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40 of the Most Iconic Royal Wedding Dresses Throughout History

HizkiailSeptember 7, 2021

The lavish wedding of Princess Tatiana and Prince Nikolaos of Greece took place in the breathtaking Spetses, Greece. Tatiana arrived in a horse-drawn carriage wearing an Angel Sanchez gown.

Princess Tatiana of Greece And Prince Nikolaos Of Greece - 2010
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Created from 131-feet of Chantilly lace with a molded bodice that showed off her slender waist. To keep herself modest in the church, she added a lace shall to cover her shoulders, and it perfectly matched her lace veil.

When Princess Anne Marie married King Constantine II, she must have predicted Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle because she looked like a princess from a galaxy far, far away. Her dress was simple, yet the attention to detail was incredible.

Princess Anne Marie And King Constantine II - 1964
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The high-waisted number had lots of lace, and it was the perfect choice for her body. The wide neck design showed off her decolletage, and her simple necklace was the perfect accessory for the look.

Her brother’s rule-breaking marriage to a woman with a complex past paved the way for Princess Martha Louise to marry author, Ari Behn. For her lovely nuptials, Princess Martha wore an ivory dress covered in crystals and with long sleeves shaped like trumpets.

Princess Martha Louise And Ari Behn of Norway - 2002
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The coat dress was designed by Norwegian designer Wenche Lyche and she added Queen Maud’s pearl and diamond tiara. For the reception, she removed the coat to show off her arms.

Queen Soraya of Iran married Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on February 12, 1951, at the Marble Palace in Tehran. She wore the most stunning 40-pound strapless dress made of 37 yards of silver lame.

Queen Soraya Of Iran And Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi - 1951
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The gown featured 6,000 diamond pieces and 20,000 marabou feathers. It was also studded with pearls, and it was the perfect dress for a woman of her status. The dress was talked about for years because it was so lavish.