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Affordable Hair And Makeup Tricks Every Glam Gal Really Should Know

Hizkiail October 25, 2021

We’ve all had that fateful day. The day when a full compact of power product fell f the table and shattered into the floor. It’s tragic, but probably unavoidable in the long run. Is there anything that can be done when gravity ruins our blush or eyeshadow? Yes, of course there is. You don’t need to buy a brand new product, silly! Just break out the plastic wrap and rubbing alcohol.

Fix Broken Makeup in a Flash
Make Life Lovely

Gather all the broken pieces and put them back into the container. Then, crush all the makeup into a power. Add a few drops of alcohol and smooth out the makeup, good as new. Cover with wrap and let it sit cvoernight. In the morning, you will be shocked!

A full bag of cosmetics can really add up, and the bill can be eye-popping. Maybe more expensive mean higher quality, in the minds of some consumers. Brands certainly want you to think so, when they charge you up the wazoo. But with the advent of YouTube beauty influencers, reviews often show us that this is not the case all the time. sometimes, the cheaper imitation is so similar you can barely tell the difference. Sometimes, it’s superior!

Never Be Afraid to Find the Dupe
Instagram / dupethat

Online beautypedias now exist that let you look up a specific product and find its sister online. If there is barely a difference in practice, why not save when you can?

None of us are perfect at applying nail polish with our non-dominant hands. So few of us are even able to walk and chew gum. How we possibly be expected to hold and paint polish? There’s a product out there that has solved this problem, and it may be near you. Behold, the wearable nail polish ring. It’s a great solution to keep the bottle steady and right where you need it.

Don't Spill Polish Anymore With This Innovative Product

Avoiding clumsy spills while keeping the bottle close, where you need it most? Yes, please. We don’t know why this wasn’t invented years ago, but it’s never too late to find silicone treasure.

Tangles are never positive when it comes to hair. Whether it’s a small snag or a full-on dreadlock forming on your head, it’s a mess. How can a gal make sure that things don’t get too out of control? That’s an easy one. Try coconut oil, which you might already have in your cabinet. If not, it’s available just about everywhere. Pick up a bottle, and see the wonder it can work.

​De-frizz and De-tangle Your Mane With Coconut Oil
Instagram / feral_sweet_peas

Brushing a bit through when your hair is wet can really work wonders to stop the knots. Plenty of products claim this as an ingredient already. But pure, it can get slippery in a good way!

At the drugstore, nail polishes in every color are enticing. It’s easy to imagine that the color in the bottle is exactly what’s going to happen on your pretty little fingers. But a lot of the time, we are disappointed even after two coats. Why is it so translucent, and uneven? Maybe it’s just poor quality, we conclude. We’d be wrong to say that, though. The truth is, you need to apply a white base coat before you start with the colors at all.

Stop Denying That You Need a White Base Coat
Facebook / polishmesnazzy

Yes, it’s an extra item to purchase. And sure, it’s another step in the routine. But look at the difference! This tip will make that pigment pop, just like you always wanted. You’re welcome.

It might seem like a pretty straightforward issue, but using bobby pins is more complicated than you think. There are two sides for a reason. One is ridgy, and one is smooth. To get the best grip possible, the wavy side belongs against your head. This will give you a better grip, especially if you have silky smooth straight hair. That’s always a challenge when it comes grip, we know.

We Need to Explain the Right Way to Use a Bobby Pin
Twitter / mywhoopsiedaisy

If you ignore our advice, all hell won’t break loose. But your hairstyle might! Try it out, and see if the pin placement makes a difference. Some gals say it’s a game changer!

Even with the best foundation, bumpy skin shows through. Crusty skin is even worse! Skincare has become such a cult, luckily. We have a lot of good advice to choose from when it comes to keeping things smooth as a baby’s butt. Like this at-home mask, for example. If you’ve got yogurt around, it’s a great ingredient to create a spa experience. This is popular in Korea, where they take skin very serously.

Make This Yogurt Face Mask and Prep Your Base
Instagram / d.d.stancheva

Recommended recipe: Mix two tablespoons of yogurt with one teaspoon of lemon juice and honey. Masl for 15-20 minutes, and then wash off. Get ready with your usual moisturizer, and seize the day!

It’s easy to get carried away blackening your lashes with mascara. One coat doesn’t always seem like enough. But two coats can often be too much! How can a middle ground be achieved? Believe it or not, a toothbrush could help you find your just-right look. If you see you have applied way too much product, take a new toothbrush and use it like a mascara wand. Brush upwards, and clean off the excess.

De-Clump Your Eyelash Look With a New Toothbrush
Instagram / georgiiemu

Some people go for the clumpy look on purpose. This tip is not for you, clumpsters. It’s a fixer for those who got carried away. Just make sure you don’t grab the wrong toothbrush in the bathroom. Yuck!

You may now understand the symbols on a package. But, knowing that something expires three months after opening it might not help you. Like, when did you actually open it? If that part is a mystery, you’re in a pickle. Here’s a handy tip: Take a sharpie and write the date on the tube. It’s pretty unlikely you will remember otherwise. Try it out right now. When did you open your favorite nude lip?

Mark Your Makeup to Know When It's Time for the Trash
Augusta Falletta / BuzzFeed

We’re pretty sure you can’t answer that. From now on, go the extra mile. Write the month, day, and year. Not only will your skin thank you, but you might actually use up products knowing their deadlines!

Major beauty retailers like to give in-person tutorials to promote their products. It’s a win-win, most of the time. They get a chance to sell, and you get a chance to learn techniques you might not know already. Sephora, for example, offers something they call Classes for Confidence. According to the company: “Part of the Sephora Stands initiative, Classes for Confidence are created to support those who are facing major life transitions.” Who does that include?

Don't Forget You Can Probably Get a Free Makeup Class
Instagram / marcelinecarlos

It seems there are a wide range of students, from cancer patients to homeless folks. Supportive friends and family come along, too. Check to see what kinds of reservations your local shop offers. Could be a great way to spend a Sunday!

With so many brow products on the market, it can be hard to choose one. Should you go for light or dark brown? Maybe neither. Some brow products are just clear, but they hold your hairs in place. For people interested in this look, there is a cheaper dupe right in the bathroom, right now. Take a clean spoolie and hairspray to find out just how much money you’ve been wasting.

Hairspray and a Spoolie Make a Great Brow Product
Beauty by Erica / Facebook

The procedure is simple enough. Spray the spoolie and brush your brows just how you like them. Let it set, and you’re ready to take on the town. Didn’t you realize that hairspray works on tiny hairs, too?

Dry girls have it easy when it comes to oil. They don’t have any! Blotting papers are designed for the oily among us. You know, those with natural sebum pumping out at rapid speed. Grease makes makeup looks terrible, after a few hours, so it’s always smart to have a few on hand on your bag. But what happens if you forget to bring them, and you’re stuck in public with a shiny face?

There Are Emergency Blotting Sheets in Every Public Bathroom
Instagram / one_stop_shop_07_2021

Oddly enough, the average toilet seat cover in a public bathroom is basically made of the same type of paper. It easily absorbs oil, and it’s a huge free sheet. Go on, try it!

To get a sharp, clean wing every time, you need some tape. Take household scotch tape and rip off a piece for each eye. Press it on your hand once, to remove most of the strong adhesive. Then, stick it at an upward angle near your lashline to direct the pen into the right design. Sketch away, and then take off the tape. The results will look like you used a stencil.

Scotch Tape Is the Key to Perfect Winged Liquid Liner
Girl with Glam

It’s so simple, and yet, few know about the hack. With wings like these, you will be flying away to glam planet. Once you try this method, you never go back!

Liquid eyeliner is a dramatic look, but it usually requires an extra brush. What a pain! The innovation of the liquid eyeliner pen has a major advantage, in this regard. No extra tools are required, and anyone can figure out how to apply it with expert precision. The only real shortcoming is the fact that these pens tend to dry out quickly. Is there any way to extend its use?

Fixing a Liquid Eyeliner Pen Requires One Master Move

You may have never noticed the tip can actually be pulled out. The other side of it is usually buried in the pen. But now, it’s exposed and soaked full of fresh ink. Just pop it back in upside down, and keep on drawing!

At the end of a good night of partying in full glam, you might be drunk. Let’s face the facts! Under those circumstances, you’re probably in no mood to go to the bathroom and carefully start a skincare routine. But falling asleep with your mascara running into your pillowcase is just no way to live. Nobody wants a breakout or stained linens. Isn’t there a middle ground, to keep things neat?

Keep Wipes Next to Your Bed for Lazy Makeup Removal
Instagram / adamronnn

Indeed there is: Just keep a package of makeup remover wipes next to your bed for these off nights. The strategy just requires you to lay around and wipe your face in bed. It’s doable and better than nothing!

Being stuck in limbo after a fresh coat of paint is like watching paint dry. Literally, it is. It’s boring, and a real test of our patience. Who wants to sit around for an hour while the coats fully set? Not many people, and that sometimes results in smears that bring things back to step one. Today, we have a quick drying tip you’ve probably never heard about. Got any hairspray lying around?

There's a Reason to Use Hairspray on Your Nails
Facebook / Beauty Jubilee

The process is simple as could be: Spray some aerosol about 10 inches away after you are done painting. Leave it on for five minutes, then wash your hands. Surprise! They’re dry.

Good smells mean good times. Perfume has been used in nearly every culture since the beginning of civilization. Today, we can synthesize almost anything in a lab, but people once had to use natural essentials to make things fragrant. Egypt and Rome had their methods, and do did Mesopotamia. One thing people figured out over time was that perfume was meant to go on special parts of the body. Which ones?

This Is the Right Way to Apply Perfume
Imgur / ashIG88

Spraying yourself down is not the way to go, despite what some commercials would have us believe. Scents should be applied at pulse points like your wrist, behind your ears, and the base of your throat. Blood flows near the skin’s surface there and emits more heat to enhance the perfume.

You might feel like taking a chance on new products could be a giant waste of money. But you would be wrong if you are a drug store shopper. According to CVS: “Be 100% happy or receive 100% money back on any beauty products. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, you can return the beauty product (opened or unopened) along with your receipt or invoice to any CVS Pharmacy store.”

Don't Forget That the Drugstore Has a Really Neat Return Policy
Instagram / pamelagerhard

In fact, many mainstream drugstores now have such policies to compete. If you’ve been longing to switch up your routine, but you’re a little risk-averse, it’s not as bad as you suspect. Great news, we think!

When we pick out base products, we go to great lengths to find the perfect color match to our tone. But it might be interesting to think a bit more about the rainbow. We know that different colors cancel each other out. These fun facts from middle school science are suddenly relevant in makeup. Ever tried color-correcting concealer? It’s time to learn which color you need for each problem on your face. We all have at least one!

Balance Your Face With Colorful Concealers
Instagram / madisonnblanch

Choose a Peach color to counteract green or brown. No one wants uneven skin! Use green to cancel out red. It will double conceal any angry pimple that still peeks through the regular concealer.

Gals who like to have manicures on 24/7 are reading this right now. It might feel like you’re naked when you finally take it off and let your nails breathe for a bit. But you also might feel like a demon with yellow, discolored nails. There must be a way to restore them to health, but how? According to some DIY beauty innovators, you can use household ingredients to get the job done.

There's a DIY Way to Get Rid of Nail Polish Stains


Use a tablespoon of baking soda, hot water, and a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and hot water. Stir it all in a bowl and dip your fingers in for 10 minutes. Wash it off, and voila! This combo will work its magic in no time.

After a long week, the stress can show on our faces. For some of us, that means dark circles or breakouts. For others, it registers as puffy under eyes. If the latter category is you, there is an easy way to soothe and depuff. Go ahead and put your favorite eye cream in the fridge. It will be luxurious when you put it on that way. But the cool cream will aid in claiming down the puffiness, just by its temperature.

Refrigerate Your Creams To Get Rid of Puffy Under Eyes
Instagram / thebeautyfridgeofficial

Some beauty buffs love this tip so much they have invested in mini beauty fridges to keep in their bedrooms. We’re not saying you have to do that. But if this tip is one of your favorites, it might be worth the splurge!

We all know that mascara doesn’t last forever. It’s not even sanitary to use for too long. But sometimes, we must admit that an expensive tube dries out a lot quicker than we’d like. There should be a way to refresh it, we feel. And we’re right, there is a way to get things flowing once more. The hack just uses some of the contact solution you already have on your nightstand.

Refresh Your Mascara With a Few Drops of This
Southern Girly

Put a few drops in the tube, and pump and shake it up. Put that tube in a mug of hot water for a few minutes. Then, pump it again and it will be good as new, or close to it!

Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath once said: “What I love most about makeup is that you can’t get attached to one thing, one idea, or one approach—and once you’ve achieved perfection, you have to wipe it all off and start over the next day.” Aren’t you bored with your usual foundation? Why not mix in some highliter drops? It’s time to try out this approach for your face base, at least once.

For a Unique Glow, MIX BB Cream With Highlighter Drops
merry.laney / Instagram

The result will be overall shimmer but diluted. Usually, you probably highlight your cheekbones and your nose. But it might be interesting to see what you look like this way!

Your face is your palette, but how should the paint be applied? Some makeup users like to use their fingers for foundation and concealer. The natural warmth helped to melt the product right into the skin. Others prefer beauty blenders and sponges. But brushes will always be a popular choice. They just require a bit more knowledge and care to maintain. For example, you should really dry them upside down.

Always Dry Makeup Brushes Upside Down
Reddit / MakeupAddiction

If you don’t, you might not have dry brushes by your next application. It takes hours and hours to dry laying down flat. Most techniques do not ask you to wet your brush, so don’t show up with a damp one.

Flawless skin is achievable with a great base product from the drugstore. Testing the newest foundation is loads of fun. But under the fluorescent lights in those stores, you always get the feeling that you might be getting the whole picture. What’s more, most people smear it on their hands or arm to see if there is a color match. That’s a mistake!c Where should you be trying it out, instead?

There Is a Tested Trick To Match Foundation to Your Face
Lauren Zaser / Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

You should actually try the neck. It’s a lot closer to your face color but doesn’t require you to remove your existing makeup on the go. Your arm is tanner than your neck, don’t you agree?

Some of us are blessed to have naturally curly eyelashes. But millions of women have the straight type, and that can really mess up their mascara game. It’s possible to buy expensive, heated eyelash contraptions. They get good reviews, but they’re not cheap. Is there a more affordable way to get a good result with your classic curler? With the help of one more beauty appliance, the answer may be yes.

Try Heating Your Eyelash Curler With a Blow-dryer
Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

Take a blowdryer, and turn on hot. Put your metal curler in front of the air stream so it can heat up. In due time, it will. You’ve got the heated curler of your dreams!

We know we have cuticles, but what in the world are they? According to WebMD: “They serve a purpose, and they need your TLC. Your cuticles are part of your skin. They sit atop your nails’ growth matrix, which is the part of your nails that grows…Although the cuticles don’t feel like the soft skin on the rest of your hands, they’re composed primarily of skin, so it’s essential to keep them moisturized.”

Coconut Oil Is Great Cuticle Treatment Right in Your Cabinet
Juankestein / Reddit

Fair enough, WebMD. Some skincare experts recommend coconut oil to nourish cuticles. Pro tip: Try rubbing a small amount on the area and apply saran wrap while you watch TV.

The last time some of us used a curling iron was when our friends were helping us get ready for prom. That was a long time ago. But many gals still do find an everyday use for this contraption, and it’s good to know how to properly clean it. All that heat protectant and leave-in conditioner can really build up, and the gunk gets ugly. The quickest way to fix this is steel wool.

Try This Hack To Clean a Curling Iron Quick
Adventures of a DIY Mom

You don’t need to apply soap. Just take the steel wool and rub when the iron is cool. In no time, it will look shiny and new! This trick works on straighteners, too.

Raggedy lips are no way to go through life. They are certainly not a smooth base to apply lipstick. And who wants to kiss crusty mouth? The solution to this age-old malady is in the cupboard, but you need to mix the ingredients. Create your own lip scrub out of coconut oil, raw honey, raw sugar, and lemon juice. We warn you now that this is not meant to be a snack, just a scrub. You might be tempted!

Try This DIY Honey Lip Scrub for Smooth Smooches
Instagram / exclusive.scrub.collection

Mix them all in a bowl until it seems nice and grainy. Portion it out into little jars, and you’re done. Now, gov ahead, scrub your lips, and lick them clean.

For most people, the seasons have a visible effect. During the winter, you are probably at your true skin tone. But in the sunny months, it all changes. The rays come down and make you produce more color than usual. A beautiful tan can be visually pleasing. But what happens when your face no longer matches the foundation you’ve been wearing all year? Don’t go out and buy another bottle just yet.

There's No Need To Buy a Different Foundation for Summer Anymore
Instagram / lifegivesyoutarget

Many companies now have their own version of lightening or darkening pigments. These additives can be mixed in with your usual color, and adjusted all season long. We don’t know why this didn’t exist sooner!

Makeup king François Nars once said: “Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure—it can transform you.” The idea is especially true when it comes to eyes. Depending on how you draw your eyeliner, you can show a completely different shape. Round, almond, wider or narrower: This choice seriously changes your look. And it’s a big deal, since the eyes are the window to the soul.

Eyeliner Can Reshape Your Eyes in So Many Ways
Lazy Girl

In case you were wondering, cat-eye makes the eye look widest. Round has the opposite effect. Whatever your dream eye may be, there’s probably a video tutorial on the subject.

Now that you know that makeup doesn’t last forever, it’s time to take a look at all the tubes and bottles and make a decision. According to makeup artists, you can actually have a severe allergic reaction to some expired products. Others are just not effective anymore. Any product that claims to have SPF will just be like a regular moisturizer or bb cream after the labeled date. And acne medications on the ingredient list might just do nothing, after a while.

For Pete's Sake, Toss Out Old Products
Instagram / sarahsbeautycorner

It’s painful to know you are throwing money in the garbage. But think of it this way: Tou might be saving money on balance. If your skin gets mad, you will have to buy new remedies for that, anyway!