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Affordable Hair And Makeup Tricks Every Glam Gal Really Should Know

HizkiailOctober 25, 2021

Some of us are blessed to have naturally curly eyelashes. But millions of women have the straight type, and that can really mess up their mascara game. It’s possible to buy expensive, heated eyelash contraptions. They get good reviews, but they’re not cheap. Is there a more affordable way to get a good result with your classic curler? With the help of one more beauty appliance, the answer may be yes.

Try Heating Your Eyelash Curler With a Blow-dryer
Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

Take a blowdryer, and turn on hot. Put your metal curler in front of the air stream so it can heat up. In due time, it will. You’ve got the heated curler of your dreams!

We know we have cuticles, but what in the world are they? According to WebMD: “They serve a purpose, and they need your TLC. Your cuticles are part of your skin. They sit atop your nails’ growth matrix, which is the part of your nails that grows…Although the cuticles don’t feel like the soft skin on the rest of your hands, they’re composed primarily of skin, so it’s essential to keep them moisturized.”

Coconut Oil Is Great Cuticle Treatment Right in Your Cabinet
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Fair enough, WebMD. Some skincare experts recommend coconut oil to nourish cuticles. Pro tip: Try rubbing a small amount on the area and apply saran wrap while you watch TV.

The last time some of us used a curling iron was when our friends were helping us get ready for prom. That was a long time ago. But many gals still do find an everyday use for this contraption, and it’s good to know how to properly clean it. All that heat protectant and leave-in conditioner can really build up, and the gunk gets ugly. The quickest way to fix this is steel wool.

Try This Hack To Clean a Curling Iron Quick
Adventures of a DIY Mom

You don’t need to apply soap. Just take the steel wool and rub when the iron is cool. In no time, it will look shiny and new! This trick works on straighteners, too.

Raggedy lips are no way to go through life. They are certainly not a smooth base to apply lipstick. And who wants to kiss crusty mouth? The solution to this age-old malady is in the cupboard, but you need to mix the ingredients. Create your own lip scrub out of coconut oil, raw honey, raw sugar, and lemon juice. We warn you now that this is not meant to be a snack, just a scrub. You might be tempted!

Try This DIY Honey Lip Scrub for Smooth Smooches
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Mix them all in a bowl until it seems nice and grainy. Portion it out into little jars, and you’re done. Now, gov ahead, scrub your lips, and lick them clean.

For most people, the seasons have a visible effect. During the winter, you are probably at your true skin tone. But in the sunny months, it all changes. The rays come down and make you produce more color than usual. A beautiful tan can be visually pleasing. But what happens when your face no longer matches the foundation you’ve been wearing all year? Don’t go out and buy another bottle just yet.

There’s No Need To Buy a Different Foundation for Summer Anymore
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Many companies now have their own version of lightening or darkening pigments. These additives can be mixed in with your usual color, and adjusted all season long. We don’t know why this didn’t exist sooner!

Makeup king François Nars once said: “Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure—it can transform you.” The idea is especially true when it comes to eyes. Depending on how you draw your eyeliner, you can show a completely different shape. Round, almond, wider or narrower: This choice seriously changes your look. And it’s a big deal, since the eyes are the window to the soul.

Eyeliner Can Reshape Your Eyes in So Many Ways
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In case you were wondering, cat-eye makes the eye look widest. Round has the opposite effect. Whatever your dream eye may be, there’s probably a video tutorial on the subject.

Now that you know that makeup doesn’t last forever, it’s time to take a look at all the tubes and bottles and make a decision. According to makeup artists, you can actually have a severe allergic reaction to some expired products. Others are just not effective anymore. Any product that claims to have SPF will just be like a regular moisturizer or bb cream after the labeled date. And acne medications on the ingredient list might just do nothing, after a while.

For Pete’s Sake, Toss Out Old Products
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It’s painful to know you are throwing money in the garbage. But think of it this way: Tou might be saving money on balance. If your skin gets mad, you will have to buy new remedies for that, anyway!