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40+ People Who Had One Job And Still Epically Failed

Asher July 20, 2022

Nobody’s perfect, whether in life or at work, and we have all messed up at one time or another. That being said, if you have ONE responsibility you should definitely learn to master it if you expect to get that paycheck at the end of the month. These people had one job, and by the end of these little “mishaps,” they probably had none. Even though they weren’t laughing at the time, we hope that they’ll look back in retrospect and laugh along with us. Check out these hilarious photos of people who epically failed at the one thing they were supposed to do right, and if this has ever happened to you then you can relax knowing you are far from alone.

If only karma were always this precise. In 2016, a suicide bomber boarded a plane with explosives in his laptop on a Daallo Airlines flight. He intended to destroy the aircraft, but 22 minutes after takeoff, the explosive detonated, and it didn’t go how he planned.

This Suicide Bomber Had One Job But Thankfully Karma Made Him Fail


When the bomb exploded, it blasted a hole in the plane and instantly sucked the bomber out. He was the only fatality in the incident. If that isn’t instant karma, we don’t know what is. He failed, but he got what was coming to him. Can you imagine how lucky everyone else on the plane felt after this incident?

This dog was determined to show this product who’s boss, and we think he won this round. This spray is supposed to deter dogs from chewing, licking, and scratching whatever it is sprayed on, but that clearly doesn’t include the bottle. The dog said, “challenge accepted,” and came out on top.

This Product Clearly Doesn't Work


They should have sprayed the bottle with the deterrent inside of it for it to work. The dog did us all a favor by reviewing the product and letting us know that it doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to. We can all save our money thanks to this epic fail.

This person struggled the entire time with this puzzle until they understood that the picture on the box was different from the puzzle inside. They had been trying to match the colors, but that wasn’t working at all. There must be some fine print that states the picture shown on the box is for illustration purposes only, and the product may vary.

Now We Know Why This Puzzle Was So Hard


It might be a happy accident, but that makes it extra challenging to figure out. If you can do a puzzle without looking at the final picture, you might as well call yourself a puzzle master. Also, if you didn’t notice, the bottom line on the actual puzzle is just a repeat of the line above it.

Whoever was in charge of the town’s decoration committee is going to be in big trouble for these mistletoe and candle decorations. Maybe they were angry with the town, or perhaps thought this would bring a white Christmas.

Someone Wasn't Paying Attention When They Decorated The Town With Christmas Dongs


We bet this was the work of someone’s innocent mom, and she had no idea what the lights would turn out looking like. They are just trying to make their town look festive for the holiday, and someone had to point out their phallic resemblance… how rude.

One line means not pregnant, two lines means pregnant, and three lines might mean you are having an alien baby or you are really, really pregnant. This pregnancy test is obviously defective unless we have never heard of this mysterious third option.

The Mysterious Third Option


Maybe their baby will be the next Adidas poster child because the pregnancy test has the signature three lines. Whatever they are having, this test indicates that their home office will be a nursery a few months from now, and they won’t get to sleep in on the weekends.

We didn’t know mermaids had butts until now, and it is quite disturbing. Whoever made this only had to create the tail, no behinds were required, but they went the extra mile to help us visualize a mermaid that is more human than fish.

Apparently A Mermaid's Tail Doesn't Cover Her Butt


Is this what Ariel looked like in the middle of her transformation? They didn’t show this in the movie, and we are glad because it would have scarred a lot of children. We know they have to use the restroom somehow; we just didn’t think it would be this way.

Can you imagine what it would smell like if people were using fertilizer instead of hand sanitizer? We would definitely be keeping our distance if that were the case. That would probably work better than anything else to get people to listen to the rules.

That's One Way To Enforce Social Distancing


We get small spelling errors, but this is a completely different word, and they printed the sign and posted it without ever realizing it. One day you will wake up to hands three times the size they were before and wonder how they grew overnight.

When you smoke so much that you are drowning in the smoke, then there are issues. This sign is visually confusing, and we are not sure what they are trying to say with the symbol, but we know they definitely don’t want you to smoke. There must have been some confusion at the printing store.

No Swimming And No Smoking, And Definitely Don't Try Them At The Same Time


Smoking while swimming makes the cigarette is wet and hard to light, so it’s probably not a good idea. It’s possible that they don’t want you to smoke or swim in that area, so don’t even try to get away with either because they mean business.

Imagine driving down this road late at night. You would probably be so frustrated that the lights are facing away from the road because someone messed up the one job they had. Either the road was in the wrong place, or the person put the lights in the wrong direction. Who is to blame for this?

Someone Forgot That Street Lights Are For Lighting Up Streets


Someone definitely got fired for this, and we have to agree with that decision because it is pretty obvious that the lights should face the road. We thought it was common sense, but it looks like not everyone is having those lightbulb moments throughout the day.

You know that some teenage stock boy was probably laughing hysterically when he placed the barcode sticker on this tag. They knew exactly what they were doing, but someone let them get away with it. Customers were probably uncomfortable when reading this plant’s tag.

Some Stock Person Got A Good Laugh Out Of This


The more we read, the more we see why they felt compelled to do this. We understand the appeal, but their supervisor was probably pissed off when they saw this sign sitting among the products.

Researchers discovered what might have been the oldest living animal, Ming the clam. While trying to figure out its age, the researchers accidentally killed it, but they did find out that it was 507 years old. Their boss must have been pretty annoyed, considering their JOB was to keep it alive.

While Trying To Figure Out The Clam's Age, Researchers Accidentally Killed It


Let’s all take a moment of silence for Ming. He lived through a great deal only to die at the hands of science. In the process of evolution, clams will eventually display their age on the outside of their shells to prevent more casualties.

Since 2020 was such a disaster, and 2021 wasn’t looking so good, everyone decided to just skip the year and wave goodbye to 2021 before it even began. The person who writes the captions for this newscast was so excited about the year being over that they simply skipped 2021.

Since The Year Didn't Start Well, We Decided To Skip It


While we don’t think the calendar works that way, and we can’t choose the year, some people might want to skip 2021. The free seven-day trial wasn’t looking so good, and we didn’t want to continue our subscription but forgot to cancel in time.

We aren’t experts in the field of electricity, but we are almost positive that having a sprinkler facing the electric box is not a good idea. These outdoor boxes might have to withstand weather like rain, wind, or snow, but we don’t know if they are equipped for a steady stream of water directly on the door.

"Safety Is Our Highest Priority"


Whoever installed the sprinkler should have known this would not be a good place for it. We are just waiting for that accident to happen. Maybe the person installing the sprinkler thought that the water would make it clean energy because they didn’t understand the concept.

“Alright, boss, I installed the faucet, and it works.” Whoever did this was probably annoyed by the installation because the water doesn’t even drain into the sink. Either they need a longer faucet, or they need to move the bowl closer. Regardless, shouldn’t the person have known that it wasn’t going to work?

All They Had To Do Was Make Sure It Poured Into The Sink


Tell us again why robots shouldn’t replace certain jobs? This might have been one of those cases where a homeowner asks for something, and despite explaining that it won’t work, the contractor has to give them what they want to prove that it was a bad decision.

We know that social distancing has been a practice for fending for the virus, but we didn’t know socialist dancing was also a way to keep yourself safe. How does one do a socialist dance? We were never taught that in dance class, but it seems like something everyone can do.

To Fend Off Viruses, Practice Socialist Dancing


This person’s only job was to write social distancing, and they decided to go in a different direction. Maybe this is a form of break dancing because no one stands close to you when you are doing that either. Whatever dance this is, we’re sure it’s going to spark a lot of debate about whether we should learn it or not.

When the person ordered two cakes, she asked the bakery to write “congrats” on both of them. Unfortunately, the decorator took that as write “congrats on both of them” on both cakes. Now, this person has two cakes with these words, which doesn’t really make sense.


They probably gave their friends the cakes anyway because it is a funny joke, but we don’t know how this decorator got so confused. Why would anyone intentionally ask for this on their cake? We would assume they just wanted congrats written.

Wherever this gelato shop is located, they clearly don’t see many mangos. The little sign may say mango, but they didn’t realize that the picture is an avocado. Maybe it is an avocado that identifies as a mango. We aren’t entirely sure, but it probably isn’t the best-selling flavor with a sign like that.

Pretty Sure That's An Avocado


Anything can be a mango if you haven’t seen one before, but to those who have, this is clearly an imposter. While the gelato still looks just as good regardless of the sign, they should probably change the picture to the correct fruit so that customers aren’t confused.

There is no way anyone is going to notice this off-center burner when there is an outline to show where it’s supposed to be… not! As someone who is a bit neurotic when it comes to things like this, we wouldn’t be able to use the stove knowing it is in the wrong place.

Barely Noticeable

The circle is in a specific place for a reason if this burner is not centered, that means the rest of them are also in the wrong spot as well. The real question is, where do you put the pan? Is it supposed to go in the circle or off to the side over the heated part?

All they needed to do was add an extra space between the words, and this wouldn’t have looked so inappropriate. Mature adults will probably ignore the obvious mistake, but those of us with dirty minds can’t help but laugh and wonder how others reacted when they read this as the register.

One Extra Space Is All They Needed


There is probably a doctor they can see for this, but they shouldn’t be advertising that to customers. It’s a pharmacy, aren’t there any pills they can get to fix this problem, or glue possibly? We hope the person fixed the sign after they heard people giggling.

Not all Elmos are created equally; some of them get messed up during manufacture. We don’t know if we should blame the product inspector or the person who put the eyes on, but this Elmo is not something you would want to give to your child. They would probably be terrified.

This Elmo Was Created A Little Different


Instead of teaching children their ABCs and how to count to ten, this version of Elmo teaches children how to summon demons and bring spirits back from the dead. Call a priest because this doll needs an exorcism, stat. Someone tickled him one too many times, and this was the result.

This church put up a sign for their anti-racism campaign, but it looks like they are asking people to sign up for racism online. The first 50 people who sign up get free racism for a year. We don’t support racism, so we’re going to have to pass on this one.

Sign Up For Racism Online


Maybe they are trying to trick the racists into signing up and learning why their actions are hurtful and wrong. This does explain the high amount of racists online these days. This church really needs to remove that sign.

Either someone felt so unsafe that they took the button and ran with it, or the building became so safe they no longer needed a switch. Those who felt comfortable here before probably don’t feel the same now because the call for help isn’t available.

They Must Have Felt So Safe That They Removed The Button


The budget cuts forced them to remove it, and they had to put up a new sign stating, “If you feel unsafe and need help, yell at the top of your lungs because that is all we can afford.” All they had to do was install the button to correlate with the sign, and someone missed the deadline.

Whoever wrote this probably needs to go back to school to learn the proper spelling. Today, we have spellcheck at the tips of our fingers, so they should have looked before putting the paint on the pavement. This looks closer to something you would drink while skipping school.

Ah, Scohol...Those Were The Days


We understand the person was probably focusing more on the position of the letters rather than what he was writing, but now he has to re-do it because no one knows what “Scohol” is. Maybe they were given a spelling lesson at the nearby school after this.

Someone forgot to print the correct “best before” date on this bottle, so no one knows when this product will expire. It’s possible that it never expires, and it will be fresh for years and years to come. They didn’t even attempt to put in a default date or something to fill in this important space.

Legend Has It That It's Still Good To This Day


There’s only one way to find out if this is good – that would be by drinking up. However, what drink contains bubbles, apple flavoring, and milk? Whether it is expired or not, that doesn’t sound like a combination we would want to try.

This product is perfect for biking, biking, biking, and, you guessed it, biking. Whoever was designing this box must have copied and pasted the font under each icon but forgot to change the wording, and no one noticed. There were probably many eyes on this box before it was printed, yet this mistake slipped through the cracks.

Someone Hit Copy + Paste But Forgot To Change The Words


All they had to do was write the names of each activity, but instead, they got lazy and left them all the same. Maybe all these activities are considered biking, and none of us knew that. We are just surprised that it made it to the shelves of the store like this.

We all know at least one person who likes to combine or shorten words like “delish” or “nutrish,” and we have a feeling that one of those people was behind this sign failure. The picture might show a sign that says, “Happy Halloween,” but the actual product says, “Happoween.”

They Tricked Us, But Didn't Give Us A Treat


Unless we all missed something, this is not a new way to say Happy Halloween in slang. All they had to do was spell out Happy Halloween, which most people learn in first or second grade. Maybe this will catch on, and they will have the trendiest sign in town.

When this company posted the product’s picture, they must not have looked at the designer’s final photo. If they did, they would have realized that the two ends are connected by a very short chord with a bunch of circles next to it. Even the USB plug is disappointed.

That's Actually A Very Short Chord


It’s like they were advertising a short cable with a complimentary coaster. However, they could be trying to trick people into buying their product, thinking it is long. Technically, it isn’t false advertising because the chord’s actual length is in the photo.

From afar, people might not realize what is wrong with this post just by glancing at it. However, upon further inspection, they might notice the child is missing his nose. The last time we checked, children are born with noses; they don’t develop them later in life.

Who Nose What's Wrong With This Billboard?


Maybe this is Voldemort’s son, and we just didn’t know he had children. He looks like he has that Snapchat filter on his face that makes your eyes and mouth really big. Whoever did the retouching on this poster went a little overboard on the child’s face.

Depending upon how you look at it, this could be a win or a fail. However, if you just wanted a bar of chocolate, you might as well buy that instead of hoping someone messed up at the Kit-Kat factory. This person found the rare “just chocolate” Kit-Kat, and they were fairly confused.

Kit-Kat Bar But Without The Wafer


If they wanted a chocolate bar, they could have just purchased solid chocolate. How does this even happen because we are assuming it would be hard to forget the only other ingredient? They just had to add a wafer to the bar for it to be complete.

While some people think this is her reflection, it might be her soul leaving her body. Since this is not how mirrors work, it makes the painting look disturbingly creepy. Some surrealist painters actually would draw mirrors like this.

Yes, This Is How Reflections Work


What if you could go through mirrors, but your reflection was stopping you? It’s like the Twilight Zone, where the woman saw her double at the bus stop. Her reflection doesn’t even know there is someone sneaking up behind her.

This person had one straightforward job, yet they somehow messed up the most simple thing a person can do. The light is obviously supposed to be facing down, but they installed it facing the sky, and what good is that going to do besides causing more light pollution?

Light Up The Stars, Baby!


Is this how the moon gets its soft glow? Someone was confused when they installed the light, and they must have thought it was a street light for airplanes so they won’t crash into the ground. One Direction was inspired by this light when they wrote the line, “Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.”

Cue tips are for ears, the nose smells flowers, glasses help your eyes, and nail clippers clean your teeth? Something isn’t adding up here. The education system has failed so many, and now we see where those tiny cracks in the system are.

Those Aren't Supposed To Go In Your Mouth


Maybe the message is to clip your nails instead of biting them, but how are children supposed to figure that out? Some people might use clippers on their teeth, but that sounds dangerous to us because all your teeth would break. This teacher was trying to trick her students, and she succeeded.

What is with companies and using these large boxes to ship the smallest item? Meanwhile, when you order something fragile like electronics, they barely include any bubble wrap and kick it onto your front lawn.

They Ordered One Screw Driver And It Showed Up In A Gigantic Box


All they had to do was find a small box, put some paper in it and add the screwdriver. Why is that such a challenging task? It’s such a waste of paper and could have been used for something that is much larger or more fragile.

We don’t know how tall this little girl really is, but whoever drew her does not understand the metric system. For those who don’t know, this drawing says this girl is 16 feet tall. She could surely dominate any box stacking competition or NBA league.

That's One Very Tall Girl


We don’t know what any of these measurements are supposed to be, but they don’t seem so accurate. This must be proof that giants do exist. Whatever the math problem might be, this illustrator didn’t know how tall they made this girl despite how small she looks.

They might ask you what your dominant hand is, but they put a picture of two right hands facing different directions. Maybe the person who uploaded the photo has two right hands, and this is what they see when they look down.

They Are Both Right Hands Though


Most people probably ignored the pictures and just clicked the correct option. Maybe this is a sign that aliens live among us, and this is how they hint at their existence because they don’t want to live in hiding anymore.

This elusive can of sweet peas has finally been found. The person who captured the missing greens gets a special reward; they get to eat them. If this is the green bean can with a corn label, that means someone has a can of corn with a green bean label.

Whole Kernel Corn Looks A Lot Different These Days


This is why you can never trust a label. How do they even mess this up? Someone must have sorted it to the wrong pile, so it got mixed in with the corn cans that were going through the label machine.

Last time we checked, Big Ben in London was a clock tower, not the Eiffel Tower. Despite the confusion on this phone case, they probably tried to rip someone off for the price. We hope other people realized the wrong monument was on the case.

Big Ben Looks A Bit Different Than We Remember


We blame Brexit for this mishap. Luckily it’s a Galaxy s3 case, and no one has those anymore, so we don’t have to worry about many people using these incorrect cases. We don’t know how someone could have mixed up these two monuments because they are so different.

Who wouldn’t want their fried chicken coated in diesel fuel? We thought that was normal. Imagine walking into this establishment, asking to speak to the chef, and it turns out to be Vin Diesel; that would be quite the plot twist. However, we don’t know why they would write these things on one sign.

Mmm! Delicious Lung Damage


We can’t imagine diesel fried chicken would be good for your stomach, and we would avoid this place at all costs because who knows what else they are putting in their food. At least the gas prices are cheap wherever this place is.

Instead of writing inconvenience, they accidentally wrote incontinence, and we are not sure they realized what that means. It’s always good to spell check something before printing it out and putting it on all the machines. Now, these people think the cashier has trouble controlling his bladder.

Don't Apologize... It Happens?


At least it’s not a commonly used word, so most people won’t realize what it actually means. If they are reading the sign, they probably stopped reading after “Prepay inside only.” The incontinence is probably why the machine doesn’t work.

How are people supposed to know the speed limit if there is a sticker blocking the number? You can try to obey the sign, but that might be hard when you aren’t sure of the speed limit. Someone made a mistake when they were putting this sticker up, and it should have been pretty obvious.

Not Sure If That's How This Works


How do you mess up something this much? All the driver can read is maximum, so it must be time to floor it. It looks like everyone is going to be paying fines because no one will know the correct speed limit despite educated guesses that it’s 30 mph.

It might say a three-second video, but they secretly slipped in an extra second for your viewing pleasure. Whoever made this must not have realized that they uploaded a four-second video rather than three and let it go live anyway.

Bonus Second In This Great Video


We don’t know what this video is about, but based on the thumbnail and the title, we can imagine that that extra second doesn’t add or take away anything from this content. What can you really say in just three seconds anyway?

There’s red, yellow, blue, and their best pal, grenne. He decided to be different and spell his name in an unusual way to sound more exotic even though we all know it’s just plain old green.

All Four Colors Lived Together In Harmony, Then Everything Changed When Green Went Rogue


However, green isn’t the only thing we are focused on because we don’t know what Fun-Lihn options mean. Whoever designed this remote might want to consider hiring someone who speaks English to rewrite a few of these buttons for them.

The traffic cone has had enough, and he doesn’t feel like doing his job today. He is down in the dumps because his other friends were in the middle of the road and they got more important jobs than him.

The Traffic Cone Is Not Feeling Up To The Job Today


The traffic cone wanted to hang out with his friends, and he tipped over so they would move him to a different place. It also looks like the sorting hat from Harry Potter picked up an off-season job while the students are on summer vacation.

We don’t know why they decided to restore this beautiful piece of art when it looked perfectly fine before, but they hired an amateur artist, and it shows. They completely ruined this piece of history, and now it looks like something a child made.

Restored The Sculpture Perfectly


If they are going to restore these statues, they need to find reputable artists who won’t destroy these gorgeous statues. Some children have better art skills than this, and the people who live in this city were mad rightfully so.