anyway, Bane blows up the entrance holes, trapping the cops underground for months while he takes over the city. Gotham’s finest are lucky to be alive as they are fed via tiny food packages lowered down by rope.

​Dark Knight Rises - Unshaven Cops

Batman frees the sewage-covered, malnourished, and bearded cops. Only, when the police emerge from the tunnels, they are all clean-shaven, and their uniforms look freshly laundered. Furthermore, they have the energy to engage in an all-out street battle with Bane’s henchmen despite eating nothing but rat for months on end.

Inexplicably clean-shaven cops aren’t the film’s only plot hole; the whole ending is questionable. Because it’s Christopher Nolan, the ending is purposefully ambiguous. In fact, it’s exactly the same ending as his previous film, Inception. But the question we’re left with is whether Alfred really did see Bruce Wayne–who was believed to have sacrificed his life in a nuclear explosion as Batman–in a cafe in Florence, Italy, or whether he dreamed it.

The Dark Knight Rises - That Nolaneseque Ending

But apply a little logic and it has to be a dream because Bruce Wayne is one of the most famous people on the planet. He wouldn’t be able to leave the Batcave–let alone jet-set around the world–without being recognized. Sorry, Christopher!

The Lord of the Rings is an epic ten-hour tale about a group of disgruntled hobbits returning a ring to the jewelry store. After Bilbo and Sam’s grueling odyssey to Mordor, they throw Sauron’s ring of power into the fires of Mount Doom. The volcano erupts and–trapped by lava flows and lava bombs whizzing past their oversized ears–Bilbo and Sam resign themselves to death on that rocky ledge. Until…

The Lord Of The Rings - Where Eagles Don't Dare

Gandalf and two giant eagles swoop down to collect Sam and Bilbo and fly them to safety. So, why couldn’t the eagles have just flown them to Mordor in the first place? It would have saved months and hundreds of thousands of lives. Before he is ‘killed’ by the Balrog, Gandalf even tells the group, “Fly, you fools!”

This isn’t a spoiler as The Matrix is 20 years old. The premise of the film is that reality is a computer simulation run by robots. One brave group of rebels have worked out the robot’s deception and can cross worlds between their subterranean hideout and the simulated computer program. But they always require a buddy to jack them in, watch out for them, and most importantly, find an exit.

​The Matrix - How Did Cypher Plug In?

Yet, when double-crossing Cypher enters the matrix to betray his buddies, the logic falls flat. If you need someone to plug you in, how can he act alone, plug himself in and find an exit? According to the film’s own internal logic, that’s impossible.

Alfonso Cuarón’s harrowing and mostly realistic sci-fi thriller Gravity saw Sandra Bullock and George Clooney battle to stay alive in zero gravity after debris strikes their space shuttle. In an age-old cliffhanger movie trope, the two characters are both holding on to a rope. Rather than pull Sandra off into space, gorgeous George sacrifices himself by disconnecting his space rope and drifting away to give her a better chance of survival.

Gravity - Bad Physics

The rope-cutting, life-saving sacrifice trope works on earth, but that’s not how space works! Due to the laws of physics in zero gravity, all Sandra needed to do was give George a little tug and he would have drifted back to her. Weren’t you paying attention at Space Camp, George?

Very loosely based on H.G. Wells’ 1897 novel The War of the Worlds, Independence Day sees hordes of giant alien spacecraft turning every land landmark in the world. As the world’s nations forget their differences and unite to save the earth, cocky USAF pilot Will Smith and chess-playing computer nerd Jeff Goldblum hatch a plan to save the earth. But first, these two heroes need to procure an alien spacecraft.

Independence Day - The Computer Virus

Just like the aliens in H.G. Wells’ original novel succumb to a virus (the common cold) Will and Jeff fly their spaceship into the heart of the mother ship and infect it with a computer virus. Only thing is, Jeff plugs his Apple Mac straight into the user-friendly alien mothership hardware. Nowadays, we can’t even plug headphones into iPhones without buying an Apple adapter!

Just like Independence Day, M. Night Shyamalan’s underrated movie Signs sees an alien invasion. But instead of the aliens blowing everything up on a global scale, we see how the invasion affects one family in Pennsylvania. When aliens terrorize the family farm, the ex-Priest who’s lost his faith (Mel Gibson) and ex-college baseball star (Joaquim Phoenix) are all out of ideas as to how they can defeat the creature. Until…

Signs - What About The Dew?

At the film’s climax, Joaquim’s character swings a baseball bat, splashing the alien with water, which melts the creature like acid. But how did the alien not get damaged by water all those times it ran through the dew-covered cornfields?

After Bond villain Raoul Silva blows up the British Intelligence HQ, Bond’s quartermaster–or Q for short–investigates Silva’s computer. So, being MI6’s top scientific mind, a cybersecurity expert, and a hacker, what does he do? Q plugs the laptop directly into MI6’s computer network. A twelve-year-old would know not to connect a suspect computer to a network before it has been quarantined. Such an investigation would be carried out in strict isolation.

Skyfall - WTF Are You Doing, Q?

In one of those annoying, “I intended to get caught and put in prison, I’m exactly where I want to be” moments, Silva escapes, and blows up a metro train that happens to be passing at the exact second he planned. The variables involved in this split-second timing would be impossible to calculate months in advance.

Skyfall is one of the best James Bond movies of all time. Instead of relying on gadgets, 007 forces Silva to fight him on his terms by leading him to Bond’s ancestral home in Scotland. There, rusty old gamekeeper, Kincaid, helps James prepare for battle. Kincaid and 007’s boss, “Emma,” escape via a secret tunnel and make their way across the swamp to the safety and sanctuary of the family chapel.

​Skyfall - Lighting The Way

But once free of the tunnel, Kincaid makes a baffling decision for such a wise old dog. Despite having been the gamekeeper for 50 years and knowing every inch of Skyfall’s grounds, he lights the way with a flashlight. Silva immediately spots the torchlight and follows them. D’oh!

Jurassic Park still holds up as a classic almost 30 years after its release. In 1993, the movie broke new ground in CGI. And do you know what? The computer-generated dinosaurs are almost as good as anything today. But we just have one tiny problem with Spielberg’s thrilling classic kids’ action-adventure. If you were thinking it was the velociraptors learning to open doors, no… we’re fine with that.

Jurassic Park - T. Rex Shenanigans

The inconsistency arrives at the T. Rex enclosure. At night, the animatronic Tyrannosaur escapes and pushes Timmy and the car off the cliff into a tree. The only trouble is, just a few hours earlier the same afternoon, there was no cliff in that exact same spot!

Stephen Sommers’ 1999 remake of the classic 1932 Universal Studios film The Mummy is littered with terrible CGI and historical inaccuracies about Ancient Egypt. But, apart from that, it’s fun. At the top of the movie, we are introduced to High Priest Imhotep, the Pharaoh, and his mistress in Thebes. We’re also shown Egypt’s most famous landmarks, the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza, which is nice… unless you actually went to school.

The Mummy - Bad Geography

As any seven-year-old with an interest in Ancient Egypt can tell you, Thebes is located in Luxor, while the Sphinx and the Pyramids are just outside Cairo, over 300 miles away!

This one from Back to the Future isn’t a plot hole per se, more just something that you may not have considered before. The date is November 12th, 1955. The Enchantment Under the Sea dance is in full swing. Meanwhile, in the car park, Biff tries to sexually assault Lorraine-Marty’s future mom. Long story short, if George Mcfly–Marty’s future dad–doesn’t stop Biff, then the future will change and Marty will cease to exist.

Back To The Future - Biff's Assault

As planned, George saves Lorraine, and the two end up getting married, living happily ever after, and… employing Biff as a servant. But, while Biff gets his comeuppance, would you want a man who tried to sexually assault you working on your property to teach him a lesson? No, we thought not.

With Grandfather paradoxes, not bumping into yourself, and multiple timelines, we admit time travel movies are tricky. But do you remember Marty’s mom, Lorraine had a massive crush on Marty? Remember how Marty got Lorraine and George together? Remember how Marty invented rock n’ roll at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance? Good! We remember those things happening, too. But there’s a couple who should remember these life-changing events, but don’t…

Back To The Future - Plot Hole Part 2

When Marty eventually arrived back in 1985, wouldn’t his mum and dad recognize the man who played such a pivotal part in their lives? Or wouldn’t they have recognized ‘Calvin Klein’ when he reached puberty? Not that Michael J. Fox had reached puberty when he made Back to the Future. He looked about 12!

Based on Stephen King’s 1982 novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, this is one of the most loved films of all time. Frank Darabont’s perfectly helmed adaptation tells the story of wrongly imprisoned Andy Dufresne trying to tunnel out of jail over a 20 year period. Using a toffee hammer, he digs a hole in his cell wall, which he covers with posters of movie sex sirens like Rita Hayworth and Raquel Welch.

​Shawshank Redemption - Andy's Poster Problem

The way Andy escapes is glorious. There’s just one small problem. Once he’d disappeared through the hole in his cell wall, how did he tape the poster back up? Answers on a postcard to Shawshank State Prison, Maine, USA. Yours sincerely, Governor No Brains.

The Hangover sees a group of friends getting rowdy at their friend Doug’s Las Vegas bachelor party. After mistaking ecstasy for Rohypnol, when they wake up, Doug is missing and Phil, Stu, and Alan have zero recollection of the previous night. So the gang must retrace their steps and find Doug before the bride arrives at the chapel. Along the way, they get waylaid by a tiger, a chicken, a baby, and… Mike Tyson!

The Hangover - How Long Did Doug Sleep?

And yet, these guys search for Doug for two days. Eventually, they find him asleep on the roof of a hotel, looking like a cooked lobster. But how come Phil, Stu, and Alan woke up the next morning while Doug was the only one to sleep like the child of Sleeping Beauty and Rip Van Winkle?

1984 was a great year for movies. Ghostbusters, Temple of Doom, Star Trek III, Karate Kid, and Police Academy, to name but a few. In Gremlins, a man buys a cute pet Mogwai from a market. The old man he buys it from tells him if you get them wet, place them in direct sunlight or feed them after midnight, they will turn into mischievous, home-wrecking, adult-torturing ugly critters called Gremlins.

Gremlins - Define

However, from a certain point of view, isn’t it always “after midnight?” And if so, doesn’t that mean you can never ever feed them and they’ll starve to death after a couple of days?

Tim Burton’s gothic fantasy Edward Scissorhands is about an artificial boy who has giant scissors and knives for hands. His left foot was a hairbrush and his right foot was a hairdryer. Sorry, that’s wrong. We were thinking of the little-known sequel, Edward Barberfeet. Anyway, back to reality. In one scene, instead of trimming hair and hedges, Johnny Depp’s emo character carves a load of ice sculptures in his castle.

Edward Scissorhands - Where'd The Ice Come From?

What’s never explained is where all this ice came from. Was there a giant ice storm? Did Edward make the ice in giant ice cube tray in an industrial-sized freezer? Perhaps Elsa from Frozen created the ice? Speaking of whom…

Ice Age is a mammoth amount of fun, so we feel bad for pointing out one minor flaw. The film sees a group of prehistoric animal buddies save a human baby and deliver her back to her tribe. In one scene, everyone falls into an ice tunnel and slide around at top speed as they try to save the baby girl. Just as all seems lost, a minor miracle occurs.

​Ice Age - Ice Ice Baby

A large icicle breaks, which the animals use as a sled to escape the cave. But then they travel through a field of icicles that tear the sled to shreds. So how does the baby survive the deadly icicle field? It’s a kind of magic. Speaking of which…

In Now You See Me, a group of stage magicians led by Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg attempt the most brazen magic trick ever performed. Acting like modern-day Robin Hoods, the group of conjurors steal millions of dollars from a bank and share it with the people in their audience. Or do they? The film moves along at breakneck speed and features more turns than the Indy 500.

Now You See Me - Which Apartment?

However, before the group can pull off their magic trick, they must retrieve a MacGuffin. They each receive mysterious cards with a time and address. When they get to the huge building, they immediately head straight for the correct room number. Must be psychic as well as magicians. And bank robbers. And Robin Hoods.

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indy must cross a path by solving a riddle by spelling out the name of God. He steps on the J tile and the floor falls away before he realizes that “Jehova” is spelled “Iehova” in Latin. The J tile falls away, and the intrepid explorer is only saved from falling to his death by grabbing onto two more tiles. But hang on a minute there, Indy!

​Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade - Don't Fall Indy

The only problem is, the flagstones Indy grabs onto are L and Y, which don’t even appear in the word “Iehova” so, therefore, must also be wrong choices. So, shouldn’t those two tiles have crumbled, sending him falling hundreds of feet to land like a splat of strawberry jam?

Air Force One sees the President of the United States’ airplane hijacked by Kazakh militants. But before all that malarkey, the backstory sees black-clad US special forces leading a nighttime raid parachuting into the Kazakh presidential palace to kidnap their president who’s been funding terrorist activity against the USA. Phew! Y’all up to speed with all that? Good. Now, if you were a member of the special forces, what color would you want your parachutes to be?

​Air Force One - The White Parachutes

The reason we ask is that someone obviously didn’t get the memo. By everyone, we mean the rookie soldier who packed white parachutes for a nighttime raid. Those troops would have been shot out of the sky before the opening titles rolled.

Armageddon is a brilliantly entertaining action movie, but you have to suspend your belief a lot. The movie tells the tale of a group of beer-swilling, foul-mouthed, singing miners who train as astronauts so they can drill into an asteroid, blow it up with nuclear bombs to save the earth. But wouldn’t it have been quicker and more logical to train astronauts to drill than to train minors to fly space shuttles?

​Armageddon - Why Train Miners To Become Astronauts?

On the film’s DVD commentary, Ben Affleck said raised this exact point with Michael Bay. Seemingly unimpressed with being questioned, the director told Ben to “shut the f*** up”! Then, running away, Affleck shouted, “Armageddon outta here!” Probably.

The Karate Kid tells the tale of Daniel who moves from New Jersey to L.A. After being bullied by Joshua, an elderly Japanese martial arts guru takes Daniel under his wing. Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel karate by turning him into his own personal slave, making him wax his car, and paint his fence. Despite this clear and obvious oppression, Daniel-san soon becomes a black belt through the power of… the martial arts movie training montage! Cue 1980s music!

​Karate Kid - Illegal Win?

Of course, Daniel must face Joshua in the final karate competition, but Joshua breaks Daniel’s leg. Hopping on his good leg–and using Mr. Miyagi’s special crane move–Daniel knocks Joshua out with a kick to the head. The only trouble is, the referee stated kicks to the head are illegal. Daniel would have been disqualified before being hit with a massive hospital bill for that broken leg. It would have been cheaper to have given Joshua his lunch money.

George Lucas’ Star Wars saga sees Obi-Wan Kenobi tasked with hiding Anakin Skywalker a.k.a. Darth Vader’s newborn twins, Luke and Leia. So, with light-speed travel available, Ben Kenobi could have hidden them in a galaxy far, far away. So, where does he end up hiding these two future Jedis? First, he hides Leia away on a planet with a trusted friend where she is given the name Organa. So far, so good….

​Star Wars - You Had One Job, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

But then, the “wise” old Jedi Knight hides Luke on Tattooine… Darth Vader’s home planet! With Anakin’s stepbrother! Worse, Luke keeps the same surname–Skywalker–as his father making him the easiest person in the universe to find. You had one job, Obi-Wan.

And speaking of seven-year-olds, if you’re a fan of Spongebob Squarepants, you’ll know that the main character is supposed to be quite young. That’s what the TV show and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie lead us to believe. And yet, at one point in the movie, Spongebob reveals he has been Krusty Krab’s Employee of the Month a whopping 374 times. Meaning someone’s math is all at sea.

​The Spongebob Squarepants Movie - How Old Is He?

374 months equates to 31.16 years. So if Bob has been working at the Krusty Krab for that long, that means he’s a proper grown-up adult and has been pretending to be a kid, which is pretty creepy. What has he got to hide? And does this make him a sponge in wolf’s clothing?

The one TV show on this list is AMC’s long-running but slow-walking zombie series, The Walking Dead. The show should have ended years before its eleventh and final season, and not just because of the sharp decline in quality when the writers lost the plot around Season Four! Nope, one clever boffin worked out that TWD should have ended a long time ago, and it’s all to do with logistics.

​The Walking Dead - Crunching the numbers

Given America’s population, the rate at which people are turned, and the speed at which zombies are dispatched, there should have been no undead left in ‘murica after one year. However, because the show must go on, hordes of zombies still roam the streets today.

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman perfectly sets up the Amazons and their homeworld. But did you know Themiscryra is a real place? Today it’s in modern-day Turkey, but it used to be part of Greece. Anyway, as well as being a formidable warrior, Diana quotes Greek philosopher Socrates and speaks several languages. Yet when someone mentions the word “marriage,” she has no idea what it means and looks totally baffled.

​Wonder Woman - What Is Marriage?

Yes, this demonstrates the Amazons exist without men, but what’s stopping Amazons from marrying each other? Furthermore, since she’s clearly traveled to other lands and Socrates’ writings regularly mention marriage, it’s pretty unbelievable she’s never heard of the concept.

Harry Potter uses the Marauder’s Map to navigate Hogwarts’ many secret passageways. The map also shows everyone’s location within the castle, and it’s impossible to hide your identity from the magical map. So, somebody should have worked out Peter Pettigrew always accompanied Ron Weasley. With his best friend (and his brothers) in possession of the map, they should also have figured out Scabbers the Rat was an Animagus much sooner.

​Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Twin Plot Holes

An even bigger plot hole occurs when Hermione uses a Time-Turner to skip class. She could have used it–or given it to Harry–to travel back in time to defeat Voldemort, but no… the battle-winning weapon is returned to the Ministry of Magic MacGuffins and completely forgotten about.

The Butterfly Effect sees Ashton Kutcher’s character end up in jail for murder. There he must convince his cellmate he can time-travel, so he travels back to school and impales two spikes through his hands. When he returns to the present day, stigmata scars appear on his hands. His cellmate is convinced, and… hold on there a minute! Even by the film’s own rules, hands with holes in them don’t hold water.

The Butterfly Effect - Stigmata Hands

This would create a major time paradox plot hole. By changing his past at school-age, he would have had the scars when he arrived at the prison, and his cellmate would have seen zero change. Also, if he’d have driven stakes through his hands as a child, he’d have been carted off to the nearest asylum.

Ant-Man sees ex-burglar Scott Lang steal Hank Pym’s incredible shrinking suit. Of course, the suit can also grow, as seen in Captain America: Civil War and Ant-Man 2, but this plot hole concerns the physics surrounding shrinking. If you’ve ever wondered how tiny Scott can throw full-sized humans across the room with a single punch, it’s because his mass always stays the same, however big or small he is. This is explained in the movie.

Ant-Man - I'm Crushing Your Face

Yet when Ant-Man lands in trouble, he is saved by a colony of his ant friends as they lift him up on an ant-mountain. But if his mass stays the same, those ants would be squashed flat. Anthony, Noooooo!

We end with one of the greatest action-adventure movies, Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Disagree, and we’ll come to your house and fight you. The plot sees the Third Reich searching the desert for The Ark of the Covenant. But when Indy and Sallah reach the dig site, they realize the Nazis have no idea where The Ark is buried. So, instead of leaving the apocalyptic artifact where it’s been safely buried for millennia, Jones digs it up and essentially hands it to the Nazis.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Indy Has No Agency

Raiders is a highly unusual film, as Indy discovering The Ark is one of the few inputs the protagonist has on the entire plot. With or without the whip-crackin’ archeologist hero, everything would have panned out the same way with the Nazis’ faces melting like cherry-scented bath bombs. The moral of the story for this and every entry on our list is, they can still be great movies even if they contain flaws. You just gotta learn to believe, just like Indy did.