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Halloween Costumes That Need To Stop

HizkiailNovember 8, 2021

The Office Characters

If you think we’re going to say this one is overdone, you wouldn’t exactly be wrong, but you wouldn’t be totally right either. When it comes to the characters of “The Office” it really just comes down to the look of it all. It’s boring. There, we said it. You’re literally dressing up as people who work in an office. You look no different than the random people we see on the street every day.

The Office Characters

And if you are dressing up as the office characters dressing up as other things, then congratulations, you’re obscure, but that still doesn’t save your costume from being drowned out by others.


This is one of the most common things we see every year. It’s either this or witches. When it comes to choosing a costume, don’t you feel like you want to be something spooky or at least something that you’ve never seen before? On the other hand, with the current climate, this would be the perfect costume to go with that mask you should definitely be wearing while you’re out on Halloween.


That being said, make sure that your coronavirus-inspired attire is meeting up with quality standards. You shouldn’t theme it on the pandemic itself. That can be really insulting to the people who have had it or lost loved ones.

“Sexy” Versions Of Things

You can literally be sexy any other day of the year. Not only is this a holiday that’s mostly made for the kids’ sake, but dressing up in something and making it “sexy” is not what you should be doing to save your costume. If your costume is boring, there are so many other things you can do with it to make it better. You can turn it into a pun, for example.

"Sexy" Versions Of Things

Combine two things that sound like each other and you’ll have plenty of people asking what you are. Then when you say it, you’ll get a whole bunch of laughs and feel much better (and get more attention) than your other costume.

“Zombie” Versions Of Things

The same thing can be said for the zombie version of certain costumes. Many people will turn their character into an undead version of themselves just to make their costume look a whole lot better. It doesn’t work that way. A lot of the time, the thing you’re doing doesn’t make any sense. And it gets a whole lot worse when you do that while dressing up as a recently deceased celebrity.

"Zombie" Versions Of Things

If you want to give your costume some spice, why not try turning them into a superhero instead? Nobody ever tries that and it could be a really cool project and costume idea.

Rick Sanchez

As much as we love “Rick and Morty”, this costume is getting kind of old. We mean that both figuratively and as an intentional pun. Rick, while being the most interesting, funny, sad, and intricate character of the series (honestly, the list goes on), we do feel that people need to choose something else. Unless, of course, you can match the level of sarcasm and cynicism that his voice actor, Justin Roiland has been able to give him.

Rick Sanchez

We think it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to pull that off, so maybe leave this one off the table for now. Though if you can meet those standards, by all means, we could use a real-life Rick… we think?

Pickle Rick

And if you were thinking of being Pickle Rick because that was a huge craze for a while, we advise you not to be. Now, more than ever, “Rick and Morty” has a whole lot of potential characters for you to dress up as. After the latest season, we think that you should instead focus on Bird Person, Evil Morty, or even Mr. Nimbus if you’re so inclined.

Pickle Rick

The point is, out with the Rick and Pickle Rick, and in with the cool, new, and more relevant characters. Sure, Rick and Morty are always relevant, but not if you want a cool Halloween costume.

Regular Hogwarts Student

If you own a Hogwarts robe and you’re planning on just throwing it on and carrying a wand around with you, please don’t. That’s basically the same as doing Harry, Ron, or Hermione (which are totally overdone, by the way) except with a whole level of laziness added to it. Yes, we get that you have memorabilia from the movie, but seeing as you probably also go to other themed events where the attire is appropriate, you might want to try something new.

Regular Hogwarts Student

But if you really must use your “Harry Potter” apparel, then you might want to think about actually giving your costume some literal character. Go the extra mile and be someone no one else usually is from that universe.


We couldn’t leave The Amazing Spider-Man off of this list if we were to include Superman or Batman. While Spider-Man is probably the most on-them character amongst superheroes, we think that he may have had too much time in the spotlight. Actually, thinking about it, if you can recreate a costume that the Tom Holland Spider-Man wears (like the really cool Iron Man suit he receives from Tony Stark) that would be doing a huge service.


Basically, unless you’re planning on going all-out with your Spider-Man costume, you shouldn’t be our favorite web-slinger. But please do try to go all out because shooting webs on Halloween seems like a given.

Avengers Characters

The same can be said for pretty much any Avenger. The thing with the Avengers is that pretty much every character you see there is going to be way overdone on Halloween. But, like we were saying with Spider-Man, if you can go the extra mile and be a more obscure version of said character, then do it. People love it when old Halloween costumes come better than ever before.

Avengers Characters

And if you’re going to be the one who creates a Marvel-ous costume that no one can compare to, you’re going to feel like the star of the party.


We get it, Trump is a funny man to dress up as. Whether you’re going to do it to make fun of him or you’re doing it in support of him, you should probably leave that idea behind. Even though we can say there is an ample amount of things you can do with the costume, we have to go ahead and say that it’s best not to bring politics into the fray.


Not everyone is going to like the idea, and if you want to enjoy your holiday you should take that advice. Please don’t bring politics into Halloween. Leave him in the past.

Daenerys Targaryen or Other Game Of Thrones Characters

“Game of Thrones” was certainly a huge phenomenon. It was one of the most-watched shows of all time and for good reason. A few of us were late to the party and we’re in shock that they somehow got away without any spoilers while watching the whole show in anticipation of the final season. And that’s where this costume comes into play. It was the last season that really did us in for this costume.


The final season just put such a bad taste in many people’s mouths that no one really wants to see it anymore. Daenerys is really the only character with a costume that isn’t just fantasy clothing, but this goes for all of them really.

Anything Transphobic

We’re not saying you can’t dress up as your favorite female character if you identify as male or vice-versa, we just think you need to have a little common sense when it comes to your choice of costume. Don’t wear the costume “to be trans”, wear it because you appreciate the character. There are so many cool gender-bending ideas you can do as well if you want to be a male version of your favorite woman. Just please, for the love of God, don’t be offensive.


That up there is what you don’t want to do. This was a costume from Walmart that had to be taken down because it literally used an offensive term right in the title.

School Girl

This has got to be one of the laziest ideas we’ve seen so far. Dressing up in a school uniform and being a school girl is… well, how is it different than any other day? Maybe you don’t have a school uniform and you’re doing this in an effort to make a costume out of it, but it just feels so uncreative. We’re not sure how we feel about an anime-style school girl either.


The bottom line is don’t do it. People will literally think you’re dressed up like a normal person. You want to be the one who wows with a costume that has people asking questions.

Vague Decade Costumes

Okay, scratch that last one. THIS is the laziest attempt at a costume we’ve seen so far. Grabbing whatever tie-dye you have in your closet and going out as a “hippy” or some other arbitrary fashion statement isn’t really a costume at all, it’s a theme. Maybe if you’re trying to save some money we can let it slide, but if the goal is to be cool then you can do a whole lot better than this.

Vague Decade Costumes

There has to be something else you can do that doesn’t involve the clothes that you already wear on a daily basis. Worst case, borrow some things from a friend.

The Witches From Hocus Pocus

It’s one thing to be a witch for Halloween (pretty cliche if you ask us) but it’s another thing to be the witches from “Hocus Pocus”. Yes, it is our favorite movie to watch on Halloween as well, but that’s precisely why we want to advise against it. There are not only a lot of people who do this, but it really doesn’t stand out from other witches and we’re going to watch the movie later, so you don’t have to be hasty.

The Witches From Hocus Pocus

Honestly, though, if you’re really itching to be this or any other Halloween character, it’s your choice. We just think you can stand to stand out from the crowd and do something new.

Suggestion 1: The Tiger King

If you think this show is too old to do a costume for, think again. We believe that this outfit deserves a second shot considering the fact that we’ve been put through the runner because of the pandemic. While it might not be as relevant in a social context anymore, we believe that it’s still fresh enough in people’s minds to deserve another shot at being this year’s Halloween costume.

Suggestion 1: The Tiger King

And if you’re not keen on being Joe Exotic, then you could probably go as Carole Baskin, though that might be harder if you aren’t that good at impersonations.

Suggestion 2: Mr. Nimbus

If you really want to do something from Rick & Morty (because let’s be real, this show is super relevant right now) you should consider being Mr. Nimbus. Many of the other characters are overdone and while Evil Morty and Bird/Pheonix Person might also be a good choice, Evil Morty is still a Morty costume at the end of the day and Bird Person is a bit harder to do and less colorful if you want your outfit to wow. ​

Suggestion 2: Mr. Nimbus

There are also tons of other characters to choose from, but this character really made a splash (pun intended) at the start of the season. Pretty much any character that’s not Rick and Morty and the immediate family is a good choice.

Suggestion 3: Scarlet Witch And/Or Vision

This is not only a great option but also the perfect thing to be if you want a couple’s costume. These two characters became extra successful in part due to the super-popular show Wanda Vision (as well as obviously being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and would be the perfect costume for this Halloween. It may take a lot of makeup and outfit work to get the job done, but it’s well worth it.

Suggestion 3: Scarlet Witch And/Or Vision

And if you haven’t watched Wanda Vision yet and you’re a big fan of Marvel, then you have to go see it. Then you’ll understand why it’s a good time to dress up as them.

Suggestion 4: Squid Game Grunts

This is a great option whether or not you’ve watched the show (which you most likely have) and it works especially well if you are a group of three as there are three tiers of grunt to choose from: There are the circles which are the lowest ranking guard, then there are the triangles at mid-tier duties, and then there are the squares who seem to manage them all.

Suggestion 4: Squid Game Grunts

Alternatively, you can also dress up as the man in the cool mask who appears frequently, or you can dress up as the less popular VIPs that show up (though they’re gross, so unrecommended).

Suggestion 5: Literally Any Anime Character

Some of the most popular shows this year have come from overseas, specifically from Japan in the form of anime. The upcoming second half to one of the most popular animes of all time, “Attack on Titan” is due for release this January and we’re sure there will be tons of people going as their favorite character from that show. Others include “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations”, “Jujutsu Kaisen”, “My Hero Academia”, and much, much more.

Suggestion 5: Literally Any Anime Character

You might even be so inclined as to go dressed up as Sora from “Kingdom Hearts”. Though this technically doesn’t count as anime, he was developed by Disney and the popular JRPG maker Square Enix 20 years ago this year and was recently announced as the final character for one of the most popular games out there “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”.