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Famous Celebrities Who Now Work Normal Jobs

Darren April 27, 2023

Ali McGraw

McGraw was one of the most celebrated actresses of her era. She won a Golden Globe and was also an Oscar nominee in a glittering career. Meanwhile, the actress was a huge sex symbol and was regularly described as one of the most beautiful women in the world. But then she quit Hollywood and pursued normal jobs instead.

Closer Weekly

She developed an interest in yoga and it became one of the burning passions of her life. Furthermore, she became increasingly invested in animal rights charities and created a non-profit. McGraw decided that it was more important than pretending to be somebody else. It also helped her to learn more about herself and to deal with different traumas (via People).

LA Magazine

Donald Trump

We admit that most people wouldn’t include the former President of the United States on a list of normal jobs. But it is a political role and the winner represents the majority of the American people. Trump followed in Ronald Reagan’s footsteps by turning his celebrity into an election bid. He won his first election and served for four years but didn’t win a second term.


Trump was the star of The Apprentice for 11 years and was a regular at red-carpet events. Yes, he’s technically a businessman but the truth is that he was a reality TV star with a massive inheritance. Other celebrities like Oprah and Matthew McConaughey also considered running for political offices (via The Guardian).

The Austin Chronicle

Charlie Korsmo

Korsmo is another celebrity who decided to quit acting in favor of normal jobs. He famously starred with Robin Williams in Hook before he became a teen sensation in Can’t Hardly Wait. Everybody expected him to be competing for acting awards for the rest of his life. But Korsmo didn’t want to stay in Hollywood and changed direction.


He studied law at Yale and eventually became a professor in Cleveland. Korsmo achieved a different kind of greatness because he’s one of the most respected legal minds in Ohio. It’s amazing that he switched paths so easily and had amazing success. But Korsmo knew what he wanted to do and worked hard to achieve it (via Page Six).

ABC News

Jeremy Clarkson

We associate Clarkson with fast cars and laddish antics on Top Gear and The Grand Tour. The polarizing TV presenter has driven some of the most amazing vehicles in the world and traveled to far-flung locations. But he also has one of the most important normal jobs ever closer to home.


Clarkson owns a massive farm in Oxfordshire, UK. He actively manages the estate’s general affairs and has a keen interest in his animals. Amazon turned his experiences on the farm into a hit TV show. But there’s nothing make-believe about the real work that goes on behind the scenes (via Country Living).

Bon Appetit

Jeff Cohen

Everybody loves The Goonies because it’s one of the greatest kids’ movies ever. Cohen became a breakout star because he starred as Chunk in the classic adventure-comedy. ‘The Truffle Shuffle’ was one of the dances of the decade and it looked like Cohen would go on to do big things. In the end, that proved to be the case, but it wasn’t in acting (via Bon Appetit).


As Cohen grew up he realized that he wasn’t interested in a long Hollywood career. Instead, he used his earnings to fund his law degree. He graduated from UCLA and opened a firm in L.A. But Cohen maintains a lifelong friendship with former co-star Ke Huy Quan. He even negotiated Cohen’s contract for his Oscar-winning role in Everything Everywhere All At Once.